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Is This Venus Williams' Engagement Ring? See the Piece of Jewelry She's Been Wearing All Month

Is This Venus Williams' Engagement Ring? See the Piece of Jewelry She's Been Wearing All Month
Venus Williams may not be leaving Australia with an Australian Open trophy, but she might have gotten an even sweeter consolation prize.

Williams was spotted wearing a suspicious diamond on her ring finger, which immediately sparked engagement rumors. Before the tournament started she was seen relaxing on the beach wearing a silver ring with two diamonds in a swirl design. And two weeks later when she headed home, she was spotted wearing the ring again at the airport.

A rep for Williams tells People she is not engaged, but she did spend a lot of her time in Australia with her beau,
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Venus Williams Hangs with Bf Nicholas Hammond After Losing Australian Open

  • TMZ
Venus Williams didn't look like someone who just got knocked out of the Australian Open, because she seems relaxed as can be with her Bf. 37-year-old Venus, who lost on the opening day of the tourney, took a stroll with Nicholas Hammond on Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. Venus and Nicholas seemed oblivious to the entourage that followed them. They started dated pretty recently. Nicholas, who's 25, was Venus' plus one at little sister Serena's wedding.
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The Sound Of Music Screens at Powell Hall in St. Louis January 20th

“You brought music back into the house. I had forgotten.”

The Sound Of Music was the last motion picture shown at the St. Louis Theatre before it became Powell Hall (718 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, Mo 63103). They’re keeping with tradition and bringing back the Von Trapp family to celebrate! Come to the auditorium and see The Sound Of Music on the big screen Saturday January 20th at 7pm. Admission is $5 and tickets can be purchased Here. The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra does not perform for this presentation.

The hills are alive with The Sound Of Music Saturday January 20th at 7pm at Powell Hall. Julie Andrews takes to the screen in this beloved 1965 film adaption of the original Broadway musical and gives a dazzling performance as the spirited Maria who warms our hearts and takes us away into a lovely world of song. The Sound Of Music is set
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Avengers: Infinity War Gets an Amazing Retro Mashup Trailer!

I know a lot of you are excited about Avengers: Infinity War, so while we wait for it to be released, which seems like a lifetime away, we have a great retro mashup trailer for you to watch! It comes from Darth Blender and it features a mashup of footage from several classic superhero films that were made in the 80s and 90s. I'm sure you'll remember some of these if you were up to speed with what Marvel was doing during this era. Below the video, you'll find a list of all the films that were used and all the characters that the actors are meant to play.

I love that Chuck Norris in The Punisher! It also features Burt Reynolds as Iron Man, David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Winter Soldier, Dennis Quaid as Star-Lord, Eddie Murphy as Falcon and more!

You are welcome to
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The 5 Weirdest Super Hero Adaptations Ever

  • Cinelinx
There have been some very good super-hero adaptations, some very bad ones, and some very weird ones. Here are five film and TV reworkings of popular super heroes that made fans scratch their heads and say “Wha…?”

The 3 Mighty Men (Aka 3 Dev Adam): Better known as Turkish Spider-Man, this strange, low-budget 1973 super hero flick has Captain America teaming up with popular masked Mexican wrestler El Santo, to fight the evil villain—Spider-Man? Yes, Spider-Man is the villain in this one. With the help of a slim Kingpin and some female henchwomen, Spidey stabs, strangles and even uses carnivorous gerbils to slay his victims. I’m not sure why Captain America is operating in Turkey, or why he doesn’t have a shield, or why he’s teaming with a Mexican wrestler, or why Spider-Man is criminal now, and what the hell what up with those puppets? (Don’t ask!
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Blu-ray Review – Lord of the Flies (1963)

Lord of the Flies, 1963.

Directed by Peter Brook.

Starring James Aubrey, Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards, Tom Gaman, Roger Elwin, Nicholas Hammond

Synopsis :

A group of boys survive a plane crash on a deserted tropical island. Divisions and splits in the social structure soon become apparent and a descent into violence and savagery looks to be inevitable.

Adapted from William Golding’s novel, The Lord of the Flies is a compelling adaptation of the work, drawing together much of the source material’s fearful ruminations on the state of society. As anyone familiar with the novel (a set text in many schools and colleges worldwide) will remember, the threat of human violence and aggression is possible anywhere. This nightmarish realisation is the central theme of the story and gets no less shocking with age. What might be interesting – particularly in the light of the news of a mooted all-female version
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What 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Gets Right About Being a Teenage Superhero

What 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Gets Right About Being a Teenage Superhero
[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Sony/Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming.]

Spider-Man: Homecoming is, and isn't, a typical origin story. It is in the sense that its narrative serves to distinguish this version of the character from a couple of other iterations, everything from recent movie Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to musical-theater Spider-Guys Reeve Carney and Justin Matthew Sargent (let us not dwell on live-action TV Spider-Dudes Shinji Todo and Nicholas Hammond). But Homecoming is not a typical origin story in the sense that it doesn't rehash the same, "Got bit by a radioactive spider, then my uncle died, now I gotta fight...
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Awfully Good Movies: Spider-Man Strikes Back (Video)

  • JoBlo
Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978) Director: Ron Satlof Stars: Nicholas Hammond, Robert Alda, Michael Pataki Today marks the day that Spider-Man finally swings back home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Spider-man: Homecoming, so Awfully Good Movies is once again returning to the well of Marvel's early days of adapting their comic books for TV with 1978's Spider-man Strikes... Read More...
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The Amazing Spider-Man: Why Stan Lee Didn't Like the 1970s TV Show

Remember The Amazing Spider-Man TV show from the late '70s? Recently, The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview where Stan Lee discussed his feelings towards the CBS series.The live-action drama starred Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man). The show only lated two seasons before being cancelled by CBS in 1979.Read More…
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Stan Lee Hated 1970s 'Amazing Spider-Man' TV Series

Viewers may have been blown away by the Amazing Spider-Man live-action CBS series in late 1970s, but there was one person who hated it: Stan Lee

In an interview unearthed by Heat Vision, Spidey's co-creator said the show, which ran for two seasons and starred Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, missed the mark. 

"The Spider-Man TV series I was very unhappy with because very often, people will take a novel, let's say, and bring it to the screen ... and they will leave out the one element, the one quality that made the novel a best-seller," Lee explained. "With Spider-Man, I felt...
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Richard S. Guardian, Cmg fire up 'The BBQ'

  • ScreenDaily
Richard S. Guardian, Cmg fire up 'The BBQ'
Exclusive: Partners to screen footage of Australian comedy in Cannes.

Veteran distribution and sales executive Richard S. Guardian has brought worldwide sales rights to The BBQ to Cinema Management Group (Cmg).

Guardian will join Edward Noeltner and his team at Cmg as they screen footage and launch sales on the Croisette.

Australia-based Revolution Partners just wrapped production in Melbourne and Albury-Wodonga on the comedy about a suburban everyman with a passion for BBQ who enlists the help of a tyrannical Scottish chef when he is invited to compete in an international contest.

Stephen Amis directs The BBQ and the producers are Tait Brady, Lynne Wilson, Deb Fryers, and Amis. Shane Jacobson and Magda Szubanski star alongside celebrity chef Manu Feildel, comedian Julia Zemiro, and Nicholas Hammond.

Amis co-wrote the screenplay with David Richardson, Serge DeNardo and Angelo Salamanca – the team that collaborated on sci-fi comedy-drama The 25th Reich.

The BBQ is financed with support from Screen Australia
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Shane Jacobson and Magda Szubanski to lead cast of ‘The BBQ’

Shane Jacobson in 'Kenny'..

Shane Jacobson and Magda Szubanski have joined the cast of Stephen Amis. upcoming comedy, The BBQ.

Jacobson will play Darren .Dazza. Cook, described as .a loveable suburban everyman with a long-established belief that his family is related to Captain James Cook..

Dazza has a passion for barbequing, but when he accidentally gives his neighbours food poisoning, his reputation and dignity are on the line. To make amends he seeks tutelage from the tyrannical Scottish chef known simply as .The Butcher., played by Szubanksi. .

Together they enter an international barbecue competition, pitting Dazza.s homespun techniques against the world.s best BBQ chefs.

The Revolution Partners film will also star celebrity-chef Manu Feildel; Julia Zemiro (Rockwiz); and Nicholas Hammond (The Sound of Music). The feature will begin shooting on Feb 6 around Albury-Wodonga, Mitta Mitta, and metro Melbourne.

.The Aussie barbecue is the iconic watering hole that brings all people together,
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Spider-man: Homecoming Gets a Spectacular Retro-Style Trailer Mashup

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of the most anticipated films of 2017 and fans are eager to see more footage from it. While we wait for that, I've got an amazingly fun retro-style mashup trailer that was created by Darth Blender. It combines footage from The Amazing Spider-Man (1977), The Goonies (1985), Condorman (1981), and Tuff Turf (1985). The footage is all cut together to the audio of the Homecoming trailer. 

A young Peter Parker (Nicholas Hammond) begins to navigate his newfound identity as the Spider-Man. Do not miss this spectacular adventure recorded in high-fidelity stereo sound and clear color image. Prepare your tape and set your Vcr, because you'll rewatch it again and again off primetime!
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The Sound Of Music Screens September 14th at The Tivoli – ‘Classics in the Loop’

“You brought music back into the house. I had forgotten.”

The Sound Of Music screens Wednesday September 14th at The Tivoli Theater (6350 Delmar in ‘The Loop’) as part of their new ‘Classics in the Loop’ film series. The movie starts at 7pm and admission is $7. It will be on The Tivoli’s big screen.

The hills are alive with The Sound Of Music Wednesday night at The Tivoli. Julie Andrews takes to the screen in this beloved 1965 film adaption of the original Broadway musical and gives a dazzling performance as the spirited Maria who warms our hearts and takes us away into a lovely world of song. The Sound Of Music is set in Salzberg in Austria in the dying days of the 1930s. Rebellious trainee nun Maria (Andrews) has stepped on the toes of the Mother Abbess (Peggy Wood) one too many times and she finds herself shipped off
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10 Comic Book Movies That Aren’t Based On Comic Books

HanWay Films

Throw a stone at your local multiplex and you’ll more than likely hit someone on their way into a comic book movie. When I grew up I had to make do with Nicholas Hammond as Spider Man and Bill Bixby as The Incredible Hulk. We didn’t have any of that CGI sorcery in those days, you know. Today’s audience is treated to a smorgasbord of costumed cinematic mayhem every other week, be they acne-ridden teens or life-ridden adults.

Such is the hold that Marvel and DC exert on the box office the non-spandexed competition is squeezed out like a frankfurter from the bun of an overloaded hot dog. 1989’s Batman changed the rules of filmic conquest, and since then studios and indies alike have wanted a bite out of that super-powered pie. The solution is clear to a lot of filmmakers – if you can’t beat ’em,
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‘Elimination Game’ Review

Stars: Dominic Purcell, Viva Bianca, Robert Taylor, Belinda McClory, Nicholas Hammond, Carmen Duncan, Roger Ward, Suzannah McDonald, Juan Jackson, Stephen Phillips, Glenn Maynard | Written by Jon Hewitt, Belinda McClory | Directed by Jon Hewitt

After a civilian massacre in a foreign war zone, Navy Seal Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell), is falsely imprisoned for the crime. But Rick is offered the chance of freedom – all he has to do is enter and survive a deadly game show, which pits him against some of the world’s most ruthless killers in a series of brutal locations. The rules are simple: kill or be killed. Can Rick survive the game, win his freedom and find out why he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit?

See that title at the top of this review. Forget it. This is Not Elimination Game. It’s not some straight to DVD knock off of The Running Man,
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Have Jurassic Dinosaurs Truly Kicked Marvel Superheroes Butt at Worldwide Box Office?

'Jurassic World' velociraptor kicks Iron Man ass at worldwide box office. 'Jurassic World' officially surpasses 'The Avengers' at worldwide box office Directed by Colin Trevorrow; starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Vincent D'Onofrio; and co-executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, Jurassic World has officially become the third biggest worldwide box office hit in history. The Jurassic Park sequel – or reboot, as it's basically the same story with a slightly different twist – has surpassed Marvel's Joss Whedon-directed all-star superhero flick The Avengers, which broke box office records back in 2012. Of course, "officially" just ain't what it used to be – like, in the days before The Fall. So you wisely ask, "But which movie has actually sold the most tickets?" After all, that's the true measure of a film's popularity. Well, that's a tough one to answer without the studios providing accurate, precise numbers. And that's not about to happen. It always
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Oscar Nominated Moody Pt.2: From Fagin to Merlin - But No Harry Potter

Ron Moody as Fagin in 'Oliver!' based on Charles Dickens' 'Oliver Twist.' Ron Moody as Fagin in Dickens musical 'Oliver!': Box office and critical hit (See previous post: "Ron Moody: 'Oliver!' Actor, Academy Award Nominee Dead at 91.") Although British made, Oliver! turned out to be an elephantine release along the lines of – exclamation point or no – Gypsy, Star!, Hello Dolly!, and other Hollywood mega-musicals from the mid'-50s to the early '70s.[1] But however bloated and conventional the final result, and a cast whose best-known name was that of director Carol Reed's nephew, Oliver Reed, Oliver! found countless fans.[2] The mostly British production became a huge financial and critical success in the U.S. at a time when star-studded mega-musicals had become perilous – at times downright disastrous – ventures.[3] Upon the American release of Oliver! in Dec. 1968, frequently acerbic The
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Spider-Man Should Appear On a Small Screen Series Before Being In an McU Movie

  • Cinelinx
With Spider-Man finally joining the Disney/Marvel Cinematic Universe, he needs to be reintroduced to audience in order to establish his newest interpretation. The best way to do this would be to introduce him on the small screen—Netflix or Agents of Shield—Before utilizing him in an McU movie.

Disney has a lot of plans on the horizon for the McU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and they now include Spider-Man. That means the amazing web-spinner has to be introduced to the McU. “Why does he need to be reintroduced?” you might ask. “Everyone knows who Spider-Man is.” True, but no one yet knows what this interpretation of Spider-Man will be like. After all, not every version of Spidey is the same. No one can deny that the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man was quite a bit different from the Andrew Garfield version. And those of us who remember the forgettable, short-lived 1977 TV series The Amazing Spider-Man,
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'The Sound of Music' Turns 50!

'The Sound of Music' Turns 50!
The hills are still alive with The Sound of Music, 50 years later.

Monday marks the official day The Sound of Music was released in 1965, and the heartwarming tale about the Von Trapp family singers still never gets old.

It's one of the most beloved classics with Julie Andrews playing the role of a governess, Maria, who brings love and music to the family of a widowed naval captain played by Christopher Plummer. So what are Andrews, Plummer, and the actors who plays their seven children up to now? ETonline breaks down what happened to one of our favorite casts.

Watch: Lady Gaga Worked with a Vocal Coach for 6 Months for Epic 'Sound of Music' Performance

Julie Andrews (Maria), 79, continued her acting career, but sadly she lost her singing voice after an operation in 1997. She still continued to act in lovable films like The Princess Diaries, Tooth Fairy and her voice is featured in films such as Shrek
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