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I want Ms. Deepika's head : Kamal Haasan

Actor Kamal Haasan has voiced out his support for director Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming mega-budget film Padmavati, and its female lead, actress Deepika Padukone. The film and its actors have been facing all kinds of threats, including bodily harm.

Kamal, in his recent tweet, has addressed this, especially in the context of Deepika: "I wantMs.Deepika's head.. saved. Respect it more than her body.Even more her freedom. Do not deny her that.Many communities have apposed my films.Extremism in any debate is deplorable. Wake up cerebral India.Time to think. We've said enough. Listen Ma Bharat"

'It is very obvious as to whose puppet Kamal Haasan is'

We had earlier reported about the warning issued by Aiadmk's Fisheries Minister of the state, D Jayakumar to Kamal Haasan. Adding to his condemnation to Kamal's tweets, he has also given a link to a character in one of his older films and issued a sarcastic statement on it.

He said, "à®.மலà¯. à®.ுணா திரà¯.பà¯.பà®.தà¯.திலà¯. வருà®.ிற à®.தாபாதà¯.திரதà¯.தினà¯. à®.à®±à¯.பனà¯.யிலà¯.யà¯. à®.னà¯.னுமà¯. வாழà¯.நà¯.து வருà®.ிறாரà¯.". This accurately translates to, "Kamal is still living his character from the film Guna".

He also added, "à®.à

'Government will take action against Kamal'

Actor Kamal Haasan had posted a controversial tweet against the Government yesterday (Nov 19) evening. He tweeted, "Theft by the Government is an offence and a crime. Guilty people shouldn't rule. The public should become the judge. Let us all rise."

Kamal's statement has irked D Jayakumar of Aiadmk. The Fisheries Minister of the state during a recent press event condemned Kamal, "Aiadmk government will take action against Kamal Haasan if he continues to make baseless allegations against the state on Twitter."

The warning bell has rung: Kamal Haasan

It has become a regularity that Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan has been actively posting about current affairs and his statements against the government through his social media page. On that note, he has made another allegation against the Government.


He tweeted, "à®.ரு à®.à®°à®.ாà®.à¯.à®.à®®à¯. திருà®.ுவது à®.ுறà¯.றமà¯.தானà¯..  à®.ணà¯.à®.ுபிà®.ிதà¯.தபினà¯.,à®.தà¯. நிரà¯.பிà®.à¯.à®.ாமலà¯. பà¯.வதுமà¯. à®.ுறà¯.றமà¯.தானà¯.. à®.ராயà¯.à®.à¯.à®.ி மணி à®.à®.ிதà¯.தாயிறà¯.று. à®.ுà

Kamal Haasan’s ‘Meendum Kokila’ to be re-released in digital avatar soon

The concept of re-releasing movies has become a trend, especially after Sivaji Ganesan's Karnan was re-released after 48 years, after which Superstar Rajinikanth’s blockbuster movie Basha hit the screen in February with a resounding response from the audience. The next film in the list is a Kamal Haasan classic. His 1981 blockbuster Meendum Kokila directed by Gn Rangarajan is all set to be back in a new avatar and re-released in digital format.
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'Aval Appadithan’: Why this ‘70s drama was ahead of its time in telling women’s stories

Aval Appadithan (1978)

Cast: Sripriya, Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth

Director: C Rudhraiya

Aval Appadithan is a bold polemic on the silver screen; let the lesser mortals resort to making conventional pictures. Made during the height of the women’s liberation movement in the West, the film explores the themes of feminism and equality for women through events in the life of its main character, Manju (a terrific Sripriya).
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Ar Rahman reveals his favorite Tamil star! He's a big fan!

Since 1992, Ar Rahman has garnered countless fans for himself. Over the years, with his music, he has captivated people all over the world. We all would be big fans of the maestro's compositions! But have we ever wondered, which actor's fan would he probably be? Here is an answer!

In a recent interview with a North Indian media channel, Ar Rahman was asked if he is a Rajinikanth or a Kamal Haasan fan. He had a satisfying answer to it. Here is what he had to say!

"I am a Rajini fan, but I love Kamal! All these...

Legendary Rajini-Kamal friendship goes online: Congratulate each other for Nandi awards

The two stalwarts of the Tamil film industry – Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan – entered the film industry around the same time and have remained friends all along. Both of them have starred together in several films during the early years of their career, which cemented the friendship bond and it still continues.
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Kamal Haasan donates a staggering amount for Tamil!

Actor Kamal Haasan has participated in yet another social cause, this time being that of the setting up of a Tamil chair at the world-renowned Harvard University. The chair will tremendously help in the preservation and growth of the Tamil language.

He has donated a sum of Rs. 20 lakh towards the cause during a recent gathering. Gnanasambandam, Tamil scholar and actor, said during the event, "Over a year ago, Kamal had already voiced out asking that people donate to and help the cause to the best of their ability. Now, he himself has helped the movement financially, and it...

Sridevi reveals her secret to great acting

Actress Sridevi stands out as one of the best yesteryear heroines in Tamil Cinema. Her films as female lead with legendary actors like Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth are still favourites of many ardent cinema buffs.

The actress revealed her secret to impactful acting. "I don't remember doing more than one take for a film. I think the first take is best as you are spontaneous and after that, it becomes a mechanical thing. I don't believe in second take at all", she said during a recent interview.

'Shruti has chosen to be Hindu. Akshara might stay..'

The recent reports suggest that, the Kerala Government has issued a circular, which states that people can decide whether or not to mention their ‘caste’ or ‘religion’ in the birth certificates henceforth. Actor Kamal Haasan, who has been extremely active on Twitter has always been someone who is fearless to share his opinions.

As soon as Kamal has noticed this certificate, he has gone on to praise the Kerala Government for its forward thinking. He has lauded them with a post which read, "Bravo again Kerala Govt. Your circular is historic. I’ve refused filling caste and religion columns in...

Kamal shocked at his image repeatedly stabbed by a small child with a knife

A video of a small child wearing traditional Hindu attire, stabbing an image of actor Kamal Haasan stuck to a pillar, has been doing the rounds on social media. The child can be seen accompanied by a smaller child in similar clothes, as he is egged on by an adult male to "not let go" and "stab" Kamal Haasan.

The video has reached Kamal, whose sheer shock at the monstrosity was evident from his tweet that followed, as a reaction. The tweet, roughly translated, reads as "My children. Alas! I'd rather be stabbed to death by a child. The Tamil...

'Thank you Kamal'

Kamal Haasan through his Twitter space congratulated Rajinikanth on receiving the Ntr National Award for 2014 just a while back. Now here is Rajini's reply to Kamal - "Thankyou Kamal... I wish you the same !!! Congratulations!"

Rajini also thanked the jury for honouring him, "I convey my heartfelt thanks and happiness for the prestigious #NandiAwards granted to me

Just In: Kamal Haasan congratulates Rajinikanth

The Andhra Pradesh Government announced Nandi Awards winners list for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Ntr National Award for 2014 was awarded to actor Kamal Haasan, while the award for 2016 was announced to Superstar Rajinikanth.

Kamal Haasan took to his Twitter space to thank the Andhra government for honouring him. He also congratulated Superstar Rajinikanth for receiving the Ntr National Award for 2014.

"Congratulations, Superstar.Rajinikanth for the Ntr National award in 2016. Thank you Andhra for honouring me also, yet again.  I am indebted to your  continued support, which started early in my career. Kruthagnyathalu."

*Tweet is not spell-checked

'Let's cross borders set by religion and save people'

Kamal Haasan, in his latest tweet, has applauded the public's consensus in supporting the All India Farmers Association.

His tweet, roughly translated, reads as: "The coming together of people to join the All India Farmers Association, crossing boundaries, brings me happiness. Others who haven't joined, please do. It is an important outlet for the people's voice. Hunger has no religion. Farming is the only answer to hunger. Let's cross borders set by religion and save people. The focus is on the people. Long live India."

Dha Dha 87 - Aaradi Aandavan Song Review

Dha Dha 87 is an upcoming film starring Charuhasan, brother of Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan, playing an octagenarian don in a world similar to that of Kamal Haasan's Sathya.

A single from the movie, titled Aaradi Aandavan was released on November 7, coinciding with Kamal Haasan's birthday. Here is our review of it:

Aaradi Aandavan, composed by Leander Lee Marty, is a fast-paced, rock-style song with heavy electric guitar and drums portions. The song strives to be blood pumping, foot tapping, and head bobbing, and the vocals fit the mood of the song well.

The lyrics penned by Vijay...

Exclusive: Shankar's special plan for Indian 2

Shankar's films are known for their grandeur, and when someone like him teams up with a perfectionist like Kamal Haasan, the audience can expect nothing short of a masterpiece. It is official that these two big guns are teaming up for Indian 2.

So will Indian 2 be a time-consuming project taking two years or more, like how Shankar films have usually been? We got in touch with our sources close to the team to know more about their shooting plans.

According to the sources, the makers of Indian 2 are planning to start the movie by March 2018...

Finally: This Iconic and famous shooting spot to be reopened after 10 years!

Kamal Haasan’s critically acclaimed film Guna, featured the famous caves that are situated 10 kilometres from Kodaikanal. It had been closed down about 10 years ago, after the death of a lot of tourists.

However, the latest reports suggest that work is on to reconstruct a new path to this cave and that a wooden bridge is being built to make the cave accessible to the public. Quite some nostalgic news for Kamal fans.
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