‘Code of Silence’ is as loud and gritty as it needs to be

Code of Silence

Written by Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack and Mike Gray

Directed by Andrew Davis

U.S.A., 1985

Eddie Cusack (Chuck Norris) and his crew (among them Dennis Farina, Ralph Foody and Joe Guzaldo) are undercover cops stationed just outside a rundown apartment complex in a Chicago slum, waiting for the right to storm the building for a drug bust. Unbeknownst to the detectives, a rival gang is also prepping to raid the building, and when both forces collide, the entire operation explodes into a mess for all three factions. At present, two Chicago gangs are on the cusp of war and Eddie Cusack must contend not only with that terrible situation but a cover up within the force following the unwarranted demise of a teenage boy during the muffed raid. As the film’s tagline states, Eddie Cusack is a good cop having a very bad day!

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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 7.17: "Double Identity"

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A park policeman hears gunshots in the park and finds a dead marine. Tony (Michael Weatherly) is washing and drying his sock in the office. There, bet you didn't think he could also do his washing there, I mean after the countless number of shirt changes and deodorant refreshers, ha. Tony got his feet wet. Ducky (David McCallum) comments Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is working him too hard and he doesn't have time to do his laundry except in the office. Tony stepped in a puddle whilst texting Ziva. (Cote de Pablo). He thinks cos she's a Probie that she's also his Pa. Ducky loves the rain, don't we all. Actually it's mostly raining in NCIS, especially when one of their own is killed off, or hurt. Tony asks for talc. McGee (Sean Murray) notices Ducky is wearing a tie and not his customary bow tie. Gibbs gives Tony socks and
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