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S.N.U.B! and Rebuffing the Unbelievable: A Movie Review

Director: Jonathan Glendening.

Writer: John Adams and Peter Adams.

S.N.U.B! stands for Secret Nuclear Underground Bunker and the exclamation point is more hopeful than reality. This is a sub-standard indie feature which was shot in the United Kingdom which hosts a plethora of bad acting. The premise seems solid and exciting: a group of underground survivors is forced to the irradiated surface after a group of badly burned convicts sends them afoot. However, the weak writing creates an unbelievable atmosphere that creates more scoffs than actual chills up the spine.

The plot begins in an exciting fashion as a dirty or atomic bomb has been discovered in London's west end. The bomb squad seems to be on their first day with their tampering setting off this devastating device. At the same time, a junior minister has forgone his responsibilities to warn the public of their potential doom
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Zombie Carnage Combines Game Show Thrills with Undead Mayhem

Okay, here's the idea behind Zombie Carnage (currently in pre-production but carrying a pretty kick-ass trailer already): Take one part The Running Man, one part Enter the Dragon, add a healthy dose of zombie violence and all the fun of "The Price is Right", and you've got Zombie Carnage.

E=MC2 productions, a UK-based horror production company, is working on Zombie Carnage, its first feature film. Currently raising funds for production, the team has already nailed down some interesting names to attach to the project. Craig Charles (Red Dwarf) and Victoria Hopkins (Dog House and Zombie Women of Satan) will star. Other contributors include Academy Award winner Dave Elsey on make-up, prosthetic master John Schoonraad and F/X supervisor Alex Gunn.

Filmmakers hope to begin shooting the project in early 2012, looking to "create an entertaining blood-pumping thrill ride of a movie that all horror fans will love." Going by the trailer,
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The 4th Reich prepares for battle; filmmaker talks

  • Fangoria
Earlier this year, Fango exposed readers to a short film winning much acclaim in the UK titled The Soldier (you can read about it here). At the time, it was hinted that the movie might spawn a full-length feature, and Fango got word from director Shaun Robert Smith that The 4th Reich is moving ahead, shooting next spring with some pretty big names and exciting prospects.

“This is going to be the mother of all zombie films,” Smith tells Fango; he also passed on the production art seen here. “Not just that, but a heavy historical aspect too; you could say we are working on a war film with zombies. And to add to the joyride, it’ll be in 3-D! In fact, we will be one of the first 3-D films to emerge from the UK ever.”

Reich takes place in 1944 after the victories of D-Day, and follows a
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Nazis are Comin' at Ya in 'The 4th Reich'

Nazis are back in fashion! Well, in the movies, anyway. For a while it seemed like Second World War movies were history, but there are signs of an upsurge in this sub-genre. And we're not talking Saving Private Ryan or The Thin Red Line here. Filmmakers are suddenly taking the war not quite so seriously again. Currently Inglorious Bastards is getting bums on theatre seats and Tarantino's latest is following in the jackboot steps of Tom Cruise's thriller Valkyrie. Elsewhere on this site, you will find coverage of Iron Sky, a Second World War sci-fi comedy that is on the way from the makers of the Star Wreck series of Star Trek spoofs.

Recently we heard about another new film being conscripted into filmland's fling with WWII. Moreover, this one is taking advantage of another current fad: 3D. This new film, which is in preproduction, is a British Second
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