Dmx Heads to Rehab, 'House Arrest Wasn't Working'

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Dmx says he's opting to check outta house arrest and into rehab -- taking full advantage of a judge's decision ... TMZ has learned. X says, "House arrest wasn't working for me, so I made the decision to do something positive and better for myself." Our Dmx sources tell us he's getting treatment for substance abuse at a facility in New England. We broke the story, a judge approved Dmx breaking his house arrest for tax
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Star Trek's Walter Koenig Stars in Sci-Fi Drama Short - Flashback

Star Trek's Walter Koenig (Checkov) stars in this well made sci-fi drama short film called Flashback. The movie was written and directed by Steve Petersen, and it's a solid story that centers on Dr. Joseph Griffin, an inventor that has "created a device meant to allow people to relive their fondest memories. However, he uses it to relive his greatest regret." Koenig gives a great performance in the short, and as a whole I think it turned out great! Check it out!

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Before you invade, do your homework

With the release of Attack The Block, Joe Griffin has made a handy list of dos and don'ts for a successful alien invasion

In Joe Cornish's witty debut feature, Attack The Block, the monsters from outer space find themselves battling kids in hoodies on BMXs. You'd think with all that advanced UFO technology at their disposal, aliens would research their trips to Earth by watching more sci-fi invasion movies before they get here. To give the next lot of aggressive ETs a fighting chance, here's a round up of what's gone wrong before …

Do enter by the back door

Yes, everyone likes a big show with lots of pomp, and we're sure that when space invaders were blowing up iconic buildings in Independence Day and War Of The Worlds they were all mighty pleased with themselves. But look at how far it got them: crushed by humans, inspired into
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Machete's machete? What about Shaun's cricket bat

Robert Rodriguez' Machete follows a long line of improvised weaponry in film. Joe Griffin digs out some of the film's most inventive predecessors

Machete, out this week, may not be remembered by future film historians, but it does add a new entry in the strange genre of the improvised weapon movie. Indeed, characters in the new Robert Rodriguez flick use machetes (natch), stiletto heels, corkscrews and pretty much anything they can get their hands on to dispatch their enemies. In these challenging economic times, it's nice to see movie characters embrace lo-fi ingenuity in favour of fancy gadgets. Here is a tribute to the improvised movie weapon …

Lawnmower (BrainDead)

Horror movies are a good source of improvised weapons, with desperate situations forcing heroes to find their inner MacGyver. In Peter Jackson's gloriously vulgar Kiwi zombie film, our hero Lionel (Timothy Balme) fires up his lawnmower and rests it against his chest,
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