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Portrayals (1)

Interviews (1)

Rolling Stone (US) January 7 1971, by: Robert Greenfield, "Germaine Greer: A Groupie in Women's Lib"

Articles (26)

Playboy (US) January 2009, Vol. 56, Iss. 1, pg. 62-66+138-141, by: Chip Howe, "The 55 Most Important People in Sex: #27 Germaine Greer"
The Times (GB) July 17 2008, by: Benedict Nightingale, "The Female of the Species at the Vaudeville Theatre, WC2"
The Sunday Times (GB) July 13 2008, by: Richard Brooks, "Germaine Greer foams at 'insane' play inspired by her life"
Times Literary Supplement (GB) January 23 2008, by: Anthony Fletcher, "Germaine Greer and Mrs Shakespeare"
The Times (GB) September 15 2007, by: Benedict Nightingale, "Shakespeare's Wife by Germaine Greer and Shakespeare by Bill Bryson"
The Times (GB) June 10 2006, by: Margaret Reynolds, "Classics"
The Times (GB) September 9 2005, by: Alexandra Frean, "Germaine Greer accuses actresses of mocking aged"
The Sunday Times (GB) January 16 2005, by: Maurice Chittenden, "Big Brother is bad for your health, says Greer"
G2 (Guardian supplement) (GB) January 14 2005, pg. 8-9, by: Emily Wilson, "Greer and loathing"
The Independent (GB) January 13 2005, Iss. 5691, pg. 41, by: Janet Street-Porter, "What a chance you've missed, Germaine"
T2 (Times supplement) (GB) January 13 2005, pg. 4-5, by: Julie Burchill, "My feminist heroine has become a rancid bore"
The Independent (GB) January 12 2005, Iss. 5690, pg. 3, by: Danielle Demetriou, Terry Kirby, "Going, going, gone: Greer takes reality check and walks out on 'Big Brother'"
The Guardian (GB) January 12 2005, Iss. 49249, pg. 1-2, by: Owen Gibson, "Greer quits 'bullying' Brother"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) January 12 2005, Iss. 46528, pg. 1, by: Matt Born, "Greer quits 'fascist prison' of Big Brother"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) January 12 2005, Iss. 46528, pg. 15, by: Germaine Greer, "Why I said yes to Big Brother's shilling"
The Times (GB) January 11 2005, by: Anonymous, "A bug's eye view of the new reality is germane to Greer"
The Times (GB) January 10 2005, by: Adam Sherwin, "Game show Greer splits the sisterhood"
The Times (GB) January 10 2005, by: Giles Smith, "McCririck finds going heavy under Greer-group pressure"
The Sunday Times (GB) January 9 2005, by: Anonymous, "Profile: Germaine Greer: Big Sister takes up an exposed position"
The Sunday Times (GB) June 20 2004, by: Robbie Hudson, "Review: Anthropology: Whitefella Jump Up by Germaine Greer; The Broken String by Neil Bennun"
G2 (Guardian supplement) (GB) April 29 2004, pg. 3, by: Germaine Greer, "'After years of keeping us legs akimbo in the lithotomy position, our rulers now want us to jump down and push'"
G2 (Guardian supplement) (GB) November 27 2003, pg. 10-11, by: Germaine Greer, "The habit of a lifetime"
The Sunday Times (GB) October 19 2003, by: James Hall, "Review: Art: The Boy by Germaine Greer"
The Times (GB) October 18 2003, by: Damian Whitworth, "Chopping logs for Germaine is boy's work"
The Sunday Times (GB) July 27 2003, by: Richard Brooks and Paul Ham, "Pretty boys get Greer excited"
Radio Times (GB) March 11 1989, Vol. 260, Iss. 3405, pg. 5, by: Germaine Greer, "Dinkum? No, bunkum!"

Pictorials (2)

Celebrity Sleuth (US) 1996, Vol. 9, Iss. 9, pg. 14-15, by: staff, "The Female 'Unique'"
Celebrity Sleuth (US) 1992, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, pg. 40-41, by: staff, "Liberated Ladies: Germaine Greer"

Magazine Covers (2)

T2 (Times supplement) (GB) January 13 2005
Life (US) May 7 1971

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