Scream Queens: Lea Michele Has Dreams for Season Three

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Season two of Scream Queens recently finished its run, but what about a third season? Star Lea Michele spoke to TVInsider about the future of the Fox TV series.The horror dramedy also stars Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd, Glen Powell, Niecy Nash, John Stamos, and Taylor Lautner.Read More…
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The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez: Firefly's Gina Torres Cast in Title Role

[caption id="attachment_45340" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Gina Torres from Suits (Photo by: Jill Greenberg/USA Network)./caption]

Shiny! Gina Torres has been cast in the title role of The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez TV series pilot at ABC. Torres is famous around these here parts for being a big, damn hero on Firefly, which was cancelled by Fox after 14 episodes (11 aired), in December 2002.

The cast of The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez also includes: Raul Castillo, Alison Fernandez, Zabryna Guevara, Marta Milans, Christian Ochoa, and Christina Pickles. Devious Maids' Charise Castro Smith is writing and will executive produce with Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, of Marvel's Agent Carter and the cancelled Resurrection TV series.

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'Orange Is the New Black' Character Guide: A Handy Refresher

  • Moviefone
Season Two of the critically acclaimed and binge-worthy Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black" is upon us. As of June 6th, fans will be able to reunite with the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary for round two.

The buzzy show was chock full of drama and laughs last season and featured quite a large cast of characters. Some of those characters came with backstories and flashbacks, so, If you're like us, you might need a little refresher.

We've got it covered. Before you settle in for Season Two, reacquaint yourself with the characters of "Orange Is the New Black" right here:

Photos courtesy of Jill Greenberg for Netflix
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New Posters For Dom Hemingway

New Posters For Dom Hemingway
While we await the first trailer for Jude Law’s latest, Dom Hemingway (which shouldn’t be too far away, seeing as it’s debuting at the Toronto Film Festival next month), Fox Searchlight is making sure we don’t forget about the irreverent crime caper with the arrival of a fresh image (above) and two new posters. The first, provided as an exclusive to Vulture, uses Jill Greenberg’s famous photography and a snarky tagline to give a little flavour of the film, which sees Law as a walking disaster area / safecracker who's just got out of a 12-year stretch in prison, ready to collect his reward for keeping quiet for of his big boss, Mr. Fontaine (Demián Bichir). The trouble is, Hemingway's a swear-friendly mess, and even with the help of his best mate Dickie Black (Richard E. Grant), he can't help but cock everything up, getting into trouble with Fontaine's girlfriend,
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First Poster for Jude Law's 'Dom Hemingway' Monkeys Around

The first poster for Richard Shepard's Dom Hemingway has arrived (via Vulture) and it features star Jude Law snarling at the camera in front of one of photographer Jill Greenberg's monkey portraits. Dom Hemingway features Law as the title character, a larger-than-life safecracker with a loose fuse who is funny, profane, and dangerous. After twelve years in prison, he sets off with his partner in crime Dickie (Richard E. Grant) looking to collect what he's owed for keeping his mouth shut and protecting his boss Mr. Fontaine (Demian Bichir). After a near death experience, Dom tries to re-connect with his estranged daughter (Emilia Clarke, "Game of Thrones"), but is soon drawn back into the only world he knows, looking to settle the ultimate debt. The film doesn't hit theaters until April 4, 2014, but it will be showing at the Toronto Film Festival next month and, if I can fit it into the schedule,
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This Exclusive Poster for Jude Law’s Dom Hemingway Is Pretty Great

  • Vulture
This Exclusive Poster for Jude Law’s Dom Hemingway Is Pretty Great
Forget the pretty-boy ingenue that Jude Law used to be: In his new film Dom Hemingway, Law dons mutton chops, gold teeth, and a Cockney accent as a fresh-out-of-prison safecracker who is trying to do right by his estranged daughter (Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones) while at the same time extracting what he's owed from the boss he protected while in prison (Demian Bichir). Things escalate fast in this crime comedy, and before you know it the profane Law is throwing down with Bichir in a room studded with monkey portraits shot by noted photographer Jill Greenberg ... a scene that's referenced in this striking, attitudinal poster, debuting exclusively on Vulture. Dom Hemingway won't be out in theaters until April 4, 2014, but Fox Searchlight will debut it next month at the Toronto Film Festival, and Vulture will be there, no doubt monkeying around.
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Tenacious D Rallies the 1% for the 99%

Tenacious D Rallies the 1% for the 99%
Ethan Smith Tenacious D (Jack Black, left, and Kyle Gass) performing at an art exhibition in L.A. over the weekend.

Los Angeles—A “VIP” reception Saturday for an art exhibition opening called “All in for the 99%” doubled as Tenacious D’s first hometown gig since announcing its third studio album, “Rize of the Fenix.”

“Occupy the Afterparty,” the invitation urged. “You absolutely must be on the list to attend.”

The comedy-rock duo rose to the occasion—which included several
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Mark Zuckerberg, Time's 2010 'Person of the Year,' earns unflattering cover

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Time magazine bestows the year-in-review's highest honor to 26-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for "changing how we all live our lives" and inspiring one of the year's most lucrative and lauded films, "The Social Network."

So what do you give the multi-billionaire who has everything? An untouched, slightly jarring portrait, filling almost the entire cover.

Every freckle, mole, follicle, pore and eye-vein seems highlighted on poor Zuckerberg's mug, which, adding insult to injury, is locked in a bit of a vacant stare. It's almost reminiscent of The Atlantic's 2008 John McCain cover, where photographer Jill Greenberg infamously edited the presidential nominee in an unflattering light.

But Time seems to like Zuckerberg. They did choose him over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who many expected to earn the magazine's highest acknowledgment.

Zuckerberg joins the eclectic ranks of winners, including recent title-holders Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama and "you" -- as well as historical selections like 1938 cover boy Adolf Hitler.
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Mgmt Is For The Children (And Those Children’s Therapy Bills)

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Your reaction to Mgmt’s new “Kids” video probably says a lot about you. To wit: if you are a sociopath, you probably really like it.

This is because the clip, which appeared yesterday on the foppish faux-hippies’ official Web site, is basically just six loooong minutes of super-scarring, deeply psychic child abuse. The kind you need decades of therapy to un-scrub from your brain. You know, the awesome kind.

Starring a precocious tyke (certainly no older than two), who for the duration of the video is positively brutalized by visions of terrifying, maw-dripping monsters, it’s both incredibly unsettling and incredibly provocative, recalling both the sorta-twisted Saturday morning visions of Sid and Marty Krofft’s “H.R. Pufnstuf” and the definitely twisted photography of Jill Greenberg, only, you know, on drugs. And with some flames and animation and an on-screen quote incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain.

And while all that is amazing,
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