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The New York Times (US) April 14 2004, by: Bruce Weber, "Spalding Gray Remembered in Tribute at Lincoln Center"
Entertainment Weekly (US) March 19 2004, Vol. 1, Iss. 756, pg. 16, by: Rebecca Ascher-Walsh, "In Memoriam"
The Times (GB) March 10 2004, pg. 38, "Actor whose break came in 'The Killing Fields' but whose name was made by the idiosyncratic one-man shows that followed"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) March 10 2004, pg. 25, "Writer and performer of Swimming to Cambodia, based on his experiences as an actor in The Killing Fields"
The Independent (GB) March 10 2004, pg. 34, by: Ryan Gilbey, "Monologuist of 'Swimming to Cambodia'"
The Guardian (GB) March 10 2004, pg. 29, by: David Patrick Stearns, Jon Blair, "Performance artist whose brilliant monologues articulated the wit and worry of the modern world"
The New York Times (US) March 9 2004, by: Shaila K. Dewan and Jesse McKinley, "Spalding Gray, 62, Actor and Monologuist, Is Confirmed Dead"
Philadelphia Inquirer (US) March 9 2004, by: Douglas J. Keating, "Spalding Gray Found Dead in N.Y,"
The Washington Post (US) March 9 2004, Vol. 127, Iss. 95, pg. C1+C8, by: Peter Marks, "Spalding Gray's Confessions Were God for Our Souls"
The Washington Post (US) March 9 2004, Vol. 127, Iss. 95, pg. B4, by: Adam Bernstein, "Acclaimed Actor Spalding Gray Found Dead"
T2 (Times supplement) (GB) February 17 2004, pg. 18, by: Clive Davis, "His Dark Materials"
Gentlemen's Quarterly (US) June 1993, Vol. 63, Iss. 6, pg. 202-206, by: Spalding Gray, "Clean & Sober & Profoundly Disturbed"
Rolling Stone (US) May 21 1987, Iss. 500, pg. 30+32+111+113-114, by: Spalding Gray, "The Haul Of Fame: Semistardom tends to be a lot more humbling than total obscurity"

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