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  • Frenchy in Broadway musical production of 'Destry Rides Again' (1959-60). Nominated for Tony for the role.
  • Played "Dorothy Brock" in the Bost and National touring companies of the musical "42nd Street" in the mid-eighties. Played the role of "Carlotta Campion" in the late-eighties revival of Stephen Sondheim's "Follies" in London, where she sang the show-stopping number "I'm still here".
  • 42nd Street (1980). Musical comedy. Music by Harry Warren. Lyrics by Al Dubin. Lead Ins and Crossovers by Michael Stewart, Mark Bramble and Bradford Ropes [posthumous credit]. Based on the novel by Bradford Ropes. Musical Director: John Lesko. Vocal arrangements by John Lesko. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Donald Johnston. Additional lyrics by Johnny Mercer and Mort Dixon. Choreographed by Gower Champion. Directed by Gower Champion. Winter Garden Theatre (moved to The Majestic Theatre from 30 Mar 1981 to 5 Apr 1987, then moved to The St. James Theatre from 7 Apr 1987 to close): 25 Aug 1980- 8 Jan 1989 (3486 performances + 6 previews). Cast: Tammy Grimes (as "Dorothy Brock"), Jerry Orbach (as "Julian Marsh"), Wanda Richert (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Carole Banninger, Steve Belin, Robin Black, Joel Blum, Joseph Bova, Mary Cadorette, Danny Carroll, Robert Colston, James Congdon, Carole Cook, Don Crabtree, Ronny DeVito, Denise DiRenzo, Mark Dovey, Rob Draper, Brandt Edwards, Jon Engstrom, Sharon Ferrol, Cathy Greco, Dawn Herbert, Christine Jacobsen, Jeri Kansas, Ginny King, Terri Ann Kundrat, Shan Martin, Beth McVey, Maureen Mellon, Sandra Menhart, Bill Nabel, Stan Page, Tony Parise, Don Percassi, Jean Preece, Karen Prunczik, Lee Roy Reams, Vicki Regan, Lars Rosager, Linda Sabatelli, Nikki Sahagen, Ron Schwinn, Yveline Semeria, Alison Sherve, Robin Stephens, David Storey, Karen Tamburrelli. Replacement cast during show's long run included: Gail Benedict (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Peggy Cass (as "Maggie Jones"), Don Chastain (as "Julian Marsh"), Clare Leach, Millicent Martin (as "Dorothy Brock"), Barry Nelson (as "Julian Marsh"), Jamie Ross (as "Julian Marsh"), Cathy Wydner (as "Peggy Sawyer"), Karen Ziemba (as "Peggy Sawyer"). Produced by David Merrick.
  • (1948) She acted in Irving Berlin's musical, "Annie Get Your Gun", at the London Coliseum in London, England with Bill Johnson, Harry Moreny, Wendy Toye, Irving Davies, Ellis Irving, John Garside, Don Johnson, Paddy Stone and Betty Hare in the cast.
  • (1987) She acted in Stephen Sondheim's musical, "Follies", at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, England with Diana Rigg, Julia McKenzie, Daniel Massey, David Healy, Lynda Baron, Pearl Carr, Teddy Johnson, Maria Charles, Margaret Courtenay, Adele Leigh and Leonard Sachs in the cast.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Two on the Aisle. Musical revue. Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Sketches by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Genevieve Pitot. Vocal arrangements by Herbert Greene. Musical Director: Herbert Greene. "Schneider's Miracle" by Nat Hiken and Billy Friedberg. Musical Staging by Ted Cappy. "Dog Show" choreographed by Ruthanna Boris. Directed by Abe Burrows. Mark Hellinger Theatre: 19 Jul 1951- 15 Mar 1952 (276 performances + 1 preview). Cast: Dolores Gray (as "The Girl/Wife/A Vaudevillian/Br³nnhilde/Specialty Performer/Wifey/She/Miss Travers"), Bert Lahr (as "Lefty Hogan/Captain Universe/The Clown/A Vaudevillian/Siegfried/Schneider/Specialty Performer/Lovey/Close Friend/Him/Mr. Murdock"), John Allen (as "Passer-by/Singing Ensemble"), Jeanette Aquilina (as "Maid/Little Girl/Dancing Ensemble"), Arthur Arney (as "Conductor/Denizen of Venus/Singing Ensemble"), Margery Beddow (as "Rhine Maiden/Dancing Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Fred Bryan (as "Specialty Singer/Singing Ensemble"), Betty Buday (as "Lover/Dalmatian/Dancing Ensemble"), Gloria Danyl (as "The Other Woman/Clown's Assistant/Rhine Maiden/Cocker Spaniel/Dancing Ensemble"), Bob Emmett (as "3rd Suitor/The Man/Traveller/Judge/Dancing Ensemble"), Dorothy Etheridge (as "Specialty Dancer/Pekinese"), Gregg Evans (as "Russian Wolfhound/Showgirl"), Jerry Fries (as "Specialty Dancer/Trainer for Wolfhounds/Dancing Ensemble"), Robert Gallagher (as "Conductor/Cameraman/Hitchcock/Inspector"), Doris Goodwin (as "Dalmatian/Dancing Ensemble"), Dolores Gray (as "The Girl"), Richard Gray (as "Cameraman/Hodgkins/Policeman"), Gordon Hamilton (as "Manager for Poodle/Singing Ensemble"), John Kelly (as "2nd Suitor/Urchin/Trainer for Dalmations"), Walter Kattwinkel [credited as Walter Kelvin] (as "Conductor/Radio Voice/Passer-by/Singing Ensemble"), Rosemary Kittelton (as "Russian Wolfhound/Showgirl"), Larry Laurence (as "Hotchkiss/Conductor"), Alan LeRoy (as "Producer/Man on Bench"), Vera Lee (as "Specialty Dancer/Clown's Assistant/Rhine Maiden/Dancing Ensemble"), Paul Lyday (as "Lover/Trainer for Pekinese/Singing Ensemble"), Colette Marchand (as "Girl/Specialty Dancer/French Poodle"), Leila Martin (as "Passer-by/Singing Ensemble"), Jane Mason (as "Cocker Spaniel/Dancing Ensemble"), J.C. McCord (as "Specialty Dancer/"There Never Was A Baby Like My Baby" Dancer/The American"), James McCracken (as "Voice"), Kathryn Mylorie (as "Queen Chlorophyl/Specialty Singer/Miss Flaherty"), Dell Parker (as "Clown's Assistant/Russian Wolfhound/Showgirl"), Stanley Prager (as "Conductor/Higgins/The Dragon/Piper"), John Raye (as "Denizen of Venus/Singing Ensemble"), Elliott Reid (as "Announcer/Husband/Performer - "Here's What You Said"/Hubby/He"), Victor Reilley (as "Urchin/Trainer for Cocker Spaniels/Dancing Ensemble"), Frank Reynolds (as "1st Suitor/Urchin/Passer-by/Dancing Ensemble"), Arthur Rubin (as "Conductor"), Mira Stefan (as "Russian Wolfhound/Singing Ensemble"), Patricia Tobin (as "Mrs. Higgleston/Singing Ensemble"), Jeanne Tyler (as "Clown's Assistant/Russian Wolfhound/Showgirl"), Charlotte Van Lein (as "Russian Wolfhound/Showgirl"). Understudies: John Allen (as "Specialty Singer"), Perry Bruskin (as "Conductor/Higgins/Piper/The Dragon"), Betty Buday (as "French Poodle/Girl/Specialty Dancer"), Bob Emmett (as "Cameraman/Conductor/Hitchcock/Inspector/Specialty Dancer/The American"), Robert Gallagher (as "Announcer/He/Hubby, Husband/Performer - "Here's What You Said"), Walter Kelvin (as "Man on Bench/Producer"), Vera Lee (as "French Poodle/Girl/Specialty Dancer"), Loney Lewis (as "A Vaudevillian/Captain Universe/Close Friend/Him/Lefty Hogan/Lovey/Mr. Murdock/Schneider/Siegfried/Specialty Performer/The Clown"), Jane Mason (as "Little Girl/Maid") and Betty O'Neil (as "A Vaudevillian/Br³nnhilde/Miss Travers/She/Specialty Performer/The Girl/Wife/Wifey"). Replacement actors: John Allen (as "The Man"), Jeanette Aquilina (as "Pekinese"), Betty Buday (as "Specialty Dancer/The Other Woman"), Gloria Danyl (as "Miss Flaherty/Queen Chlorophyl"), Bob Emmett (as "Hotchkiss"), John Ford (as "Cameraman/Hodgkins/Policeman"), Roscoe French (as "Dancing Ensemble/Denizen of Venus/Lover/Trainer for Pekinese"), Phil Gerard (as "2nd Suitor/Dancing Ensemble/Judge/Urchin"), Doris Goodwin (as "Mrs. Higgleston"), Buford Jasper (as "Denizen of Venus/Singing Ensemble"), Marion Lauer (as "Singing Ensemble"), Kathryn Lee (as "French Poodle/Girl/Specialty Dancer"), Loney Lewis (as "Man on Bench/Producer"), Leila Martin (as "Specialty Singer"), James McCracken (as "Singing Ensemble"), Beverly McFadden (as "Singing Ensemble"), Slats McKinney (as "Russian Wolfhound/Showgirl"), Dean Michener (as "Conductor/Denizen of Venus/Singing Ensemble"), Leslie Parry (as "Singing Ensemble"), Pat Poole (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Peggy Reiss (as "Singing Ensemble"), Frank Reynolds (as "Trainer for Dalmations"), Carol Sawyer (as "Singing Ensemble"), Joanne Spiller (as "Singing Ensemble"), Julie Williams (as "Singing Ensemble"). Produced by Arthur Lesser.
  • (1976) She acted in Arthur Laurents' musical, "Gypsy," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey. Bill Guske was director.
  • (July 1982) She acted in the musical, "Gypsy," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine. Jule Styne was composer. Stephen Sondheim was lyricist. Arthur Laurents wrote the book.

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