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Re-Generation and Wisely Hedging Your Bets: A Movie Review

  • 28 Days Later Analysis
*full disclosure: a DVD screener of this film was provided by Indican Pictures.

Director: Anais Granofsky.

Writers: Anais Granofsky and Ingrid Veninger.

Regeneration was completed in 2004 as The Limb Salesman. Starring Peter Stebbings (Defendor), this film was retitled and released on DVD in 2010. Re-released in February, 2011 through Indican Pictures with additional scenes, Regeneration has had less than a smooth ride to reach viewers. This is a small indie film, which was partially funded by Telefilm Canada and Regeneration will reach a number of viewers by being so diverse in genres. There is a western vibe here, with much drama and sci-fi making an appearance through the inclusion of an "eco-catastrophe" (Indican). However, at the heart of the film beats a romance between central characters Dr. Goode (Stebbings) and Clara (Ingrid Veninger).

The future is a bleak place, where miners are forced underground to find deposits of clean water. Here, a baron rules the land,
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Behind the Cut: Ronald Sanders (Part I)

  • [Editor's Note: Today we launch a new feature here on called ‘Behind the Cut’ - an exclusive Q&A series with prominent feature film editors who more often than not are involved in the projects we promote here on the site. Adam Azimov will shed light into the often overlooked art of film editing. This is the first part of a two part Q&A with Ronald Sanders. It focuses on general editing and work anecdotes, while the second part will take an intimate look at specific editing techniques in some of Ron’s films. Enjoy!] Ronald SandersRonald Sanders
[/link] is one of Canadian cinema’s best kept secrets. He, along with others like Susan Shipton and Reginald Harkema, remains hidden in the dark backrooms of the film industry. He works ceaselessly from early in the production to long after the camera has stopped rolling and the sets have been dismantled. So who is Ronald Sanders? He’s a film editor, and chances are you’ve never heard of the man behind the cut in every David Cronenberg film since 1979, save “The Brood.” Ron has won 3 Genies for his editing in Dead Ringers, Crash and eXistenZ. He won the Directors Guild of Canada Craft Award for ‘Outstanding Picture Editing’ on A History of Violence and has been nominated for a slew of other awards. Not only has Ronald Sanders cut most of Cronenberg’s masterpieces, he has also worked with other great Canadian and international filmmakers, including Norman Jewison,
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