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  • (1931 - 1933) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1931) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1931. Musical revue. Sketches by Mark Hellinger, J.P. Murray and Gene Buck. Lyrics by Gene Buck, Joseph McCarthy, Charles Farrell, Mack Gordon [earliest Broadway credit], J.P. Murray, Barry Trivers [earliest Broadway credit], E.Y. Harburg, Jack Norworth and Noël Coward. Dialogue staged by Edward C. Lilley. Dances directed by Bobby Connolly and Albertina Rasch. Music by Harry Revel, Ben Oakland, Dave Stamper, Dimitri Tiomkin, Noël Coward, Nora Bayes, James Monaco, Chick Endor, Walter Donaldson, Jay Gorney and Hugo Riesenfeld. Music for "Pink Lady Waltz" by Ivan Caryll [final Broadway credit]. Music for "(Shine On) Harvest Moon" by Jack Norworth. Music for "(Who Paid the Rent for Mrs.) Rip Van Winkle" by Al Bryan. Lyrics for "(Who Paid the Rent for Mrs.) Rip Van Winkle" by Fred Fisher. Music for "You Made Me Love You" Dance by Mack Gordon. Lyrics for "I'm With You" by Walter Donaldson. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh, Will Vodery, Howard Jackson and Joe Jordan. Featuring songs by Powell and Stevens. Assembled by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Directed by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. and Gene Buck. Ziegfeld Theatre: 1 Jul 1931- 21 Nov 1931 (165 performances). Cast: Iris Adrian, The Albertina Rasch Dancers, Thomas Arace, Jack Arthur, Jean Audree, Faith Bacon, Robert Baldwin, Virginia Bethel, Virginia Biddle, Ethel Borden, Mildred Borst, Frank Britton, Milt Britton, Jack Bruns, John Bubbles, Buck & Bubbles, Joan Burgess, Katherine Burke, Alice Burrage, Arthur Campbell, Tito Carol, Gordon Carper, Albert Carroll, Helen Carson, Emmita Casanova, Catherine Clark, The Collette Sisters, Dorothy Dell, Netta Deuschateau, Dorothy Dodge, David Drollet, Betty Dumbris, Marguerite Durand, Marguerite Eisele, Georgia Ellis, Kay English (as "Hazel Dawn" and "Pink lady Waltz" performer) [final Broadway role], Caja Eric, Clayton Estes, Ruth Etting (as "Nora Bayes"), Dorothy Flood, Rosa Fromson, Rose Gale, Gladys Glad, Gene Gory, Yvonne Grey, John Gurney, Paul Gursdorff, Cliff Hall, Cassie Hanley, Helen Hannan, Pearl Harris, Eunice Holmes, Jean Howard, Billy Hughes, Russell Johns, Tom Kendall, George Lamar, Frank Lang, Hal Le Roy (as "Alphonso Smith"), Milton Le Roy, Marjorie Levoe, Boots Mallory, Christine Maple, Herschel Martin, Mitzi Mayfair, Lorelle McCarver, Ernest McChesney, Frank McCormack, Dennis McCurtin, Marjorie McLaughlin, Olive McLay, Frieda Mierse, Vera Milton, Grace Moore, Jim Moore, Helen Morgan, John Daly Murphy (as "Doctor Crechsen/A Drunk"), Dorissa Nelova, Pat O'Day, Pearl Osgood, Earl Oxford, Anne Lee Patterson, Ruth Patterson, Jack Pearl, Vivian Porter, Betty Real, Mary Alice Rice, Harry Richman, Bernice Roberts, William Royal, A. Samish, Blanche Satchell, Billie Seward, Barbara Smith, Conrad Sparin, Marie Stevens, Leonard Stokes, Lena Thomas, Joseph Toner, Synny Trowbridge, Robert Walker, Helen Walsh, Eileen Wenzel, Robert White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1931) Stage Play: Fast and Furious. Musical revue. Sketches by Forbes Randolph, John Wells, Zora Neale Hurston, Lottie Meaney, Tim Moore, Clinton "Dusty" Fletcher, Jackie Mabley, Leighton K. Brill and Sigmund Herzig. Lyrics mostly by Mack Gordon. Music mostly by Harry Revel. Choreographed by Jack Donohue. Directed by Forbes Randolph. New Yorker Theatre: 15 Sep 1931- 19 Sep 1931 (7 performances). Cast: Melva Boden, Lois Deppe, Clinton "Dusty" Fletcher, Baby Goins, Edna Guy, Juano Hernandez, Zora Neale Hurston, Midgie Lane, Jackie Mabley, Emma Maitland, Tim Moore, Etta Moten, Al Richard, Neeka Shaw, Grace Smith, Aurelia Wheeldin, Hemsley Winfield. Produced by Forbes Randolph.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Everybody's Welcome. Musical comedy. Music by Sammy Fain [earliest Broadway credit]. Book by Lambert Carroll. Based on "Up Pops the Devil" by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Lyrics by Irving Kahal. Musical Director: Tom Jones. Additional music by Harry Revel, Herman Hupfeld and Manning Sherwin. Additional lyrics by Herman Hupfeld, Mack Gordon, Edward Eliscu, Arthur Lippmann and Milton Pascal. Choreographed by William Holbrook, under the supervision of Albertina Rasch. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Ernest Schrapps and Alison McLellan Hunter. Directed by William Mollison. Shubert Theatre: 13 Oct 1931- 13 Feb 1932 (139 performances). Cast: Spencer Barnes (as "Laundryman"), Jack Barratt (as "Ensemble"), Mary Brooks (as "Dora/Ensemble"), Andrew Carr (as "Buddy Hill/Specialty Dancer"), Louise Carr (as "Specialty Dancer"), Gladys Carter (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Cook (as "Albertina Rasch Girl"), Virginia Davis (as "Ensemble"), Carl Duart (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Duffy (as "Jane/Ensemble"), Charles Garland (as "Mr. Platt/Ensemble") [final Broadway role], Donald Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Louise Hansen (as "Premier Danseuse/Albertina Rasch Girl"), Thomas Harty (as "A Drunk"), Helen Hawkins (as "Ensemble"), Edna Hedin (as "Helen/Ensemble"), Dorothy Koster (as "Ensemble"), Ann Sothern [credited as Harriette Lake] (as "Ann Cathway"), Beatrice Lauri (as "Albertina Rasch Girl"), Cecil Lean (as "George Kent") [final Broadway role], Bernice Lee (as "Grace"), Clark Leston (as "Ensemble"), Sally Lynne (as "Ensemble"), Charles McClelland (as "Ensemble"), Jack Moore (as "Ensemble"), Edwin Murray (as "Ensemble"), Hazzard Newberry (as "Ensemble"), Jean Newcombe (as "Mrs. Geroge Kent"), Lucille Osborn (as "Mrs. Platt"), Naida Pahl (as "Trixie/Ensemble"), Tesha Pearson (as "Albertina Rasch Girl"), Ann Pennington (as "Louella Carroll"), Una Ralph (as "Albertina Rasch Girl"), Evan Ritter (as "Ensemble"), Roy Roberts (as "Gilbert Morrell"), Etna Ross (as "Ensemble"), Jack Ross (as "Kelly/Ensemble"), Oscar Shaw (as "Steve Merrick"), Jack Sheehan (as "Biny Hatfield"), Phoebe Wallace (as "Betty"), Frances Williams (as "Polly Bascom"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Smiling Faces. Musical comedy. Book by Harry Clark. Music by Harry Revel. Lyrics by Mack Gordon. Choreographed by Merriel Abbott. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Ernest Schrapps. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Shubert Theatre: 30 Aug 1932- 24 Sep 1932 (31 performances). Cast: Adora Andrews (as "Cordonia Potts"), Dorothy Bell (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Pauline Bensinger (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), La Norma Bourgeois (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Josephine Buckley (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Helene Cambridge (as "Show Girl"), Myrtle Candee (as "Show Girl"), Charles Collins (as "Arthur Lawrence"), Rex Coover (as "A Minister/Boy"), Peaches Dahl (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Boyd Davis (as "Perkins"), Fritzie Deuss (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Carl Duart (as "A Bishop/Boy"), Jeanne Ellyn (as "Show Girl"), Hope Emerson (as "Amy Edwards"), Eleanor Fairley (as "Show Girl"), Eddie Garvey (as "Edward Richter"), May Haas (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Bradford Hatton (as "George Black/A Waiter"), Genevieve Irwin (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Joe Kaye (as "Boy"), Frank Kimball (as "Boy"), Rose Kirsner (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Leone Krans (as "Show Girl"), Clark Leston (as "Boy"), Peggy Marshall (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Rena McAfee (as "Show Girl"), Eileen Moss (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Mildred Ocen (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Harold Offer (as "A Bellhop/Boy"), Isabel O'Madigan (as "Sybilla Richter"), Doris Patston (as "Mildred McKay"), Evelyn Pearce (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), John Perkins (as "Boy"), Agatha Phillips (as "Show Girl"), Ray Romain (as "First Assistant"), Tom Romain (as "Second Assistant"), Roy Royston (as "Robert Bowington"), Lorraine Santchi (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Merle Smith (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Thomas Sternfeld (as "A Gangster/Boy"), Dorothy Stone (as "Peggy Post"), Fred Stone (as "Monument Spleen"), Barbara Williams (as "Helen Sydney"), Florence Wilson (as "Merriel Abbott Dancer"), Janice Winter (as "Show Girl"), Ali Yousuff (as "Horatio Dalrymple"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Strike Me Pink. Musical revue. Sketches by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson. Additional dialogue by Mack Gordon [final Broadway credit], Jack McGowan and Richard Jerome. Lyrics by Lew Brown. Music by Ray Henderson. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Music orchestrated by Edward Powell. Entire production supervised by Ray Henderson and Lew Brown. Sketches directed by Jack McGowan. Dances and ensembles staged by Seymour Felix. Majestic Theatre: 4 Mar 1933- 10 Jun 1933 (122 performances). Cast: Aber Twins, Mary Ann, Claiborne Arms, Roy Atwell, Gracie Barrie, Emmy Bock, Helane Brown, James Brown, Norma Butler, Barbara Caswell, Mary Chappelle, Hal Clyne, Frank Conlon, Wilma Cox, Dorothy Dare (as "Son's Wife"), Marguerite De Coursey, Ruth Dod, Dorothy Dodge, Bill Douglas, Johnny Downs (as "The Duncans' Son/ Speed -- Roy Atwell Explains/Pat Ultra Modern/"Strike Me Pink" Performer "I Hate to Think..." Performer), Elsie Duffy, George Duke, Jimmy Durante (as "An Old Hollywood Custom" Performer/Mr. Duncan, Speed -- Roy Atwell Explains/"A Bit of Temperment" Performer/"Dinner at Ten" Performer/Professor/Techno-Crazy/Otto/Design for Loving "Ooh, I'm Thinking" Performer/Husband in "External Triangle" "Hollywood, Park Avenue and Broadway" Performer/"On Any Street" Performer), Geraldine Dvorak, Mabel Ellis, Louise Estes, Peggy Fish, Alex Fisher, Peggy Gallimore, Eleanor Garden, Eddie Garr, Ruth Grady, Lula Gray, Jack Harcourt, Pearl Harris, Ruth Harrison, David Johns, Daniel Johnson, Charlotte Joslin, Leoda Knapp, Leslie Laurence, Charles Lawrence, Hal Le Roy (as "Bobby"), Betty Lee, Clark Leston, Phyllis Lynd, Diana Lynn (as "Dancer"), Barbara MacDonald, Mary Joan Martin, Earl Mason, Rosalie McCallion, June McNulty, Jack Moore, Mary Moore, Jewel Morse, George Murray, Ricky Newell, Carolyn Nolte, Olaf Olson, Lillian Pertka, Leonore Pettit, Jack Ross, Jean Ryan, Jimmy Ryan, Ted Schultz, Louise Sheldon, Jackie Sherman, Madeline Southworth, Lupe Velez, Matthew Vodnoy, George Dewey Washington, Davenie Watson, Milton Watson, George Weeden, Roberta West, Gil White, Marguerite Wiley, Hope Williams. Produced by Ray Henderson, Lew Brown and Waxey Gordon.

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