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  • (1924 - 1951) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1924) Stage Play: Annie Dear. Musical comedy. Music by Clare Kummer. Directed by Edward Royce. Times Square Theatre: 4 Nov 1924- Feb 1925 (closing date unknown/103 performances). Cast included: Edward Allan, Spencer Bentley, Billie Burke, John Byam, Spencer Charters. Phyllis Cleveland, Gavin Gordon (as "Harry Murchison") [Broadway debut], Alexander Gray, Ernest Truex, May Vokes, Bobby Watson. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1927) Stage Play: A Lady in Love. Comedy. Written by Dorrance Davis. Directed by Rollo Lloyd. Lyceum Theatre: 21 Feb 1927- Mar 1927 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Liane Held Carrera, Dorothy Estabrook, Gavin Gordon (as "Bragdon"), Sydney Greenstreet, Alf Helton, Walter Jones, Allyn Joslyn, Paul Lester, Rollo Lloyd, Dennie Moore, Natalie Moorhead, Julian Noa, Jane Salisbury, Peggy Wood. Produced by A.E. Riskin and R.R. Riskin.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Celebrity. Comedy. Written by Willard Keefe. Directed by Edward Goodman. Lyceum Theatre: 26 Dec 1927- Jan 1928 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast included: Margaret Armstrong, Claude Cooper, Gavin Gordon (as "Barry Regan"), Irene Hubbard, Hale Norcross, Nancy Sheridan, Crane Wilbur, Philip Wood. Produced by Herman Shumlin and Paul Streger.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Sh, the Octopus. Comedy/mystery. Written by Ralph Murphy and Donald Gallaher. Directed by Donald Gallaher. Royale Theatre: 21 Feb 1928- Apr 1928 (closing date unknown/47 performances). Cast: Beatrice Allen (as "Vesta Vernoff"), Luigi Balestro, Lynne Clarke, Cliford Dempsey, Gavin Gordon (as "Paul Morgan"), John Jones, Harry Kelly, James B. Linhart, Ignacio Martinetti, Bernard J. McOwen, Francis M. Verdi, Adele Windsor. Produced by Donald Gallaher. Co-produced by J.M. Welch and M&G Amusements.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Crashing Through. Written by Saxon Kling. Theatre Republic: 29 Oct 1928- Dec 1928 (closing date unknown/40 performances). As "Christopher Manson".
  • (1947) Stage Play: The Gentleman From Athens. Comedy. Written by Emmet Lavery. Scenic Design by Ralph Alswang. Lighting Design by Ralph Alswang. Directed by Sam Wanamaker. Mansfield Theatre: 9 Dec 1947- 13 Dec 1947 (7 performances). Cast: Edith Atwater (as "Lee Kilpatrick"), Leonard Auerbach (as "Radio and Newsreel Crew"), Leopold Badia (as "Congressman Andrews"), Ethel Browning (as "Miss Mary Kilpatrick"), Feodor Chaliapin (as "Igor Stepenov"), Oliver Crawford (as "Radio and Newsreel Crew"), Elsie May Gordon (as "Congressman Stringley"), Gavin Gordon (as "Big Ed Lawrence"), Alan Hewitt (as "Morgan Kilpatrick"), Arthur Jarrett (as "Congressman Harnell"), Lorance Kerr (as "News Reel Director"), Edward B. Latimer (as "Congressman Borgsen"), Lou Polan (as "Mike Rykowski"), Anthony Quinn (as "Hon. Stephen Socrates Christopher"), Franks Rowan Radio and Newsreel Crew"), Creighton Thompson (as "Daniel") [final Broadway role], Watson White (as "Cousin Vincent Kilpatrick"). Produced by Martin Gosch and Eunice Healy.
  • (1950) Stage Play: The Devil's Disciple. Comedy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Royale Theatre: 21 Feb 1950- 27 May 1950 (111 performances). Cast: Maurice Evans, Marsha Hunt, Victor Jory, Dennis King (as "General Burgoyne"), Gavin Gordon (as "Major Swindon"), Ian Martin (as "Sergeant"), Hilda Vaughn (as "Mrs. Dudgeon"), Somer Alberg (as "Lawyer Hawkins/Brudenell"), Paul Anderson (as "Townsperson"), Robert Anderson (as "Soldier"), Martine Bartlett (as "Townsperson"), Benned Brownell (as "Soldier"), Janet Maria Burtis (as "Mrs. Titus Dudgeon"), Cliff Cothren (as "Officer"), Richard Curry (as "Soldier"), Paul Davis (as "Townsperson"), Olive Dunbar (as "Townsperson"), Robert Hartung (as "Officer"), William Hawley (as "Townsperson"), Betty Lou Holland (as "Essie"), Louis Hollister (as "Townsperson"), Cavada Humphrey (as "Mrs. William"), Billy James (as "Townsperson"), Bruce Jewell (as "Soldier"), Dorothy Johnston Townsperson"), Robert Latta Soldier"), Joseph Longstreth Officer"), Louis Lytton William Dudgeon"), Billy Matthews Townsperson"), Joe Mego Soldier"), Kenn Mileston Soldier"), Alan Miller Soldier"), John Murphy Soldier"), James Newell Officer"), Logan Ramsey, Mary Rogan (as "Townsperson"), Leon Shaw (as "Soldier"), Robinson Stone Titus (as "Dudgeon"), Gloria Valberg (as "Townsperson"). Trivia: The final Broadway production of a Shaw play performed during his lifetime.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Buy Me Blue Ribbons. Comedy. Written by Sumner Locke Elliott. Directed by Cyril Ritchard. Empire Theatre: 17 Oct 1951- 27 Oct 1951 (13 performances). Cast: Philippa Bevans (as "Nurse Fiske"), Audrey Christie (as "Liz Kendall"), Vicki Cummings (as "Camilla Ransome"), Gavin Gordon (as "Victor Hatfield") [final Broadway role], Kate Harrington (as "Maude"), Jack Hartley (as "Alvin Sable"), Cynthia Latham (as "Norma Cusack"), Enid Markey (as "Daisy Sable"), Wells Richardson (as "Professor Oscar Nimrod"), Jay Robinson (as "Jordan Sable"). Produced by Jay Robinson.
  • (1946) He acted in the revue, "The Shepard Show", at the Princes Theatre in London, England with Richard Hearne, Eddie Gray, Duggie Byng, Marie Burke, Arthur Riscoe, Margo Johns, Eric Anderson, Margherita Stanley, Irving Davies and John Blore Borelli and his BBC Orchestra in the cast. Wendy Toye was the director.
  • (1937) He acted in Samuel Lerner, Al Goodhart, Al Hoffman, Guy Bolton, Thompson and Douglas Furber's musical, "Going Greek", at the Gaiety Theatre in London, England with Leslie Henson, Louise Browne, Roy Royston, Mary Lawson, Fred Emney, Richard Hearne and Debroy Somers and His Band in the cast.
  • (1959) He acted in Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's musical, "My Fair Lady", at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London, England with Alec Clunes, Anne Rogers, James Hayter, Zena Dare, Hugh Paddick, Linda Gray, Betty Woolfe, Margaret Halstan, Leonard Weir, Vernon Joyner, Alan Dudley and Elaine Garreau in the cast. Cecil Beaton was the costume designer.

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