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  • Spoken-word album: Played "The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come" (usually a silent part, but here he had dialogue) in the Ronald Colman LP of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".
  • (1940s) Radio: Starred (as "Flash Gordon") in the series "Flash Gordon".
  • (1948-51) Radio: Appeared (as "Rudolph Atterbury, bank president") in "My Favorite Husband" (CBS Radio). NOTE: He later played another bank president, Theodore J. Mooney, on The Lucy Show (1962).
  • (1962) Unsold pilot: Co-starred in a sitcom spin-off of The Donna Reed Show (1958) called "The Roberta Sherwood Show".
  • (1962) Unsold pilot: Appeared with Lucille Ball in a sketch about a woman who had never been in an airplane before, which was in support of a proposed anthology series called "The Victor Borge Comedy Theatre".
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Agamemnon") in "Daughters of Atreus" on Broadway. Written by Robert Turney. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Frederic McConnell. 44th Street Theatre: 14 Oct 1936-Oct 1936 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Barbara Adams, John Boruff (as "Vortigern"), Sidney Bryson, Richard Burdette, Eileen Burns, Hal Conklin, Thomas Coffin Cooke, Olive Deering (as "Iphegeneia"), Ben Edwards, Ann Freschmann, Vincent Gardner, Leslie Gorall, John Grimshaw, Harry Irvine, James Larmore, Clara Mahr, Eleonora Mendelssohn, Tom Neal (as "Hippolytos"), Gilda Oakleaf, Edmond O'Brien (as "Pylades"), Carla Ogle, Maria Ouspenskaya (as "Polymnia"), Melvin Parks, Gordon Peters, Eleanor Powers, Carl Rodgers, Joanna Roos, Arthur Sachs, Michael Sage, Howard Sherman, Edgar Stehli (as "Cheops"), Robert Stewart, Edward Trevor (as "Achilles"), William Van Gundy, Louis Varca, Helen Walpole, Franklin Webb, Cornel Wilde (as "Phaon"), Eric Wollencott, Elizabeth Young. Produced by Delos Chappell.
  • (11/20/56) Guested on the daytime television program "Panorama Pacific" with Bob Sweeney.
  • (1946-49) Radio: Starred (as "Gregory Hood") in "The Casebook of Gregory Hood".
  • (1947) Radio: Appeared (as "Father Leahy") in the detective series "Johnny Modero, Pier 23" (Mutual Radio).
  • Radio: Had a recurring role as "Mayor Latrivia" on the "Fibbber McGee & Molly Show", which was on the air from 1935-59. NOTE: This was Gordon's big break in radio.
  • (1948-57) Radio: Played principal "Osgood Conklin" on CBS Radio's "Our Miss Brooks".
  • (1951) Radio: Played Ronald Colman's part in the first version of "The Halls of Ivy" on NBC Radio. The show was re-recorded with Colman and his wife, Benita Hume, as the leads.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared in "The Dancers" on Broadway. NOTE: He met renowned financial Baron Rothschild, who gave him a letter of introduction to the Shuberts.
  • (1930s) Book: "Leaves from Story Trees" (two one-act plays).
  • (10/7/46) Radio Appeared (as "Ephraim Wells") on the "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "Dragonwyck".
  • (1930s) Book (w/Gloria Gordon): "Nursery Rhymes For Hollywood Babes" (38 pages).
  • (1948-50) Radio: Was the Rexall Drugs spokesman for NBC Radio's "The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show". NOTE: His part was integrated into the actual scripts.

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