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Horror Comedy Series Snatchers Premieres on Verizon’s go90 Streaming Service, Watch the Official Trailer

She was worried about her social status, but Sara had no idea that her obsession would lead to her and her best friend fending off an alien invasion in Snatchers, Stage 13's new horror comedy series that premiered on Verizon's go90 streaming service.

To learn more about Snatchers, which will premiere new episodes ever Thursday, check out the go90 mobile app or visit:

"The first two episodes premiere ​Today, Thursday June 22, with additional episodes premiering weekly on Thursdays.

The series stars Mary Nepi, Gabrielle Elyse (Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans”), Austin Fryberger, Jj Nolan, Nick Gomez (Amazon’s “Bosch”) and Rich Fulcher (“Drunk History”).

Created by The Olde Money Boyz (Stephen Cedars, Benji Kleiman & Scott Yacyshyn) and Executive Produced by award-winning Producer Paul Young (“Blackish,” Keanu, Central Intelligence) of Principato-Young

The first two episodes premiere ​Today, Thursday June 22, with additional episodes premiering weekly on Thursdays.

Snatchers” follows Sara, a status-obsessed high school student, who, to preserve her social standing, has sex for the first time and unexpectedly wakes up pregnant...really pregnant. Things take an interesting turn the morning after she loses her virginity when she quickly discovers she’s pregnant with an alien baby screaming to get out. Now she’ll have to team up with her nerdy ex-best friend Hayley to fight against an extraterrestrial threat, and hopefully keep her mom and friends from finding out about her alien offspring.

“Our goal with ‘Snatchers’ was to bring a human element to the horror-comedy genre. We wanted to create a series that was funny and thrilling, a story with real stakes and honest emotions. We believe the power of the horror-comedy genre lies in playing with people's expectations, creating tension then releasing it through a laugh or a scream -- or hey, both at the same time! Adding a touch of sincerity to that mixture creates something surprisingly unique and visceral,” said The Olde Money Boyz.

About Stage 13

Stage 13 is an original digital content brand showcasing a new generation of inspired talent and voices in scripted and non-scripted digital content. Creating dynamic, unapologetic series for a multi-dimensional audience, the content brand is part of the Warner Bros Digital Networks."

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Snatchers: Horror Comedy TV Show Gets a Premiere Date (Video)

"It's pretty cray." Verizon's go90 streaming service has just released a new trailer for the upcoming TV series Snatchers, Deadline reports.The horror comedy "centers on a status-obsessed teen who, after having sex for the first time, finds herself pregnant…with an alien." The cast includes Mary Nepi, Gabrielle Elyse, Austin Fryberger, Jj Nolan, Nick Gomez, and Rich Fulcher.Read More…
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Sci-Fi London 2017 Review – Domain (2016)

Domain, 2016

Directed by Nathaniel Atcheson

Starring Britt Lower, Ryan Merriman, William Gregory Lee, Kevin Sizemore, Nick Gomez, Sonja Sohn, Cedric Sanders, Beth Grant


In the years following a deadly flu epidemic, seven survivors communicate with each other from their individual underground bunkers, scattered throughout the United States.

Low-rent sci-fi can usually go one of two ways: smart and subtle, pinned to a manageable concept, or washed out by cheap, schlocky special effects. Luckily, bare-bones single-location thriller Domain opts for the former, running off a clever (if not entirely original) plot, with a fresh set of characters and a thoroughly involving central idea. Rather than wasting his limited resources on another unnecessarily loud outbreak thriller about people hunting for food and murdering each other in desperation, director Nathaniel Atcheson has opted for something a little more close to home: humanity’s innate desire to be social. And for the most part,
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‘Day of Reckoning’ DVD Review

Stars: Jackson Hurst, Heather McComb, Jay Jay Warren, Hana Hayes, Nick Gomez, Raymond J. Barry, Barbara Crampton, Randy Vasquez, Daz Crawford, Maz Siam, Luis E. Carazo | Written by Gregory Gieras | Directed by Joel Novoa

Made for the Syfy channel Day of Reckoning can be summed up in one easy description: it’s a demonic monster-movie take on The Purge, an old-school disaster movie given a CGI-filled makeover…

Fifteen years ago, the world suffered a horrific global disaster when millions of demon-like creatures ascended from the bowels of the earth, swarming the entire planet, and feasting on mankind for one full day. Now due to a lunar eclipse they have returned for 24 hours to purge the earth’s population. One family will battle against the odds to not only save themselves but to also seal the breach.

See what I mean?

The latest film from writer Gregory Gieras, Day of Reckoning
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Sundance 2017: New Clip from Snatchers Features an Unsettling Ultrasound Scan

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"You didn't just go to sleep last night and wake up nine months pregnant." Ahead of its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, Snatchers is teased in a new clip and photos that show the eerie events surrounding an unexpected pregnancy in the upcoming horror comedy series produced by Stage 13.

"Snatchers is a high school adventure story about friendship, self-worth, and aliens. Sara is one of the cool kids: she’s got the right friends, makes the right jokes... and is totally terrified of losing her status. She’d be a lot more secure if she could just win back her super-hot ex, Skyler. But he’s not interested unless they move to the next level. Sara decides to take the plunge, but soon discovers Skyler isn’t just horny like a normal teenage boy. Something changed on his summer trip to Mexico. Something in his nards. When Sara
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First Clip from Domain Features a Disturbing Disappearance

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Sealed inside self-contained bunkers, they are humanity's only hope, but the final flickering flame of civilization could be snuffed out for good when Earth's last survivors start vanishing in the new sci-fi thriller Domain. Ahead of the film's world premiere at the Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Film Festival this Sunday, a new clip teases a disturbing disappearance.

Synopsis: "After a deadly virus wipes out most of humanity, the survivors are forced to wait alone in self-sustaining bunkers while the viral threat runs its course. Able to communicate through a networked video interface, the survivors wait for years and slowly become a motley family of sorts. But their fragile social ecosystem is shattered when, one by one, they start mysteriously disappearing from their bunkers."

Written and directed by Nathaniel Atcheson, Domain stars Britt Lower, Ryan Merriman, Sonja Sohn, Beth Grant, William Gregory Lee, Kevin Sizemore, Nick Gomez, and Cedric Sanders.

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Day of Reckoning – Exclusive Interviews with Stars Jackson Hurst & Nick Gomez and Director Joel Novoa

We recently visited the set of Epic Pictures’ latest monster movie (because Epic Pictures monster movie), Day of Reckoning, and we came back with exclusive interviews with stars Jackson Hurst and Nick Gomez as well as director Joel Novoa. Dread… Continue Reading →

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The Walking Dead: Updated List of Cast Appearances

*Updated 5/12 with new events and guests* There are dozens of horror and comic events every year, and that gives fans plenty of opportunities to meet Robert Kirkman or one of the many cast members from The Walking Dead. Although it's a bit early for some of the bigger conventions to announce their full guest lists, we put together an initial list of stops so you can start making your travel plans.

New to the The Walking Dead convention circuit in 2015 are Tyler James Williams, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Seth Gilliam, along with some of the other new cast members we've seen in Season 5. If you're looking to catch most of The Walking Dead cast together at once, your best chance will be at the San Diego Comic-Con in July and the New York Comic Con in October. Those looking to meet Norman Reedus will have plenty of opportunities, as he is
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The Red Road Exclusive Sneak Peek: Harold and Frank Clash As Partners

I’m sure we’ve all had issues with a coworker in the past, but I don’t know if many people have been forced to deal with the type of tension that can be found between Harold and his new partner, Frank (Nick Gomez), in this Thursday’s episode of The Red Road. It’s definitely a little bit more than a slight disagreement. In this exclusive clip from the hour, which is titled “Intruders,” Harold and Frank, who clearly already don’t like each other, get into an argument that quickly becomes something a whole lot more after Frank punches Harold in the face. But how does Harold respond? You’ll have to watch the scene below to find out. Check out the sneak peek from “Intruders,” along with the network’s official description for the episode, below. Be sure to tune in for new episodes of The Red Road
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Walker Stalker Con: San Francisco Guests Include David Morrissey, Andrew J. West & Robert Englund

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The first one shot down his own people when they refused his orders, the second one ate unsuspecting survivors, while the third stalked the nightmares of Elm Street teenagers with his custom-made blades. David Morrissey, Andrew J. West, and Robert Englund, a trio of actors who portrayed memorable villains onscreen, will be in attendance at the first San Francisco Walker Stalker Con.

The San Francisco Walker Stalker Con will take place at the Fort Mason Center on January 31st and February 1st, 2015. We have the official press release and updated guest list below:

“San Francisco, CA – Walker Stalker Con, a zombie and horror themed fan-centric convention, will be held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA on January 31st & February 1st, 2015. Walker Stalker Con will bring attendees to a state of the art facility with world class amenities and will provide fan access to celebrity guests.

Walker Stalker
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Andrew Lincoln Officially Announced for Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

Earlier this summer 23 additional guests were added to the growing head count at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta this October, and now a big name has officially been added to the guest list that should thrill fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln has officially been announced as a guest at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta.

Andrew Lincoln is beloved amongst fans of AMC’s The WalkingDead, as he brings a multi-dimensional believability to the character of Rick Grimes week in and week out on the show. It’s unclear at this time what day(s) Lincoln will be attending the convention, but we’ll keep Daily Dead readers updated on further details. This year, Walker Stalker Con Atlanta will be taking place from October 17 -19 in the Atlanta Convention center at Americas Mart. In addition to Andrew Lincoln, the show features the following massive guest list:


Jon Bernthal
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Q&A with The Walking Hope’s Brad Egel

Brad Egel is a self-proclaimed “Stay at Home Dad of 3, Cancer Warrior, Teacher, Musician & Optimist.” To fans of The Walking Dead, he’s best known as the founder of The Walking Hope, an organization that helps raise funds for the American Cancer Society. As the subject of the latest installment of our Q&A series, Brad tells us about why he started The Walking Hope, support from The Walking Dead‘s fans and cast members, his upcoming charity event, and his latest shirts:

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Brad. Can you tell our readers about why you started The Walking Hope?

Brad Egel: I have been active in cancer charity work for more than ten years. I am always trying to come up with new and interesting ways to bring awareness and fundraising to the masses. I created the cancer charity brand, “The Walking Hope,” to
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Zombie Apocalypse II “Cancer fears the D!” Charity Fundraiser Details

Do you like zombies and hate cancer? If so, then Zombie Apocalypse II “Cancer fears the D!” is an event you’d likely dig. Taking place in Detroit at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom on June 28th, this event benefits the American Cancer Society via The Walking Hope. In addition to an abundance of entertainment for a good cause, fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead should be really excited by one of the items up for auction at the fundraiser.

While enjoyers of the The Walking Dead have been able to get autographs from a good amount of the cast over the past year or so at conventions, even the most die-hard fans would be hard-pressed to get an item signed by 25 people affiliated with the hit AMC show. Perhaps the most prized possession at the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse II, The Walking Hope hoodie features the signatures of
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Zombie-centric Walker Stalker Con Heading to Boston in June with Several Walking Dead Stars

The traveling Walker Stalker Con has met with success in Atlanta and Chicago thus far, and next on its radar is Beantown, where zombie fans will be able to find stars from "The Walking Dead," Night of the Living Dead, and more!

From the Press Release:

Walker Stalker Con, a zombie- and horror-themed fan‐centric convention, will be held at The Westin Boston Waterfront in Boston, Mass., on June 13-15, 2014. Fan access to celebrity guests will be the primary focus of this event.

In Atlanta, Ga, on November 1‐3, 2013, Walker Stalker Con made its debut, where it assembled more “The Walking Dead” cast members than any other convention ever before, along with other actors from zombie and horror films. The inaugural event had over 10,500 attendees. In Chicago, Il, on March 14‐16, 2014, Walker Stalker Con made its second appearance as a convention and the first Walker Stalker Con of 2014. Now, Walker Stalker Con
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Exclusive: The Starving Games Featurette

Exclusive: The Starving Games Featurette
With The Hunger Games movies still going strong, spoof masters Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg attempt to take the franchise down a notch with The Starving Games, debuting on DVD January 21. Maiara Walsh and Brant Daugherty star as Kantmiss Evershot and her longtime friend Dale in the comedy, which also takes shots at Avatar, Marvel's The Avengers and The Expendables. We have an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette from the DVD, where Brant Daugherty explains the difference between acting in a drama and a spoof, and Maiara Walsh discusses her full commitment to the role.

With all the laughs and half the calories, The Starving Games arrives on DVD January 21st! In their sixth cinematic spoof of popular box-office hits, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Vampires Suck, Meet the Spartans) set their sights on the adventure blockbuster The Hunger Games! Join in the game as they sling dozens of cock-eyed, barbed arrows at sci-fi,
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"Hours": Every Second Counts

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek the late Paul Walker ("The Fast and the Furious") in writer/director Eric Heisserer's upcoming thriller "Hours", opening December 13, 2013:

" 2005, during the ravages of 'Hurricane Katrina', 'Nolan' (Walker) is the father of a newborn baby.

"But what should be one of the happiest days of Nolan's life quickly spirals out of control during the wake of a hurricane that floods the hospital and causes failures in the power supply.

"Nolan faces a life-or-death situation when no one returns to help and he struggles on his own to keep his infant daughter alive inside a 'Neonatal' incubator, as minute-by-minute passes, the ventilator runs out of power and the minutes become long hours..."

Cast also includes Génesis Rodríguez, Tj Hassan, Nick Gomez, Judd Lormand, Michelle Torres, Kerry Cahill, Yohance Myles,

Natalia Safran, Elton LeBlanc, Tony Bentley, Emily D. Haley, Christopher Matthew Cook, Cynthia LeBlanc and Lena Clark.

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Hours Review

Director: Eric Heisserer.

Starring: Genesis Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Nick Gomez, Kerry Cahill.

Certificate: 12A.

Running Time: 97 minutes.

Synopsis: A father struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The recent sad loss of Paul Walker has cast more light on the career of an actor perhaps best known for his role of cop-turned-outlaw Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise. His underrated work in the likes of Pleasantville, Running Scared and most recently, Vehicle 19, has reminded many that there were more emotional traits to Walker than fast cars, fit girls and exciting action-packed set-pieces. His charity, Reach Out Worldwide, funded first responders to aid those in desperate need following cataclysmic natural disasters. And so, Hours, a film he also produced, must have held a dear place in his heart.

Walker puts just about everything into the role of Nolan Hayes, rock solid in
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UK release moved up for Paul Walker's Hours

  • ScreenDaily
Signature Entertainment has moved forward on the UK home entertainment release of Paul Walker’s film Hours.

The release in the UK will now be Jan 20, which follows the Us theatrical and VOD launch on Dec 13.

“The decision by the distributors to move forward with the film’s release as scheduled was to honour his passion and pride for his work in the film,” Signature said in a statement.”Signature Entertainment extends their condolences following the sad news of Paul Walker’s death.”

Walker also co-produced Hours alongside Peter Safran. He plays a father struggling to keep his newborn daughter alive in a hospital evacuted after Hurricane Katrina.

Eric Heisserer directs. The cast also includes Genesis Rodriguez, Nick Gomez and Judd Lormand.
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Paul Walker Slideshow: 'Fast & Furious' & 'Varsity Blues' Star. Dead At 40

Paul Walker died on Saturday afternoon in Valencia, Calif., in a car accident after partaking in a joy ride with his longtime friend and business associate, former Grand Prix racer Roger Rodas. While Walker is best known for playing Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise alongside Vin Diesel, he was involved in dozens of projects over the course of his career, which ended far too soon.

Paul Walker Slideshow

Paul Walker with Fast & Furious costars Vin Diesel & Michelle Rodriguez

After working as a child model growing up in Southern California, Walker tried his luck at acting. He was a regular on Throb in the late 80s and picked up guest roles on TV during the early 90s. By the mid 90s, Walker found a niche playing jocks in Pleasantville, Varsity Blues and She’s All That.

Paul Walker as high school Qb Lance in Varsity Blues

The actor
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‘Fast and Furious 7′ Likely Delayed Following Paul Walker’s Death

‘Fast and Furious 7′ Likely Delayed Following Paul Walker’s Death
The death of actor Paul Walker on Saturday leaves a major hole in Universal’s “Fast and Furious” series, the studio’s most successful active film franchise, which had been in production on its seventh installment since September for release next summer.

The film, which had been shooting in Los Angeles and Atlanta recently, had been scheduled for release on July 11, 2014, but a delay now seems likely.

Director James Wan reportedly held a conference with Universal execs Sunday morning to discuss the future of the film.

As of now, it is unclear how much of Walker’s footage had been shot, though judging by action photos posted on Twitter by the cast, it’s likely that the majority of footage lensed was costly action sequences. That makes it uncertain what creative solutions Wan and Universal are left with as they consider scenarios for Walker’s character, undercover Los Angeles police officer Brian O’Conner.
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