The Video Dead (1987) Review

By Chris Wright,

The Video Dead Movie Review (1987)

Directed By: Robert Scott

Written By: Robert Scott

Starring: Rocky Duvall (Jeff Blair), Roxanna Augesen (Zoe Blair), Sam David McClelland (Joshua Daniels), Michael St. Michaels (Henry Jordan), Thaddeus Golas (Deliveryman 1), Douglas Bell (Delivery Man 2), Jennifer Miro (The Woman), Libby Russler (Maria), Victoria Bastel (April Ellison), Garrett Dressler (Mr. Ellison), Melissa Martin (B Movie House wife), Cliff Watts (Garbageman)

I went in to this movie wanting to be highly entertained by a good zombie film but came out happy it is partially forgotten as “The Video Dead” is the video dud! This movie was intended to be a 1980’s style comedy zombie movie but the video tape is broken from start to finish. This direct to video movie was released in 1987 by Embassy Home Entertainment and is pretty rare as it has never been released on DVD.

The plot revolves around
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