Attention, Filmmakers: Here's What You Should Expect from Grassroots Marketers

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If traditional movie marketing and advertising are becoming a car alarm in a mall parking lot -- everyone hears the noise but no one pays any attention – what's the solution? In the "most cluttered marketplace in history," as best-selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin declared, unconventional (read: grassroots) marketing has the power and the potential to reach distracted audiences more efficiently and effectively than TV, radio, and billboard ads. Read More: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Documentary's Distribution That's been the hope, at least. We've architected grassroots marketing campaigns for more than 100 movies, but a question hovers over each one: "how do we know that our work sold tickets?" Everyone assumes advance screenings and outreach, social and publicity works, but no one can say for sure. All we know is that we led the horse to water; we just can't prove we made it drink. Without that proof the future of our type of marketing – grassroots,
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Will Smith's Ted talks obsession: what has he been watching?

The star has revealed that he watches hours and hours of the talks online. Does he know something we don't?

At the end of a curious interview with New York magazine, during which father-and-son film stars Will and Jaden Smith declared their certainty that there is a pattern to everything, which has yet to be understood because we have yet to evolve the necessary multidimensional mathematics that is beyond mathematical, 14-year-old Jaden revealed the family's sources. Will watches "hours and hours" of Ted talks.

Ted (Technology, Education, Design) is a global set of conferences in which speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas. There are now more than 1,500 of these talks, ranging from the cosmologist Sean Carroll discussing why we aren't a random fluctuation out of the nothingness, why we can't live in thermal equilibrium and how our own universe might have sprung from a universal chicken,
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Fullscreen Taps Mekanism’s Viral Marketing Guru As Brand Strategy VP

One of the online video industry's most forward-thinking creatives is heading to a top multi-channel YouTube network. Brendan Gahan, who previously helped create innovative video marketing campaigns for Mekanism, is headed to Fullscreen as the McN's new VP of Brand Strategy. While at Mekanism, Gahan served as Director of Social Media, where he worked to foster relationships with the agency's unique clientele, which notably includes authors such as Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin, for whom Mekanism created groundbreaking 'book trailers'. Gahan will try to apply Mekanism's successful strategies at Fullscreen, where execs would love to see more videos go viral. “Brendan is truly an expert in online video,” said Fullscreen COO Ezra Cooperstein. “He has an impressive track record of pushing the boundaries of viral video marketing with enormous success. We’re very excited to have him join Fullscreen and elevate our clients’ content and distribution strategies on YouTube.” Gahan
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Another Book Trailer: Seth Godin Believes We Can Do Anything

Recently, the creative crew at Mekanism produced a pair of book trailers for Tim Ferriss' The Four Hour Chef. When we spoke to Ferriss, he made the case for YouTube book trailers as the future of literary promotion. Given the millions of views accrued by his trailers (which have since been removed from YouTube and replaced with shorter, commercial-length videos), there's a good chance he has a point. Now, other authors are joining Ferriss in the Mekanism-book-trailer-club. Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who attempts to help his followers break out of the monotony of their daily lives, has released a trailer for The Icarus Deception, his new book about individual expression. As with Ferriss' trailer, Godin's features plenty of fancy editing, kinetic movement, and jumpy special effects. Like Ferriss, Godin's YouTube effort is only part of his forward-thinking attempts to redefine how books are marketed. Icarus Deception was
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Ryan North's 'To Be Or Not To Be' sets Kickstarter record

Ryan North's 'To Be Or Not To Be' sets Kickstarter record
Ryan North's To Be Or Not To Be has set a new Kickstarter record. The book has broken the record of publishing projects on the crowdfunding site. The Shakespeare-inspired choose-your-own-adventure has raised $$563,915 (£346,955) with four hours remaining, exceeding its $$20,000 (£12,000) goal by a factor of more than 28. Previously, the most successful project has been Seth Godin's The Icarus Deception, which raised $$287,342 (£176,796) in July 2012. Based on Hamlet, the book allows readers to choose their own path through a series of (more)
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Fantasy Baseball Boyfriend creators: 'Meant to be taken as seriously as a romance novel'

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On Tuesday (Feb. 7), we wrote an opinion piece lambasting an app available through CBS Sports that lets women (we're assuming men are allowed to play too, but it is explicitly marketed towards "girls") draft a "fantasy baseball boyfriend" every day during the regular fantasy season.

The creators contacted us about our "made up a sensational story" so that we could find out the "real deal" on the app, which they describe as not simplifying the game for girls, but adding "an additional layer of complexity to your current teams ... To win, you have to know who's on a hot streak, who isn't and deal with stats that aren't normally counted in fantasy baseball. You need to be an intelligent, die-hard fan."

We would like to take this moment to apologize to CBS Sports, which we mistakenly identified as the creator of the app. The creators are in fact Frank and Missy.
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Stephen Fry Features In The Library Book For Charity

In The Library Book, published for National Libraries Day on 4 February, twenty-three of the UK’s most outstanding writers describe libraries real or imagined, past, present, and future – why they matter and to whom.

Recognising that without libraries we would not have the writers of today and tomorrow, The Library Book’s contributors are all donating their royalties to The Reading Agency, the independent charity working to inspire more people to read more.

Included in the book are Anita Anand, Julian Barnes, Bella Bathurst, Alan Bennett, Michael Brooks, James Brown, Ann Cleeves, Stephen Fry, Seth Godin, Susan Hill, Tom Holland, Hardeep Singh Kohli, Lucy Mangan, Val McDermid, China Miéville, Caitlin Moran, Kate Mosse, Julie Myerson, Bali Rai, Lionel Shriver, Karin Slaughter, Zadie Smith and Nicky Wire.

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