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  • (1914) Stage: Appeared (as "George"; credited as James A. Gleason; Broadway debut) in "The Pretty Mrs. Smith" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by Oliver Morosco and Elmer Harris. Music by Henry James and Alfred G. Robyn. Lyrics by Earl Carroll. Musical Director: John Lund. Additional music / lyrics by Billy Gould, Ashlyn and Sydney Grant. Directed by T. Daniel Frawley. Casino Theatre: 21 Sep 1914-31 Oct 1914 (48 performances). Cast: Theodore Babcock (as "Ferdinand Smith"), Daisy Burton (as "Mrs. Tom Wilson"), J.H. Childs (as "Paul Hunter" / "Morosco California Quartette"), Louise Cook (as "Miss Helen Partington"; Broadway debut), Marie De Marquis (as "Miss Phoebe Snow"), Claude Flemming (as "Frank Smith"), Sydney Grant (as "Bobby Jones"), Charlotte Greenwood (as "Letititia Proudfoot"), Mlle. Marcelle (as "Henriette"), Dolores Parquette (as "Miss Prudence Morris"), Harold Proctor (as "Hal Dorsey" / "Morosco California Quartette"), Charles Purcell (as "Forest Smith"), J. Richard Ryan (as "Tim Wilson" / "Morosco California Quartette"), Fritzi Scheff (as "Drucilla Smith"), Grace Shaw (as "Mrs. Marian Dalzell"), Lillian Tucker (as "Myrtle Adair"), J. Van Ryan (as "Morosco California Quartette"), Dick Potter, Ocie Williams (as "Mrs. Waldemar Hayes"). Produced by Oliver Morosco.
  • (1919) Stage: Appeared in "It Happens to Everybody" on Broadway. Written by H.S. Sheldon. Park Theatre: 9 May 1919-May 1919 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Dorothy Allen, William Bascett, Harold Beigh, William P. Carleton, Al Dayton, Jack Ellus, Dorothy Hammack, Frank Joyner, Nila Mac, John McCabe, William E. Meehan, Olive Oliver, Josephine Stevens. Produced by William F. Muenster.
  • (1919) Stage: Appeared (as "Mac") in "The Five Million" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Guy Bolton and Frank Mandel. Directed by Robert Milton. Lyric Theatre: 8 Jul 1919-Sep 1919 (closing date unknown/91 performances). Cast: Charles S. Abbe (as "Jefferson Adams"), Marie Ahearn, Helen Barnes, Harry Harwood, Percy Helton (as "Grant Adams"), June Holbrook, Harry McFayden [credited as Harry MacFayden], Sue MacManamy, Robert McWade (as "Otis Weaver"), Ralph Morgan (as "Douglas Adams"), Beatrice Noyes, Amy Ongley, Marjorie Poir, Edward Poland, Purnell Pratt (as "Albert Weaver"), Ralph Stuart, Lucille Webster. Produced by F. Ray Comstock and Morris Gest.
  • (1920) Stage: Appeared in "The Charm School" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Alice Duer Miller and Robert Milton (also producer). Bijou Theatre: 1 Aug 1920-Oct 1920 (closing date unknown/88 performances). Cast: Carolyn Arnold (as "Ethel Splevin"), Marie Carroll (as "Elise Benedotti"), Margaret Dale (as "Miss Hays"), Blythe Daly (as "Sally Boyd"), Minnie Dupree (as "Miss Curtis"), Morgan Farley (as "Tim Simpkins"), Sam Hardy, Rapley Holmes (as "Homer Johns"), Theodora Larocque (as "Alix Mercier"), Camilla Lyon (as "Charlotte Gray"), Nell Martin (as "Jim Simpkins"), Florence McGuire (as "Muriel Doughty"), Constance McLaughlin (as "Dotsie"), Frances McLaughlin (as "Lillian Stafford"), Mary Mead (as "Madge Kent"), Ivan F. Simpson (as "David MacKenzie").
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared in "Tangerine" on Broadway. Musical comedy/satire. Book by Philip Bartholomae and Guy Bolton. Based on a play by Lawrence Langner and Philip Bartholomae. Lyrics by Howard Johnston. Music by Monte Carlo and Alma M. Sanders. Musical Director: Gus Kleinecke. Featuring songs by Dave Zoob. Staged by George F. Marion and Bert French. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson and P. Dodd Ackerman. Costume Design by Dorothy Armstrong, Mme. Francis and Pieter Mayer. Directed by Carle Carlton. Casino Theatre: 9 Aug 1921-26 Aug 1922 (361 performances/on hiatus from 28 May 1922-6 Aug 1922). Cast: Julia Sanderson (as "Shirley Dalton"), The California Four (as "Tangerine Police Force"), Becky Cauble (as "Elsie Loring"), Mary Collins (as "Akamai"), Frank Crumit (as "Dick Owens"), Grace De Carlton (as "Aoha Oe"), Helen Frances (as "Kulikuli"), Carolyn Hancock (as "Ukola"), Jack E. Hazzard (as "King Home-Brew" / "Joe Perkins" / "The Easy Boss"), Joseph Herbert Jr. (as "Fred Allen"), Frank Holbrook (as "Oro"), Brooke Johns (as "Kate Allen"), P.A. Leonard (as "A Warden"), Anna Ludmilla (as "Arameda"), Jeannetta Methven (as "Noa"), Victoria Miles (as "Huhu"), Wayne Nunn (as "Clarence"), Edna Pierre (as "Kate Allen"), Harry Puck (as "Jack Floyd"), Billy Rhodes (as "Lee Loring"), Ruth Rollins (as "Polihu"), Nerene Swinton (as "Pilikia"), Gladys Wilson (as "Mildred Floyd"), Hazel Wright (as "Aloha"). Replacement actors: Kathryn Andrews (as "Oro"), Ted Andrews (as "Arameda"), Dorothy Brown (as "Akamai"), Helen Francis (as "Aoha Oe"), James Gleason (as "Fred Allen"), Beryl Halley (as "Kulikuli"), Allen Kearns (as "Lee Loring"), Jeanette MacDonald (as "Kate Allen"), Audrey Maple (as "Mildred Floyd"), Lee Martin (as "Polihu"), Florence Moore (as "Pilikia"), Victoria White (as "Huhu"), Hansford Wilson (as "Joe Perkins"). Replacement actors: Kathryn Andrews (as "Oro"), Ted Andrews (as "Arameda"), Dorothy Brown (as "Akamai"), Helen Francis (as "Aoha Oe"), James Gleason (as "Fred Allen"), Beryl Halley (as "Kulikuli"), Allen Kearns (as "Lee Loring"), 'Jeanette MacDonald (as "Kate Allen"), Audrey Maple (as "Mildred Floyd"), Lee Martin (as "Polihu"), Florence Moore (as "Pilikia"), Victoria White (as "Huhu"), Hansford Wilson (as "Joe Perkins, The Easy Boss"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Nathaniel Artemus Alden") in "Like a King" on Broadway. Drama. Written by John Hunter Booth. 39th Street Theatre: 3 Oct 1921-Oct 1921 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Arthur Allen (as "William Chubb"), E.L. Duane (as "Samuel Pemberton"), Charles Esdale (as "Thomas H. Coffin"), Mina Gleason (as "Mrs. Alden"), Ann Harding (as "Phyllis Weston"), John Hardtap (as "Policeman"), Robert Homans (as "Gen. Wade Weston"), Frances Howard (as "Arabella Alden"; Broadway debut), Dodson Mitchell (as "George W. Grubble"), Hale Norcross (as "Dan Riordan"), Lucille Parker (as "Abigail"), Edward Poland (as "Calvin Lowe"), James Seeley (as "Robert Alden"), Max Waizman (as "J.W. Savage"), Margaret Wiltshire (as "Norah Smuts"). Produced by Adolph Klauber.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared (as "James Parks Leland") in "The Deep Tangled Wildwood" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by George S. Kaufman. and Marc Connelly. Directed by Hugh Ford. Frazee Theatre: 5 Nov 1923-Nov 1923 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: George Alison, James K. Applebee, Mildred Booth, T.M. Cahill, Blanche Chapman, Harry Cowley, Mary Daniel, McKay George, Gertrude Hitz, Harry Irving, Sam Janney (as "The Electrician"), Denman Maley, Robert McWade (as "Harvey Wallick"), Devah Morel (as "Amy Meade"), Fred J. Nicholls, Ralph Sipperly (as "Joe Inglis"), Angela Warde. Produced by George C. Tyler and Hugh Ford.
  • (1924) Stage: ; Appeared in "The Lady Killer" on Broadway. Farce. Written by Alice Mandel and Frank Mandel. Morosco Theatre: 12 Mar 1924-Mar 1924 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Produced by Morosco Holding Company Inc.
  • (1925) Stage: Wrote (w/Richard Taber) / appeared (as "A.E. 'Hap' Hurley") in "Is Zat So?" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by James Gleason and Richard Taber. 39th Street Theatre (moved to Chanin's 46th Street Theatre from 15 Mar 1926-close): 5 Jan 1925-Jul 1926 (closing date unknown/618 performances). Cast: Robert Armstrong (as "Eddie "Chick" Cowan"), Tom Brown (as "Master James Blackburn Parker"), Marie Chambers (as "Susan Blackburn Parker"), Marjorie Crossland (as "Marie Mestretti"), John C. King (as "Robert Parker"), William London (as "Smith"), Victor Morley (as "Maj. the Hon. Maurice Fitz-Stanley"), Eleanor Parker (as "Grace Hobart"), Carola Parson (as "Angie Van Alsten"), Duncan Penwarden (as "Fred Hobart"), Jack Perry (as "John Duffy"), Sidney Riggs (as "C. Clinton Blackburn"), Jo Wallace (as "Florence Hanley"). Produced by Earle Boothe. NOTE: Filmed as Two Fisted (1935).
  • (1925) Stage: Wrote (w/George Abbott) "The Fall Guy" on Broadway. Comedy/melodrama. Written by James Gleason and George Abbott. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: 10 Mar 1925-Jun 1925 (closing date unknown/95 performances). Cast: Joseph Baird, Joseph R. Garry (as "Keefe"), Henry Mortimer (as "Charles Newton"), Beatrice Noyes (as "Bertha Quinlan"), Dorothy Peterson (as "Lottie Quinlan"), Hartley Power (as ""Nifty Frank Herman"), Ralph Sipperly (as "Dan Walsh"), Ernest Truex (as "Johnnie Quinan"), Alf Weinberger (as "Schultz"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with George B. McLellan. NOTE: Filmed as The Fall Guy (1930).
  • (1925) Stage: Directed "The Butter and Egg Man" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by George S. Kaufman. Longacre Theatre: 23 Sep 1925-Apr 1926 (closing date unknown/243 performances). Cast: George Alison, Marion Barney, John A. Butler, Tom Fadden, Sylvia Field (as "Jane Weston"), Gregory Kelly, Denman Maley, Robert Middlemass (as "Joseph Lehman"), Harry Neville, Eloise Stream, Harry Stubbs (as "Bernie Sampson"), Puritan Townsend, Lucille Webster. Produced by Crosby Gaige.
  • (1926) Stage: "Sure Fire" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1927) Stage: Wrote "The Shannons of Broadway" on Broadway. Comedy. Directed by Paul Dickey. Martin Beck Theatre: 26 Sep 1927-Jun 1928 (closing date unknown/288 performances). Produced by Crosby Gaige and Earle Boothe. NOTE: Filmed as The Shannons of Broadway (1929).
  • (1926) Stage: "Pomeroy's Past" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1928) Stage: Wrote (final Broadway credit; w/Maurice Marks) book for "Rain or Shine" on Broadway. Music by Milton Ager and Owen Murphy. Lyrics by Jack Yellen. Music orchestrated by William Still and Arthur Schutt. Orchestra under the direction of Don Voorhees. Dances directed by Russell Markert and Tom Nip. Scenic Design by Clark Robinson. Costume Design by Charles Le Maire. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 9 Feb 1928-15 Dec 1928 (356 performances). Cast: Paul Brack, Walter Bremer, Dave Chasen (as "Simley's Protege" / "The Head Waiter"), Joe Cook (as "Smiley Johnson"), Ben Cutler, Vance Elliott, Rita Garcia, Edgar Gardner, James Gregory, Marion Herson, Tom Howard, Warren Hull, Vernon Jacobson, Ernest Lambart, Helen Lynd, Joe Lyons, Alex McKee, Rosie Moran, Ethel Norris, Walter Pharr, William V. Powers, Dimples Riede, Janet Velie, Nancy Welford, Devah Worrell. Produced by A.L. Jones and Morris Green. NOTES: (1) Filmed as Rain or Shine (1930). (2) Although the stage version was a musical comedy, the musical numbers were deleted from the film version due to the public's distaste of the genre from 1930-early 1933 (until successfully revived by Warner Bros). The film ranks as one of the least seen Frank Capra films and is generally regarded as giving a mere approximation of the extent of Joe Cook's talent, which was far more effectively conveyed on stage (a situation somewhat comparable to Al Jolson's film career). (3) Dave Chasen, later a world-renowned restaurateur, and Tom Howard reprised their stage roles for the film. None of the songs in the original musical were used in the film except as background music.
  • (1/26/42) Radio: Appeared (as "Max Corkle") in a "Lux Radio Theatre" broadcast of "Here Comes Mr. Jordan".
  • (July 1948) Richard Taber and his play, "Is Zat So?," was performed at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Frank McHugh in the cast.

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