Henry Rollins explains why 'He Never Died,' and those Charles Manson tapes

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Austin - “People write me letters all the time. I do my best to answer but they think we’re pen pals.” Henry Rollins has a lot to do, y’all, which sometimes makes him "crotchety." The former Black Flag and Rollins Band singer continues to tour with his spoken word material. He has a column in the L.A. Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia, plus his Kcrw radio show and the Henry & Heidi podcast. He’s dropped by for acting cameos on “The Kroll Show,” "RuPaul's Drag Race" and “Adventure Time,” had recurring roles on “The Legend of Korra” and “Sons of Anarchy” and is still out working for his next acting gig. He’s an activist and author and he’s got a three story building just to house all the records he owns. He mostly listens to them all, too. He just probably doesn’t have time
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Black Flag Founder Greg Ginn -- Creepy Concert Footage Fuels Custody Battle (Video)

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Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn is not to be trusted with his 2 daughters ... which his ex-wife says is obvious to anyone who watches this video of him perving out with a young chick on stage.Ginn performed with Black Flag in July at a Butte, Mt music festival. A young woman jumped on stage and gotta say ... what he does with her is pretty shocking.The guy who shot the video says it was so
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Black Flag's new album has pretty horrible cover art

The Greg Ginn-fronted Black Flag has announced a new record, the band’s first since 1985. While the group’s long-awaited return is relatively big news, the real hot topic around the record, the aptly titled What The…, is the downright hideous album art. A mashup of some slime green globs, the Warheads candy guy, and Rude Dog, the album’s cover is truly a sight to behold. Two of the tracks from the album—“Down In The Dirt” and “Wallow In Despair,” below—are already streaming online. Other tracks on the record include “It’s So Absurd,” “No Teeth ...
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Black Flag Co-Founder Can't Stop Ex-Bandmates From Performing as 'Flag'

Black Flag Co-Founder Can't Stop Ex-Bandmates From Performing as 'Flag'
Here's a scary thought: Black Flag, the name of the iconic punk band, might be as bland as aspirin. Oh, no? Check out an opinion this week by a California judge. In August, Black Flag founding guitarist Greg Ginn sued his former bandmates Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson. This latter group was touring as "Flag," which allegedly constituted a violation of alleged rights to "Black Flag" enjoyed by Ginn and his label, Sst Records. Story: Indie Rock Disputes: Expelling Band Members Isn't Easy Black Flag's most famous member Henry Rollins was sued too. Rollins and

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Greg Ginn lost his lawsuit against other members of Black Flag

Black Flag founder Greg Ginn has lost the initial round of argument in his lawsuit against Keith Morris’ spin-off Black Flag act, Flag. Ginn was suing Flag members Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Dez Cadena, Bill Stevenson, and Stephen Egerton, in addition to Henry Rollins, saying that there could only be one Black Flag, and that he held the rights to that name. Ginn called for the dissolution of Flag, as well as some sort of restitution from Rollins, who he claims has been attempting to use and abuse the legacy of the group. According to Ginn, both Morris and Rollins have ...
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Black Flag’s Greg Ginn suing members of Flag, Henry Rollins, probably Black Flag fans eventually

Over the weekend it became public that Greg Ginn, founding Black Flag guitarist and owner of Sst Records, was filing a lawsuit against Flag, the band launched by his former band mates earlier this year. Ginn is claiming that Sst Records owns the rights to the Black Flag name, including all variations, and the group’s iconic logo (the several thousand bands that have ripped it off should watch out), and accuses Flag vocalist Keith Morris of “lying to the Trademark Office” and “outrageous fraud” amongst other things. Also named as a defendant is Henry Rollins, who despite having publically ...
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Black Flag Co-Founder Sues Ex-Bandmates Over Use of Punk Group's Logo, Name

Black Flag Co-Founder Sues Ex-Bandmates Over Use of Punk Group's Logo, Name
One of punk’s most iconic band names has provoked a new lawsuit. Fans may be confused to see two different groups performing this year under the name of Hermosa Beach punk outfit Black Flag -- one fronted by founding guitarist Greg Ginn, and another touring as Flag with Ginn’s former bandmates Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson. Photos: 'Cbgb' Character Posters: 10 A-Listers Play Joey Ramone, Iggy Pop and Blondie So was Ginn. He claims he and his label, Sst Records, exclusively own the rights to the Black Flag name (and “Flag” variation) and infamous logo, which Flag

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New Series Reveals The Subversive Art Of Punk

New Series Reveals The Subversive Art Of Punk
A new series from MOCAtv is celebrating subversive artwork in early punk music.

"The Art of Punk" begins with a profile of the artist Raymond Pettibon, who founded Black Flag with his brother, guitarist Greg Ginn. In the short documentary-style film, filmmakers Bryan Ray Turcotte (Kill Your Idols) and Bo Bushnell (The Western Empire) chronicle the birth of Blag Flag's logo -- four black bars that came to symbolize hardcore music.

The 22-minute video includes interviews with notable punk figures like Henry Rollins and Flea, providing glimpses into the impressive archive of posters, album designs and t-shirts bearing the Pettibon logo. It is a celebration of all things atonal and anti-authoritarian, which makes sense, considering Pettibone's reputation for making "obsessive, black-humored art."

Two other installations are planned as follow-ups to the Black Flag episode, focusing on the art of the California-based punk band, The Dead Kennedys as well as the
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Hardcore Punk Fight: Black Flag vs Flag

Hardcore Punk Fight: Black Flag vs Flag
Earlier this year, the internet was blindsided with the announcement of the reformation of one of America's greatest hardcore legends, Black Flag, featuring original guitarist and main songwriter Greg Ginn and the band's short-lived sophomore singer Ron Reyes. This would include a performance at U.K.'s Hevy Fest this summer with further dates still being added daily as of this writing. This would mark the first Black Flag tour since Ginn put the Black Flag name on ice in 1986. The tour will also be in support of a new record that is being released this summer.

But just a mere hour-and-a-half after the news of the Black Flag reunion came another announcement to set the hardcore heads on fire, the formation of a band called Flag. Flag would feature original Black Flag singer and current Off! frontman Keith Morris manning the mic and fleshed out with Black Flag founding bass player Chuck Dukowski,
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MOCAtv Brings The Noise In Doc Series About Punk Rock Art

A new web series on the MOCAtv YouTube Original Channel is bringing viewers the stories behind iconic pieces of punk rock art. The Art of Punk, created by filmmaker Bryan Ray Turcotte, is a three-part documentary series that explores the logos of three famous punk bands. The first of three 20-minute docs has been released, and it discusses Black Flag, arguing that the band's four-bar logo is part of its identity. The episode shine light on the band and its titular symbol via interviews with band members (including the always-eloquent Henry Rollins), artist Raymond Pettibon (brother of Black Flag founding member Greg Ginn and creator of the four-bar logo), and Flea, who was inspired by Black Flag as a youngster and is so punk that he gives his interview while sitting on the toilet. Two more docs will arrive over the next couple of weeks, one on the Dead Kennedys and another on Crass.
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May Music Mayhem

It may seem that I'm diggin' in the dirt. Gettin' back to my punk rock roots. Well, some of my favorite new music does seem a wee bit primal, oui? And some of it is even out this world. But all of this music is party playlist-worthy for any weekend getaway. Proceed with caution....

"Back to the Way I Was" Emily Bell: In Technicolor (One-Eyed George)

Love the retro-girl bop rockabilly trip of this Austin-based ginger-haired flamethrower. She's got plenty of sass, snarl, and sex appeal. And her roots-rockin' band rips it up all the while she shakes and struts her stuff. This will keep any party swingin' all night long. Don't move your lips, just shake those hips....

"Signal 30" Public Service Broadcasting: Inform - Educate - Entertain (Test Card)

Driving, Relentless. Dangerous. Watch out for that speeding vehicle! Throbbing bass, guitar, and drums, played live. Signal 30 was truly a 1959 U.
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Those two different versions of Black Flag are openly fighting, finally

When two different Black Flag iterations each announced their intention to tour this year—one as Black Flag, one as Flag—smart punks knew to expect some sort of friction between them. And that anticipation has paid off, as the bands have finally started firing verbal shots at each other. Yesterday, Black Flag (Greg Ginn, Ron Reyes, and Gregory Moore) released a new single, “Down In The Dirt,” the first from a new LP due out sometime this summer on Sst. In the press release, Black Flag calls out Flag (Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson, and Stephen Egerton), deeming ...
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One of the two reunited iterations of Black Flag announces North American dates

Black Flag—the reconstituted version of the band that features Ron Reyes, Greg Ginn, and Gregory Moore, and not the one featuring Keith Morris, Bill Stevenson, and Chuck Dukowski that’s called Flag—has announced a summer tour. The group will tour Europe in May before jetting over to North America for six punk-packed weeks of shows. A full list of dates is below. This iteration of Black Flag has also hinted at the release of a new album, the band’s first since 1985’s In My Head. According to a press release from Sst Records, the band is ...
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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Announced

Go ahead. Get all those Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn jokes out of your system. Ubisoft has confirmed that the next Assassin’s Creed game, expected later this year, will be called Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be about the early days of hardcore punk. Based on this image Black Flag clearly involves boats, and flags, and bearded men in hats. Maybe they’re pirates? Perhaps it’s connected to the Caribbean missions of last year’s Assassin’s Creed III. Perhaps it’s a bit of cross-marketing with my favorite fast food restaurant, Long John Silver’s. Expect more information next...
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Two of Black Flag's many iterations reunite at the same time

Two of Black Flag’s many iterations are reuniting, though neither of them involves Henry Rollins. One version is calling itself Black Flag and features Greg Ginn, drummer Robo (who left to join the Misfits in 1981), and singer Ron Reyes, who was with the band between 1979 and 1980. That crew will be playing Hevy Fest in Kent, England Aug. 2-4. Another permutation of the band will be out on the road this spring under the name Flag. That lineup features longtime bassist Chuck Dukowski, Black Flag co-founder and Circle Jerks/Off! singer Keith Morris, Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton ...
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Radio 66.6 - Weekly Music News from the Crypt: January 28th, 2013

We're back with another installment of Radio 66.6! This week features the latest news, music, videos and tour dates from the likes of Black Flag, Bring Me the Horizon, Hatebreed, Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, and more. Don't touch that dial!


The reunited Black Flag - featuring founder Greg Ginn on guitar, Ron Reyes on vocals, Gregory Moore on drums and Dale Nixon on bass - are recording a new album together. They'll be touring the U.S. in the fall.

In addition to the "official" Black Flag reunion, other original members of the band - Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson - are playing together as Flag. Details can be found in the replies.

Children of Bodom have entered the studio to begin working on their as-yet-untitled eighth studio album. A summer release via Nuclear Blast Records is expected.


Stream Hatebreed's new album, The Divinity of Purpose,
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Black Flag Reunites...Without Rollins

Black Flag Reunites...Without Rollins
Well, here's a blast from the past. Black Flag, the iconic '80s SoCal hardcore band, recently announced in a press release that a new album is in the works. Set to be released later this year, the record will feature guitarist and Bf founder, Greg Ginn, alongside singer Ron Reyes, drummer Gregory Moore and possible Ginn pseudonym bassist Dale Nixon.

Ginn and Reyes were the masterminds behind the reunion, deciding to collaborate once again after the two performed together at Reyes' birthday over two and a half years ago. The resulting quartet is a contentious iteration of the band, which has over the years included musicians like Keith Morris, Henry Rollins, and more.

Later this year, the band will be performing at the Ruhrpott Rodeo in Germany, the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee, and Hevy Fest in the UK. The latter show boasts a Black Flag lineup of Ginn,
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Coachella 2012 Lineup Announced

Coachella 2012 Lineup Announced
Coachella Music Festival released their official 2012 lineup in a tweet on Monday afternoon, and the headliners for each day are The Black Keys, Radiohead and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg as the grand finale.

This year, the festival is experimenting with hosting the same exact lineup twice in a row over two weekends, which means that the dates for the festival are April 13-15 and April 20-22.

Fans who didn't snag a pre-sale ticket last year may be repeatedly rebuffed right now as is crushed under the weight of its own success. But since the festival is technically twice as long this year, we're guessing that tickets will be a bit easier to obtain than last year, when tickets sold out exactly one week after the lineup was announced.

For now, enjoy the official 2012 lineup in an easily searchable format, or scroll down for a look at the official lineup poster.
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Coachella 2012 Lineup Features Radiohead, Dr. Dre And Snoop, Black Keys

Florence and the Machine, Bon Iver and Swedish House Mafia also headed to the desert for two weekends in April.

By Mary J. Dimeglio

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

Photo: Tony Barson/ WireImage

After shocking fans months ago with the news that its desert festival will span two weekends in 2012, Coachella confirmed with its lineup announcement Monday (January 9) that it is going big this year. Posted to the fest's Facebook page, the roster boasts Radiohead, The Black Keys and Dr. Dre with Snoop Dogg.

In response to last year's event selling out — a week after the 2011 lineup was announced — the festival is experimenting with featuring the same artists for two consecutive three-day weekends: April 13-15 and April 20-22.

The Black Keys, who performed last year, return to Friday night, this time getting top billing. Radiohead, Saturday's headliner, last graced Indio, California's Empire Polo Fields in 2004. This is the first booking
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DVD: DVD: A History Lesson Part I: Punk Rock In Los Angeles In 1984

There’s no better way to encapsulate the divine madness of the Los Angeles punk scene in the early ’80s than the way the Meat Puppets’ Cris Kirkwood talks about how his long-haired, acid-fried country-punk band was invited to join the Sst Records stable. “I think Greg Ginn got us in there just to fuck with people,” Kirkwood says, describing the Black Flag guitarist’s rationale as “I like this, and the punkers are gonna hate it.” Dave Travis’ hourlong documentary A History Lesson Part I: Punk Rock In Los Angeles In 1984 combines footage shot in ’84 with interviews ...
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