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"Time Sure Flies"...The Fortieth Anniversary Of "Once Upon A Time In The West"

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By John Exshaw

Forty years ago today, Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West had its world première in Rome, an event which, it goes without saying, should not be allowed to pass without notice, even though that is precisely what seems to have happened throughout this anniversary year. Whereas 2005 saw the opening of the Once Upon a Time in Italy...: The Westerns of Sergio Leone exhibition at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, followed, in 2006, by commemorative events marking the fortieth anniversary of The Good, the Bad and Ugly, and a season of Italian Westerns at the 2007 Venice film Festival, 2008 has come and (almost) gone with not so much as a screeching train whistle sounded in celebration of what is often called “the greatest Western ever made”.

There was, of course,
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