Will ‘Frozen’ Continue the Best Original Song Success of Animated Films?

By Terence Johnson

Managing Editor

One of the bright spots this past film year was the success of Disney’s Frozen. On the strength of it’s more modern princesses and an infectious score, the film set box office records and has garnered two Oscar nominations, Animated Feature and Best Original Song for “Let It Go”, its infectious hit. In honor of Frozen’s nomination, we figured it was time to take a look at the history of animated movies in Original Song.

The history of animated films picking up nominations and wins in Best Original Song is a tale as old as time (see what I did there?). Since the 1930s, animated films have won this award 13 times and over 50 nominations, which you can see below. This is an even greater feat when you think about the consideration that animated films get when lists of musicals are made (they
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Disney’s Lost Song from ‘Lady and the Tramp’

Disney’s Lost Song from ‘Lady and the Tramp’
Over the decades, the Disney empire has cranked out a long list of memorable tunes, including “When You Wish Upon a Star” (from “Pinocchio”), “Under the Sea” (“The Little Mermaid”), and “The Bare Necessities” (“The Jungle Book”), to name just a few. But, it turns out, Disney still has some classic songs in the vaults. The coming special edition Blu-ray of the 1955 animated film “Lady and the Tramp” will feature a song called “I’m Free” that has never been officially released.
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