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  • (1952 - 1983) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1952) Stage Play: Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952. Musical revue. Featuring songs by Ronny Graham, Arthur Siegel, June Carroll, Sheldon Harnick [earliest Broadway credit], Michael Brown, Murray Grand and Francis Lemarque. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ronny Graham, Arthur Siegel, June Carroll, Sheldon Harnick, Michael Brown, Elisse Boyd, Alan Melville, Herbert Farjeon, Francis Lemarque and Peter DeVries. Sketches by Ronny Graham and Melvin Brooks. Additional text by Peter DeVries, Roger Price, Alan Melville, Paul Lynde [Broadway debut], Luther Davis and John Cleveland. Musical Director: Anton Coppola. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Special orchestration by Anton Coppola. Conceived by John Murray Anderson. Sketches directed by John Beal. Musical Staging by Richard Barstow. Scenic Design by 'Raoul Pène Du Bois'. Costume Design by Thomas Becher and Raoul Pène Du Bois. Choreographed by Richard Barstow. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Royale Theatre: 16 May 1952- 28 Mar 1953 (365 performances). Cast: Virginia Bosler, June Carroll, Robert Clary [Broadway debut], Allen Conroy, Virginia Wilson [credited as Virginia de Luce/Broadway debut], Michael Dominico, Alice Ghostley, Ronny Graham, Patricia Hammerlee, Eartha Kitt (as "Featured Singer"), Joe Lautner, Carol Lawrence, Paul Lynde, Bill Mullikn, Carol Nelson, Rosemary O'Reilly, Jimmy Russell. Understudies: Lance Avant, James Komack [credited as Jimmie Komack/Broadway debut], Dorothy Love, Clark Ranger, Dinnie Smith. Produced by Leonard Sillman.
  • (1954) Stage Play: Sandhog.
  • (1955) Stage Play: All in One.
  • (1956) Stage Play: Shangri-La. Musical. Book by James Hilton, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. Based on the novel "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton. Music by Harry Warren. Lyrics by James Hilton, Robert E. Lee and Jerome Lawrence. Musical Director: Lehman Engel. Choral arrangements and musical continuity by Lehman Engel. Music arranged by Philip J. Lang. Ballet music composed and arranged by Genevieve Pitot. Additional dance arrangements by John Morris. Choreographed by Donald Saddler. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Directed by Albert Marre. Winter Garden Theatre: 13 Jun 1956- 30 Jun 1956 (21 performances). Cast: Jay Bacon (as "Singer"), Ralph Beaumont (as "Dancer"), Edward Becker (as "Singer"), Sara Bettis (as "Singer"), Elizabeth Burgess (as "Singer"), Jack Cassidy (as "Charles Mallinson"), Joan Cherof (as "Singer"), Robert Cohan (as "The Dancer Perrault"), Michael De Marco (as "Dancer"), Kaie Deei (as "Chao-Li"), Ray Dorian (as "Dancer"), Sylvia Fabry (as "Singer"), Walter Farrell (as "Singer"), Alice Ghostley (as "Miss Brinklow"), Martyn Green (as "Chang"), Eddie Heim (as "Dancer"), Dorothy Hill (as "Dancer"), Joan Holloway (as "Rita Henderson"), Ed Kenney (as "Rimshi"), Dennis King (as "Hugh Conway"), Berry Kroeger (as "High Lama"), Harold Lang (as "Robert Henderson"), Carol Lawrence (as "Arana"), George Lenz (as "Singer"), Greb Lober (as "Dancer"), Ellen Matthews (as "Dancer"), Leland Mayforth (as "The Little One") [Broadway debut], Bob McClure (as "Singer"), David McDaniel (as "Singer"), Teresa Montes (as "Singer"), Eileen Moran (as "Singer"), Illona Murai (as "Dancer"), Mary Ann Niles (as "Dancer"), Jack Rains (as "Singer"), Rico Riedl (as "Dancer"), Edward Stinnett (as "Dancer"), Ed Stroll (as "Singer"), Ted Wills (as "Singer"), Maggie Worth (as "Singer"), Doris Wright (as "Dancer"), Shirley Yamaguchi (as "Lo-Tsen"), Edward Kim (as "Ying Ti"), Marvin Zeller (as "Singer"). Produced by Robert Fryer and Lawrence Carr.
  • (1957) Stage Play: Livin' The Life. Musical. Book by Dale Wasserman and Bruce Geller. Based on the "Mississippi River stories" by Mark Twain. Music by Jacques Urbont [credited as Jack Urbont]. Lyrics by Bruce Geller. Musical numbers by John Butler. Dance music by Genevieve Pitot. Music orchestrated by Hershy Kay and Joe Glover. Choral arrangements by Jack Urbont. Additional musical arrangements by Ralph Burns, Jack Easton, James Mundy and Sy Oliver. Musical Director: Anton Coppola. Choreographed by John Butler. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Scenic Design by William Eckart and Jean Eckart. Directed by David Alexander. Phoenix Theatre: 27 Apr 1957- 19 May 1957 (25 performances). Cast: Lee Backer (as "Amy Lawrence"), Francis Barnard (as "Marshall Rogers"), Irving Barnes (as "Frank"), James Hawthorne (as "Bey Zeke"), Joan Bowman (as "Susy Harper"), Patsy Bruder (as "Becky Thatcher"), Kevin Carlisle (as "Ben Rogers"), Joyce Carrol (as "Nancy Rogers"), Lee Charles (as "Jim"), Jack DeLon (as "Judge Thatcher"), Sylvia Dick (as "Adele Sims"), Stephen Elliott (as "Muff Potter"), Timmy Everett (as "Tom Sawyer"), Alice Ghostley (as "Aunt Polly"), Marvin Gordon (as "Andy Douglas"), Doris Greb (as "Freda Walters"), Earl Hammond (as "Mr. Dobbins"), Tom Hasson (as "Joe Harper"), Loren Hightower (as "Alfred Noble"), Richard Ide (as "Huckleberry Finn"), Todd Jackson (as "Prosecutor"), Ida Johnson (as "Roxy"), Fred Jones (as "Sam Harper"), George Liker (as "Jeff Hollis"), Marijane Maricle (as "Emmy Harper"), Dean Michener (as "Captain Mumford/Henry Liggett"), James Mitchell (as "Injun Joe"), Joe Nash (as "Clem"), Doris Okerson (as "Emily Noble"), Julie Oser (as "Mary Austin"), Charles Queenan (as "George"), Ronald Rogers (as "Doc Robinson/Captain Leather"), Rettadel Tupper (as "Gracie Miller"), Audrey Vanterpool (as "Hannah"), Edward Villella (as "Bill Anders"), Jacqueline Walcott (as "Annie Lou"), Paula Waring (as "Jennie Daniels"), Annette Warren (as "Lila Hollis"). Produced by The Phoenix Theatre (Edward Hambleton: Co-Founder and Managing Director. Norris Houghton: Co-Founder).
  • (1958) Stage Play: Maybe Tuesday. Comedy. Written by Mel Tolkin and Lucille Kallen [final Broadway credit]. Directed by Elliot Silverstein. Playhouse Theatre: 29 Jan 1958- 1 Feb 1958 (5 performances). Cast: Ralph Bell (as "Dr. Roper"), Myra Carter (as "Mildred"), Richard Derr (as "Mark"), Louis Edmonds (as "Leonard"), Robert Elston (as "Sherman") [Broadway debut], Alice Ghostley (as "Lois"), Carol Gustafson (as "Miss Kitchell, offstage voice"), Sybil Lamb (as "Vivian"), Zohra Lampert (as "Adelle"), Barry Newman (as "Larry"), Wynn Pearce (as "Arthur"), Patricia Smith (as "Katy"), Brett Somers (as "Florence"), Midge Ware (as "Jackie"). Understudies: Carol Gustafson, Harry Millard and Kathleen Murray. Produced by Ethel Linder Reiner and Jack Lawrence.
  • (1960) Stage Play: A Thurber Carnival. Revue. Written by James Thurber. Based on works by James Thurber. Featuring music by The Don Elliott Quartet. Scenic Design by Marvin Reiss. Directed by Burgess Meredith. ANTA Playhouse: 26 Feb 1960- 26 Nov 1960 (223 performances/on hiatus from 25 Jun 1960- 5 Sep 1960). Cast: Peggy Cass, Tom Ewell, Paul Ford, Alice Ghostley, John McGiver, Wynne Miller, Peter Turgeon, Charles Braswell [Broadway debut], The Don Elliott Quartet, Margo Lungreen. Produced by Michael Davis, Helen Bonfils and Haila Stoddard.
  • (1962) Stage Play: The Beauty Part. Comedy. Written by S.J. Perelman. Incidental music/music orchestrated/music by Don Walker. Musical Director: Abba Bogin. Scenic Design by William Pitkin. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Directed by Noel Willman. Music Box Theatre (moved to The Plymouth Theatre from 25 Mar 1963- close): 16 Dec 1962- 9 Mar 1963 (85 performances). Cast: Bert Lahr (as "Milo Leotard Allardyce DuPlessis/Hyacinth Beddoes Laffoon/Harry Hubris/Nelson Smedley/Judge Herman J. Rinderbrust"), Alice Ghostley (as "Octavia Weatherwax/Kitty Entrail/Grace Fingerhead"), Charlotte Rae (as "Gloria Krumgold/Mrs. Younghusband/Rowena Inchcape/Mrs. Lafcadio Mifflin"), Maurice Brenner, David Doyle (as "Mike Mulroy/Bunce/Maurice Blount/Curtis Fingerhead/Wagnerian/Hanratty"), Patricia Englund, Gil Gardner, Sean Garrison (as "Rob Roy Fruitwell"), Larry Hagman (as "Lance Weatherwax"), William LeMassena (as "Hagedorn/Boris Pickwick/Emmett Stagg/Hennepin/Bailiff"), Joseph Leon, Arnold Soboloff, Fiddle Viracola, Marie Wallace, Bernard West (as "Sam Fussfeld/Seymour Krumgold/ Wormser/Poteat"). Understudy [other members of original cast performed as understudies also]: Wallace Acton. Produced by Michael Ellis. Produced in association with Edmund Anderson. Note: Major flop of the 1962-63 Broadway season. Music Box Theatre owned and operated by Irving Berlin who had no direct involvement in production.
  • (1964) Stage Play: The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window. Written by Lorraine Hansberry. Directed by Peter Kass. Longacre Theatre (moved to Henry Miller's Theatre from 29 Dec 1964- close): 15 Oct 1964- 10 Jan 1965 (101 performances + 14 previews that began on 26 Sep 1964). Cast: John Alderman (as "David Ragin"), Ben Aliza (as "Alton Scales"), Gabriel Dell (as "Sidney Brustein"), Josip Elic (as "Policeman"), Alice Ghostley (as "Mavis Parodus Bryson"), Rita Moreno (as "Iris Parodus Brustein"), Cynthia O'Neal (as "Gloria Parodus"), Frank Schofield (as "Wally O'Hara"), Dolph Sweet (as "Max"). Standbys: Joyce Flynn (as "Iris Parodus Brustein"), Alan Mixon (as "Alton Scales/Sidney Brustein") and Dorothy Sefton (as "Gloria Parodus/Mavis Parodus Bryson"). Understudies: Josip Elic (as "Max"), Kenneth Geist (as "David Ragin") and Dolph Sweet (as "Wally O'Hara"). Replacement actors: Louise Sorel (as "Gloria Parodus"). Produced by Burton C. D'Lugoff, Robert Nemiroff and J.I. Jahre.
  • (1977) Stage Play: Annie. Musical comedy. Musical Director: Peter Howard. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Martin Charnin. Book by Thomas Meehan. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Peter Howard. Based on "Little Orphan Annie" by Harold Gray. "Little Orphan Annie" used by permission of Chicago Tribune - New York News Syndicate Inc. Choreographed by Peter Gennaro. Directed by Martin Charnin. Alvin Theatre (moved to The ANTA Playhouse from 16 Sep 1981- 24 Oct 1981, then moved to The Eugene O'Neill Theatre from 29 Oct 1981- 6 Dec 1981, then moved to The Uris Theatre from 10 Dec 1981- close): 21 Apr 1977- 2 Jan 1983 (2377 performances + 15 previews that began on 8 Apr 1977). Cast: Sandy Faison (as "Grace Farrell"), Robert Fitch (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Dorothy Loudon (as "Miss Hannigan"), Andrea McArdle (as "Annie"), Reid Shelton (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Diana Barrows (as "Tessie"), Laurie Beechman (as "Sophie, the Kettle/Cecille/A Star to Be/Bonnie Boylan/Perkins/Ensemble"), Danielle Brisebois (as "Molly"), Shelley Bruce (as "Kate"), Barbara Erwin (as "Lily St. Regis/Ensemble"), Robyn Finn (as "Pepper"), Donna Graham (as "Duffy"), Janine Ruane (as "July"), Raymond Thorne (as "Harry/F.D.R."), Steven Boockvor (as "Dog Catcher/Jimmy Johnson/Honor Guard/Ensemble"), Edwin Bordo (as "Drake/Ensemble"), Edie Cowan (as "Mrs. Pugh/Connie Boylan/Ensemble"), Donald Craig (as "Dog Catcher/Bert Healy/H.V. Kaltenborn's Voice/Hull/Ensemble"), Dick Ensslen (as "Lt. Ward/Morgenthau/Justice Brandeis/Ensemble"), Bob Freschi (as "Fred McCracken/Hopkins/Ensemble"), James Hosbein (as "Bundles McCloskey/Sound Effects Man/Ickes/Ensemble"), Mari McMinn (as "NBC Page/Ensemble/Sandy Sandy"), Penny Worth (as "Annette/Ronnie Boylan/Ensemble"). Swing: Don Bonnell ("Swing"). Standby: Kristen Vigard (as "Annie"). Understudies: Arf (as "Sandy"), Steven Boockvor (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Shelley Bruce (as "Molly"), Edie Cowan (as "Lily St. Regis"), Donald Craig (as "F.D.R./Harry"), Bob Freschi (as "Bert Healy/Drake"), Donna Graham (as "July"), Mari McMinn (as "Grace Farrell"), Janine Ruane (as "Duffy/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Raymond Thorne (as "Oliver Warbucks") and Penny Worth (as "Miss Hannigan"). Replacement actors [during Alvin Theatre run]: Jennine Babo (as "Molly/Tessie"), Diana Barrows (as "Annie") [Alternate], Gary Beach (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Tiffany Blake (as "Tessie"), Kathryn Boule (as "Grace Farrell"), Stacey Lynn Brass (as "Duffy"), Randall Ann Brooks (as "Duffy"), Shelley Bruce (as "Molly" [Alternate]/Annie [from 6 Mar 1978- ?], David Brummel (as "Ensemble/Howe/Jimmy Johnson"), Shelly Burch (as "A Star to Be/Annette/Ensemble/Ronnie Boylan/Sophie, the Kettle"), Martha Byrne (as "July"), Penny Marie Chaney (as "Pepper"), Keene Curtis (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Caroline Daly (as "Pepper"), John Deyle (as "Bert Healy/Fred McCracken/Howe"), Dick Ensslen (as "Bert Healy"), Kim Fedena (as "Tessie/Kate/"), Jodi Ford (as "July"), Gary Gendell (as "Dog Catcher/Honor Guard/Jimmy Johnson"), Alice Ghostley (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 15 Aug 1978- ?], Donna Graham (as "July") [Alternate], Betty Hutton (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 19 Sep 1980- ?], Chris Jamison, Timothy Jecko (as "Apple Seller/Ensemble/Howe/Jimmy Johnson"), Lynn Kearney (as "Grace Farrell"), Kathy-Jo Kelly (as "July"), Tara Kennedy (as "Kate"), Anne Kerry (as "Grace Farrell"), R. Martin Klein (as "Bundles McCloskey/Ensemble/Ickes/Sound Effects Man"), Ruth Kobart (as "Miss Hannigan"), Marcia Lewis (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 29 Apr 1981- ?], Annie McGreevey (as "Lily St. Regis"), Beth McVey (as "A Star to Be/Annette/Ensemble/Ronnie Boylan/Sophie, the Kettle"), Sarah Jessica Parker (as "July/Annie [from 6 Mar 1979- ?]"), Mary Bracken Phillips (as "Grace Farrell"), Lola Powers (as "Ensemble/Mrs. Pugh/NBC Page/Perkins"), Harve Presnell (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Rhodes Reason (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Jane Robertson (as "Annette/Ronnie Boylan"), Larry Ross (as "Dog Catcher/Ensemble/Honor Guard"), Rita Rudner (as "Lily St. Regis"), Marianne Sanazaro (as "Cecille/Connie Boylan/Ensemble"), Karen Schleifer (as "Kate"), John Schuck (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Allison Smith (as "Annie") [from 29 Jan 1980- ?], Dorothy Stanley (as "Lily St. Regis"), Donna Thomason (as "Bonnie Boylan/Ensemble/Mrs. Greer"), Jenn Thompson (as "Pepper"), Alfred Toigo (as "F.D.R./Harry"), Ann Ungar (as "Annette" [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]/Ensemble [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]/Ronnie Boylan [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]"), Henrietta Valor (as "Ensemble/Mrs. Pugh/NBC Page/Perkins"), Richard Walker (as "Dog Catcher/Ensemble/Hull"), Dolores Wilson (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 21 Aug 1979- ?]. Swings: Roy Meachum, Aileen Quinn. Understudies: Tiffany Blake (as "Annie"), Don Bonnell (as "Ensemble"), Shelley Bruce (as "Annie"), David Brummel (as "Drake"), Dick Ensslen (as "F.D.R."), Kim Fedena (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Timothy Jecko (as "Drake"), Tara Kennedy (as "Molly"), Laura Kerr (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Beth McVey (as "Lily St. Regis"), Roy Meachum (as "F.D.R."), O'Malley (as "Sandy"), Lola Powers (as "Miss Hannigan"), Jane Robertson (as "Ensemble/Lily"), Larry Ross (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Donna Thomason (as "Grace Farrell"), Ann Ungar (as "Miss Hannigan"), Henrietta Valor (as "Miss Hannigan"), Richard Walker (as "Bert Healy"), Mimi Wallace (as "Ensemble"). [During ANTA Playhouse run:] June Havoc (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 6 Oct 1982- ?], Marcia Lewis (as "Miss Hannigan"). [During Eugene O'Neill Theatre run:] Jennine Babo (as "Duffy"), Caroline Daly (as "Pepper"), Roxanne Dundish (as "Molly"), Sherry Dundish (as "Duffy"), Richard Sabellico (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Guy Stroman (as "Rooster Hannigan"). Swing: Joy Merri. Understudy: Sherry Dundish (as "Molly"). [During Uris Theatre run:] Janet Aldrich (as "A Star to Be"), Dorothy Andres (as "Molly"), Laura Baker (as "July"), Shelly Burch (as "A Star to Be"), Kia Goodwin (as "Kate/Tessie"), Alyson Kirk (as "Kate/Annie [from 2 Sep 1982- ?], Hally McGehean (as "Pepper"), Lauren Mitchell (as "Grace Farrell"), Nicole Nowicki (as "Kate"), Becky Snyder (as "July"), Julie Stevens (as "Pepper"), Stephanie Vine (as "July/Tessie/Pepper"). Swings: Loren Kaufman, Stephanie Vine. Understudies: Becky Snyder (as "Annie"), Stephanie Vine (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"). Produced by The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Mike Nichols, Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc. and Icarus Productions. Produced in association with Peter Crane. Note: Filmed by Columbia Pictures as Annie (1982).
  • (January 25, 1960) She acted in the musical revue, "A Thurber Carnival," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Tom Ewell, Peggy Cass, Paul Ford, John McGiver, Peter Turgeon and Wynne Miller in the cast. James Thurber wrote the book. Don Elliott was composer and performer. Marvin Reiss was set designer. Ramse Stevens was costume designer. Burgess Meredith was director and developer. Michael Davis, Helen Bonfils, and Haila Stoddard were producers.

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