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How John Legend Is Taking on ‘Toxic Masculinity’ and Becoming a Better Husband and Father

How John Legend Is Taking on ‘Toxic Masculinity’ and Becoming a Better Husband and Father
Few stars inspire #husbandgoals like John Legend. From the platinum-selling sweet ballads he sings as odes to wife Chrissy Teigen, to the countless adorable selfies of him doting on their 16-month-old daughter Luna Simone, fans agree he’s the quintessential catch.

It’s no wonder Axe tapped him as the face of their new Find Your Magic Initiative and Senior Orientation program, which aims to teach and promote inclusive masculinity amongst high schoolers. Legend, 38, who’ll soon be mentoring teens back in his home state of Ohio, tells People in this week’s issue that the topic strikes a chord with him.
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Kanye West Leaves Tidal Over Money Dispute: Report

Kanye West Leaves Tidal Over Money Dispute: Report
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Kanye West has left Jay-Z‘s streaming service Tidal due to a dispute over money, it has been confirmed.

TMZ first reported that sources close to Tidal revealed that West is unhappy with the service, claiming they owe him over $3 million. A letter was reportedly sent by West’s lawyers to Tidal a month ago, stating that the company was in breach of their contract, and that it would be terminated. After a two-week back-and-forth, no resolution was found.

A source close to West has now confirmed the news to Billboard, who report
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From Becky to Beyoncé, Here Are All the People Jay-z Brings Up on 4:44

Jay-z's 13th studio album, 4:44, dropped on Friday, and there's a lot to unpack. While a few tracks ("Moonlight," "The Story of O.J.") tackle broader issues like gentrification and the whitewashing of black culture, a good chunk of the songs contain both bold and subtle references to everyone from Beyoncé to "Becky with the good hair" to Kanye West. There are disses, to be sure, but the rap legend's album is unflinchingly honest when it comes to his personal life (at points brutally so) and contains a beautiful song dedicated to his mother. From taking shots at former friends to apologizing for past mistakes, here's everyone Jay-z brings up on 4:44. "Kill Jay Z" Jay-z and Kanye West have had a rocky friendship as of late. Though the two were initially close friends and collaborated in 2011 on their smash album Watch the Throne, West's marriage to Kim Kardashian
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All of the Films Joining Filmstruck’s Criterion Channel This July

Each month, the fine folks at FilmStruck and the Criterion Collection spend countless hours crafting their channels to highlight the many different types of films that they have in their streaming library. This July will feature an exciting assortment of films, as noted below.

To sign up for a free two-week trial here.

Saturday, July 1 Changing Faces

What does a face tell us even when it’s disguised or disfigured? And what does it conceal? Guest curator Imogen Sara Smith, a critic and author of the book In Lonely Places: Film Noir Beyond the City, assembles a series of films that revolve around enigmatic faces transformed by masks, scars, and surgery, including Georges Franju’s Eyes Without a Face (1960) and Hiroshi Teshigahara’s The Face of Another (1966).

Tuesday, July 4 Tuesday’s Short + Feature: Premature* and Ten*

Come hitch a ride with Norwegian director Gunhild Enger and the late Iranian master
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HBO Asia Names Jessica Kam Senior VP Original Productions

HBO Asia is bringing in new leadership to ramp up its original content production.

Film producer Jessica Kam has been appointed the new senior vp original productions at the network, where she will be responsible for all aspects of films and TV shows that are developed and produced in-house.

Kam comes to HBO after an extended stint in the Chinese film world, where her credits include festival favorites, such as 2010's The Piano in a Factory and last year's Italy-China co-production Coffee, along with more commercial projects, such as Jeffrey Lau's Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down (2014) and Just Another...
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Deliver Us

  • TVfanatic
Dr. Charles has got some hard work ahead of him after his actions on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21. Not only will it take a miracle (and presumably some heavy drugs) for Robin to forgive him, but he betrayed Sarah in the worse way a mentor can.

Maybe she'll be want to transfer to the Ed for the residency position after all. 

So Robin finally consented to come in for an evaluation, but her dad may have just blown everything to hell. Honestly, Daniel probably should have spent the day with his own shrink. And why the hell did he have access to that file?

I feel bad that not only did he go through having Robin committed, but then he got (rightly) yelled at by his work daughter. Of course, I also felt really proud of Sarah for standing up for herself and her skills, even it was completely unrealistic
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Four films in three months

Foxstar Studios who have been associated with quality films like Engeyum Eppodhum, Kaakka Muttai, Raja Rani, Mundasupatti and Cuckoo will have four Tamil releases spanned over three months in 2017.

They are Ike Radha’s Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae on 19th May, Rajkumar Periasamy’s Rangoon on June 9th, Rajkumar’s Annanukku Jay on 7th July and Vishnu’s Kadha Nayagan on June 23rd. Foxstar is always known for quality films and the line up also reiterates the same.
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 Review: Abra Kadabra

Killer Frost is back, and she's going to be a problem.

While The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 laid the groundwork throughout the hour, my jaw still hit the floor during the final scene.

Like Caitlin, I'd been lulled into a false sense of security. When Julian completed the surgery and the two made up, it seemed like the danger had passed.

But the hints were there. Cisco teasing her about being frosty. Caitlin saying she'd rather die than use her meta healing. The close-up of the Killer Frost headline on the board.

I have been wondering when and how the transformation would happen. But the fact that I didn't see it coming made the final scene that much more powerful.

Obviously, Caitlin wasn't going to die. As soon as she crashed, I connected the dots. Even so, my heart sped up with nerves as Julian, Cisco, and H.R. scrambled to save her.
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FilMart: HBO Asia Hires Jessica Kam for Production Role (Exclusive)

HBO Asia has appointed experienced film and TV producer Jessica Kam as head of programming and production.

Kam has film credits including Chinese art house title “Piano in a Factory,” as well as Jeff Lau’s “Kung Fu Cyborg” and “Just Another Pandora’s Box.”

She takes over from Erika North, who has left the pay-tv group to join streaming giant Netflix.

HBO has a growing position in production and investment of original content in Asia. Under HBO’s regional CEO Jonathan Spink’s watch HBO co-produced “Serangoon Road” with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, TV movie “Dead Mine” and two seasons of fantasy-horror series “Halfworlds.” It also recently produced its first martial arts TV movies in mainland China in tandem with China Movie Channel.

Kam is expected to spend her time between Hong Kong and HBO Asia’s base in Singapore.

Between 2005-2008, Kam previously oversaw marketing and product development at Celestial Pictures, the
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Cine-Sunday: ‘The Legend of Fong Sai-yuk’ Review

Stars: Jet Li, Michelle Reis, Jospehine Siao, Chan Chun Yung, Sibelle Hu, Paul Chu, Peter Chan, Vincent Zhaob | Written by Jeff Lau | Directed by Corey Yuen

Review by Baron Fortnightly

As a long time Jet Li fan, and a huge fan of his Fong Sai-yuk series of films, I jumped at the chance to review this release from Cine Asia. First, let’s get the specs out of the way. The 126 minute, 1993 film is presented in 16:9 widescreen, with both a 2.0 Cantonese and 5.1 English soundtrack, and optional English subtitles. Special features consist of an audio commentary from Hong Kong cinema expert Bay Logan, and interviews with director and fight choreographer Corey Yuen, and writer Jeff Lau.

The video quality is not brilliant, but about what you’d expect due to the nature of the movie, its age and original country of origin. The version presented is the Dimension re-scored and re-edited version,
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Film Review: ‘See You Tomorrow’

Film Review: ‘See You Tomorrow’
Overkill feels like an understatement when it comes to “See You Tomorrow,” a star-spangled, chintz-tinseled dramedy co-written and produced by Wong Kar-wai, featuring Tony Leung Chiu-wai as a barman who moonlights as a love doctor. Though China’s Zhang Jiajia takes billing as writer-director, it’s impossible to miss Wong’s pet themes of nostalgia, unrequited love, and numerology scribbled all over the frame. And yet without the Hong Kong auteur’s usual sense of subtlety, this boozy mix of screechy characters, splashy visuals, and trite tales will likely leave audiences feeling the cinematic equivalent of a hangover.

Despite dramatically overtaking Matt Damon starrer “The Great Wall” when it first opened, the film has since leveled off at the local box office. In fact, together with Zhang Yimou’s monster blockbuster, it has provoked such a virulent backlash from bloggers and disappointed audiences in China that the state newspaper the
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 9 Review – ‘The Present’

Jessie Robertson reviews the ninth episode of The Flash season 3…

Some Things are Just Multi-Versal….

Tonight’s Winter finale was like coming home from a long vacation abroad; there is a lot to unpack! But, lately The Flash is back to enveloping us in so many storylines and still putting a nice big bow of emotion on top, it’s easy to see why this show is absolutely dominating in the ratings for its time slot and demographic. Since the first time we saw Barry Allen on this show, he was with Iris; and now tonight, when he revealed “The Present” we see that is going to be a reality, for them, but for how long?

The show really begins cinematically, filling in Julian’s background as a man who hears the voice; the call of Alchemy, or so we think. He is drawn to finding the Philosopher’s Stone
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Scream Queens Round Table: A Not-So-Happy Chanel-o-Ween

  • TVfanatic
While we might've thought that Chad Radwell's shocking death on Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3 was the one major character death we'd get this season, Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4 let us know that we weren't getting off that easy.

Join TV Fanatics Jay, Paul, and Yana as they discuss all of the craziest twists and turns on "Halloween Blues"!

Who had the best Halloween costume, and why?

Jay: Hester. Ivanka Trump killed me. It was a killer costume (see what I did there? I'm not funny, I know.) The costume was just as creepy as Hester is.

Paul: I'm with Jay on this one. It was a scary costume, and it showed us just how far Hester is willing to go in order to get what she wants.

Yana: I laughed a little too much at Dr. Brock Holt and Zayday's costumes, so either of those. They weren't literal but still hilarious.
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China Box Office: ‘Odyssey’ Sequel Dreams up Holiday Weekend Win

China Box Office: ‘Odyssey’ Sequel Dreams up Holiday Weekend Win
“A Chinese Odyssey: Part 3” topped the box office in China over the Mid Autumn Festival holiday weekend.

According to data from Ent Group, the latest sequel to the classical fantasy series accumulated $33.3 million over its opening five days. That was nearly double the second placed “Z Storm 2” (aka “S Storm”.)

This year the Mid Autumn Festival (aka ‘lantern festival’) fell on Thursday evening. In mainland China that meant Thursday and Friday were taken as a public holidays, but in compensation Sunday was treated as an extra working day. (In Hong Kong only Friday was treated as a holiday, making a three-day weekend.)

That meant that in China the week’s major film releases were on Wednesday instead of the more usual Friday. And, exceptionally, all figures in this report refer to a five day Wednesday to Sunday period.

Directed by Hong Konger Jeffrey Lau, who directed and starred in the
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Grieving Texas Man Carried Wife's Lifeless Body Through Flood Waters: 'She Was My Whole Life'

The husband of a Texas flood victim carried his wife's lifeless body through a mile of sunken terrain to save it from being washed away in murky floodwaters on Monday. Darrell Smith, 48, says he escaped his Breckenridge home with his wife, Kay, and his son, Darrell Jr., just as water began seeping in through their front door. Darrell loaded his family in his pickup truck, driving them to safety, but a surge of water quickly submerged the vehicle. Darrell and Darrell Jr., 27, managed to free their car doors open, but Kay, 61, couldn't escape. "I just wish I could have gotten my wife out in time,
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Grieving Texas Man Carried Wife's Lifeless Body Through Flood Waters: 'She Was My Whole Life'

The husband of a Texas flood victim carried his wife's lifeless body through a mile of sunken terrain to save it from being washed away in murky floodwaters on Monday. Darrell Smith, 48, says he escaped his Breckenridge home with his wife, Kay, and his son, Darrell Jr., just as water began seeping in through their front door. Darrell loaded his family in his pickup truck, driving them to safety, but a surge of water quickly submerged the vehicle. Darrell and Darrell Jr., 27, managed to free their car doors open, but Kay, 61, couldn't escape. "I just wish I could have gotten my wife out in time,
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Dick Cook in talks for further Chinese, Malaysian financing

  • ScreenDaily
Dick Cook in talks for further Chinese, Malaysian financing
Former Disney chairman Dick Cook’s new venture is in talks with further Chinese investors, including Film Carnival, and Malaysian fund Khazanah, it emerged during the China-us Motion Picture Summit, hosted by Cook’s lead investor Citic Guoan.

According to senior executives of La-based Dick Cook Studios (Dcs), the involvement of heavyweight state-owned enterprise Citic Guoan has attracted interest from several other Chinese investors.

Film Carnival is a Hangzhou-based producer/investor that is working with Hong Kong directors Wingo Siu, Jeffrey Lau and Ching Siu-tung and Korea’s Kim Ki-duk.

Dcs was expected to formally announce a financing deal with Film Carnival on the day following the summit, but talks are still ongoing and expected to continue this weekend in Hangzhou.

Citic Guoan, which is investing $150m in Dcs, is a subsidiary of state-owned investment giant Citic that focuses on computer systems, cable TV networks, real estate, tourism and wine.

The China-us
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Young Live debuts with 'Game Changer', 'Kungfu'

  • ScreenDaily
Young Live debuts with 'Game Changer', 'Kungfu'
Exclusive: Hong Kong-based start-up Young Live Entertainment (Yle) is introducing its debut slate at Filmart, including action titles The Game Changer, starring Huang Zitao and Peter Ho, and Kungfu Is Not Fighting, directed by Marco Mak.

Directed by Xixi Gao, The Game Changer is a period action title about gang wars in Shanghai.

Currently in pre-production, the film also stars Wang Xueqi (Helios, Iron Man 3). Gao previously directed top-rating TV dramas including Legend Of Chu And Han, Three Kingdoms and Shanghai Bund.

Also in pre-production, Kungfu Is Not Fighting is produced by veteran director-producer Jeffrey Lau. Mak’s directing credits include Naked Soldier and Colour Of The Truth.

A subsidiary of China’s Yongle Group, Yle aims to develop and finance Hong Kong stories as well as cherry-pick mainland Chinese titles for international distribution.

Former Star Alliance executive Angus Chan heads the Hong Kong-based operation.

Hong Kong titles on the company’s slate include action thriller
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Movie Poster of the Week: “The American Dreamer” and Jay Shaw’s Top Ten American Posters

  • MUBI
All this month, Mubi is presenting the exclusive worldwide online debut of L.M. Kit Carson and Lawrence Schiller’s 1971 documentary The American Dreamer, a fascinating and revelatory portrait of Dennis Hopper during the making of his legendary folly The Last Movie.For the film’s theatrical screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco and Austin, Mondo creative director Jay Shaw designed a new poster for the film:When we were asked to create a poster for The American Dreamer I was instantly overwhelmed. I’ve seen the film several times and absolutely love it. It’s a candid and endearing portrait of Dennis Hopper’s maniacal creative process. Lawrence Schiller, the film’s [co-] director and acclaimed photojournalist, sent a collection of photographs he’d taken during production back in 1971. When I saw these wonderful photos I realized there was nothing we’d be able to illustrate that would capture the
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Jay and Mark Duplass Build an Empire, One Low-Budget Project at a Time

Jay Duplass had bronchitis for half of 2015.

The unofficial cause: writing and directing every episode of an acclaimed cable series while also starring in an acclaimed digital series, executive producing five movies that premiered at major film festivals and acting in, producing or developing a handful of other projects for film and television.

“My bronchitis was on and off the whole time during ‘Transparent,’ ” Duplass says over a bowl of cereal on a January morning at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock. “It started pretty early in ‘Togetherness.’ ”

Bryce Duffy for Variety; Grooming: Annie Slatsky; Styling: April Steiner at Exclusive Artists Management; On Mark: Jacket: Kenneth Cole; Sweater and Pants: H&M; On Jay: Jacket and Shirt: H&M; Pants: Kenneth Cole

From across the dining table, his brother Mark — who worked alongside Jay on the majority of those projects, in addition to a few more of his own — asks,
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