'Dallas' Plans Funeral For J.R.

'Dallas' Plans Funeral For J.R.
The world lost an icon on November 24 when Larry Hagman passed away while working on the second season of TNT's Dallas, and now TV Line has learned how the show plans to deal with his passing.

Video - Linda Grey Remembers Her Dallas Co-Star

Reportedly the season's eighth episode, scheduled to air March 11, will revolve around J.R. Ewing's funeral. In real life, Hagman was laid to rest at the end of November, and will have his ashes scattered all over the world.

Video - Larry's Son Opens Up About His Father's Legacy

The episode is rumored to bring back a significant number of Dallas alums, many whom have not yet returned for the hugely successful TNT reboot.

Dallas premieres January 28 on TNT.

Pics - Then/Now: The cast of 'Dallas'
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Morning Meme: Crowdsourced Edition

I'm still recovering from Black Friday weekend in retail, plus I focused on covering Liz & Dick last night, which was a trainwreck that will replay on cable networks for decades, but only as a PSA against traiditional marriage and an alcoholism PSA. So we're Crowdsourcing the Meme today, but I have some things to get you started.

We'll have more on the passing of legendary actor Larry Hagman later today, but as someone who can count "Who Shot Jr?" as a major memory of my childhood, I wanted to note his passing over the weekend from complications due to cancer. Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey were at his side when he died in Dallas this weekend, and our thoughts are with his friends and family.

Lindsay Lohan, in the press runup to the delightfully awful Liz & Dick last night, said that her relationship with Samantha Ronson was toxic, but outside pressure didn't help.
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'Dallas' Star Jordana Brewster On Motherhood: 'I Plan On Having Babies' (Exclusive)

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With a starring role in 2011's record-breaking movie "Fast Five," and a lead role in TNT's "Dallas," which premiered last night, actress Jordana Brewster is in big demand in Hollywood. But that doesn't mean the beautiful Brazilian actress—who married movie producer Andrew Form in 2007—is too busy to think about starting a family.

The sweet actress also spoke to The Huffington Post about motherhood, her Brazilian roots, and why "Dallas" is must-see TV. Check out our interview with Brewster below!

Tell us about your Brazilian roots?

My mom is Brazilian and I lived in Brazil from the age of six to 10. I consider it a huge part of myself, because those were formative years growing up. And as a kid, it was funny, because when I came to New York at the age of 10, I always felt very Brazilian, and then in Brazil, I always felt very American—so
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Jordana Brewster Talks Fast And Furious 6

At this week’s press day for the upcoming return of the drama series Dallas, premiering on TNT on June 13th – and starring original cast members Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey, along with a whole new line-up of actors – Jordana Brewster took some time to speak with Collider about what drew her to television and this show and character, in particular. While we’ll post what she had to say about being a part of Dallas closer to the show’s premiere, we did want to share what she had to say about her involvement in the Fast and Furious franchise. Although she hasn’t yet gotten to read the script for the next installment (tentatively called Fast and Furious 6) , she was able to speculate a bit about how Mia might deal with motherhood, possibly getting to shoot the film in the UK, her hopes that she’ll get to be more active,
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"Dallas" Is Back and Steamier Than Ever!

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Hold onto your cowboy hats!"Dallas" -- the popular primetime soap opera that ran from 1978-1991 -- is coming back this summer on TNT. Larry Hagman, Linda Grey and Patrick Duffy will be reprising their roles as J.R., Sue Ellen, and Bobby Ewing.Of course, there's a new, super hot generation of Texan oil tycoons, including Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster, Jesse Metcalfe and Julie Gonzalo. Josh will play J.R. and Sue Ellen's hotheaded son John Ross Ewing, while Jesse will play Bobby's adopted son Christopher. Jordana and Julie play their love interests.A promo photo for the series was just released featuring the cast in the shower the tagline, "They're back. And no you're not dreaming" -- a nod to the infamous scene from the original series where Bobby was found alive in a steamy shower stall and his death was part of a dream.Are you excited about the "Dallas" remake?
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Dallas: TNT Unveils New Trailer

Dallas: TNT Unveils New Trailer

TNT wants to take you back to Southfork next summer when Dallas returns to TV.  Instead of going the new Charlie's Angels or Hawaii Five-0 route and rebooting the series, TNT has decided to create a continuation of the original Dallas, which ran from 1978 to 1991.

The new Dallas, which will premiere in the summer of 2012, jumps forward several years from where the original series ended.  The Ewings still live at Southfork Ranch, but J.R. is now getting on his years and is in a sort of nursing home.  Bobby is married to a new wife, Ann (Brenda Strong).  His son, Christopher, and J.R.'s son, John Ross, are grown men and they're working hard to carry on the legacy of family squabbles.  John Ross is determined to carry on his father's business of drilling for oil, while Christopher is more interested in alternative green technology.
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Dallas: Brenda Strong Talks Resurrecting an Iconic Show & What We'll See Next (Exclusive)

Next summer, TNT is taking a slightly different approach to a classic television series. While networks have rebooted shows like Hawaii Five-o and Charlie’s Angels, TNT is going a different route and resurrecting Dallas as a continuation of the original series. Not only will storyline continuity exist from the original series (which ended in 1991), but three of the show’s original actors are returning to reprise their roles: Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing), Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) and Linda Grey (Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing).

Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives) joins the cast as the fourth member of the older generation (and Bobby’s new wife, Ann), while four young actors and actresses dominate the younger generation, consisting of J.R. and Bobby’s sons and their girlfriends. After taking a break after shooting the pilot, production on Dallas resumed recently and we had an opportunity to chat with Brenda about her role on the show,
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Dallas: Behind the Scenes With Larry Hagman and Josh Henderson (Video)

It's kind of difficult to express my affinity for the original Dallas.  The truth is (and I know I'm revealing my age here), but it first premiered a year before I was born.  Technically, I was barely old enough to watch it during its entire 13 year run.  But I remember watching it throughout my childhood with my parents and later in reruns.

When I first heard that TNT was making a continuation of the original series, I was interested.  But then I watched the trailer for the new show and hearing that familiar theme song made me incredibly eager to dive back into this show.  There's just something about that music that brings you back to earlier days, when 90 million people would tune in to a single episode or a show like Dallas rarely had a season that was less than 25 episodes.

Now TNT is hoping to bring out that
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TNT Does ‘Dallas’

TNT Does ‘Dallas’
CBS Larry Hagman

In the fall of 1982, then-president Ronald Reagan was navigating the economy out of a severe recession, combating a 10% unemployment rate and dealing with a 49% approval rating. Every Friday night America would tune-in in droves to CBS for the No. 1 rated television show in the country, “Dallas.”

Perhaps sensing that the time is right for a little old-fashioned escapism with an antagonist it’s kind of fun to root for, Warner Brothers has announced it is relaunching “Dallas
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TNT To Air Sneak Peek Of Revamped 'Dallas' July 11th!

TNT To Air Sneak Peek Of Revamped 'Dallas' July 11th!
The TNT Network has decided to give fans a sneak peek at their newly revamped series ‘Dallas’. The show will air its pilot episode this coming Monday, July 11th at 9pm Est. Come on, you know your mom used to make you watch it! So now’s your chance to check out the former 80′s series, modernized for the times. The cast line up is a plus! Dallas alumni Patrick Duffy, back as Bobby, and Linda Grey, as Sue Ellen, will be returning to their roots along with The Fast and the Furious beauty Jordana Brewster, Desperate Housewives’ landscaper Jesse Metcalfe and Brenda Strong, Julie Gonzalo from Veronica Mars, 90210′s Josh...
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TNT To Bring Dallas Sequel Series, Patrick Duffy & Larry Hagman in Talks?

Nt (sister company to Warner Bros. Television, current owners of the of Dallas franchise) has planned a ‘Dallas sequel series.’ According to TV Guide, even veteran stars Patrick Duffy & Larry Hagman have read and enjoyed the scripts, but the contracts are far from signed. Even Linda Grey is in talks to come back as well.

“I read the script and liked it,” Hagman told TV Guide. “A lot of it is exposition to explain what’s happened since we went off in the ’90s … But they haven’t made a firm offer yet. We’re kicking ideas around, but nothing’s been struck in gold. We’ll see how it goes; I’m still ambivalent about it.”

The new series is set to follow the next generation of the family, including Sue Ellen’s son John Ross and Bobby and Pam’s son Christopher, but Duffy said there’s plenty for fans of J.
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