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Articles (8)

Disarray Magazine (US) September 21 2012, by: Christy Buena, Editor, "Filmmakers Spotlight: Interview with Director Rachel Goldberg of "Neighbors""
Theatre Mania (US) January 23 2008, by: Brian Scott Lipton, "Garner, O'Toole, Rasche, et al. Join Cumming, Wiest in CSC's Seagull"
Ventura County Star (US) January 20 2008, by: Jeffrey Dransfeldt, "Kelli Garner of T.O. reaches for intriguing film roles"
Theatre Mania (US) July 28 2006, by: Brian Scott Lipton, "Capshaw, Culkin, Garner, Gold, Narayan, et al. Set for Second Stage's subUrbia"
Playbill (US) July 28 2006, by: Ernio Hernandez, "Young Stars of Stage and Screen Fill New subUrbia Wasteland for Upcoming Off-Broadway Show"
Playbill (US) November 30 2005, by: Ernio Hernandez, "Meet The Gang: Dog Sees God Sees Star Off-Broadway"
Playbill (US) November 1 2005, by: Ernio Hernandez, "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead's Starry Cast Complete"
The Hollywood Reporter (US) June 4 2003, pg. 1+44, by: Chris Gardner and Zorianna Kit, "Crew enlists to spruce up 'Aviator' pic"

Pictorials (21)

Men's Health (US) November 2007, pg. 140-142, by: Mike Zimmerman, "Seduce Her With Smarts"
Cosmo girl (US) April 2007, pg. 120, "CG!s 2007 Fresh Faces of Hollywood"
Cosmo girl (US) April 2007, pg. 111, "April Cosmo Girl"
Nylon Guys (US) 2006, Iss. Spring 2006, pg. 22,30,31, by: Hobey Echlin, "Dream Girl"
ELLE (US) November 2005, Vol. XXI, Iss. 243, pg. 279, "Hollywood's New It Girls"
Ego Miami Magazine (US) October 2005, pg. 109 - 118, "Thumbs Up For Kelli Garner"
Esquire (US) October 2005, Vol. 144, pg. 66, by: Peter Martin, "Man at His Best"
Paper (US) October 2005, pg. 54 - 63, by: Pete Davis, "Welcom to un-Hollywood & Family Matters"
Paper (US) April 2005, by: Peter Davis, "Beautiful People"
Details (US) April 2005, Vol. 23, Iss. 06, pg. 184, by: Laura Brown, "The Next Big Thing"
Teen People (US) April 2005, pg. 132, by: Tia Williams, "Hot Spring/Electric Emerald"
Teen (US) March 2005, pg. 158, by: Blaine Zuckerman, "People Are Talking About"
Teen People (US) February 2005, pg. 6 & 96, by: S.T.B, "What's Next"
Giant (US) February 2005, pg. 66-69, by: Richard Dorment, "Pause"
Vanity Fair (US) January 2005, pg. 71, by: Krista Smith, "Vanities"
America (US) 2005, Iss. 04, pg. 172, "Film Nation - Sundance Portfolio"
The Sunday Times Magazine (GB) December 19 2004, pg. 9, "Next Big Thing"
V Magazine (US) 2004, Vol. Spring, by: Michael Martin, "Legally Blonde"
Nylon (US) October 2003, pg. 125, "The Unusual Suspects"
GQ (US) March 2003, pg. 326+331, by: Fred Woodward and Michael Hainey, "Casting Call"
InStyle (US) October 2001, Vol. 8, Iss. 12, pg. 122, by: Hal Rubenstein, "the Look/reverse physiology"

Magazine Covers (3)

H! Society Magazine (ES) December 2006, Iss. 66
Ego Miami Magazine (US) October 2005
Paper (US) October 2005

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