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Nikki Bella Reveals a "Half-Naked" Man Tried Abducting Her When She Was 15: How John Cena Helped Her Recover

Nikki Bella Reveals a
Nikki Bella is revealing past battles with depression after a terrifying incident when she was a teenager. The Total Divas star opened up about the traumatizing experience during an interview on the Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia podcast.  "I remember walking home one day from school and this car pulled up behind me really slow and it gave me a really weird feeling and all of a sudden it skimmed me and the man was half naked and tried to pull me into his car and saying crazy things to me," Nikki, who turns 34 today, revealed. "And it was terrifying. I remember like fighting, running to the nearest house, screaming, crying. Like praying the person the person was home because I didn't know I...
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Aj Styles & Kevin Owens in back of Wrestlemania poster, WWE Fastlane last-minute backstage changes…

The Ultimate Thrill-ride Wrestlemania 33 is just several weeks away now, so WWE are beginning to flood the Orlando area with advertisements for the event. The latest – in the time-honoured American tradition of giant roadside attractions, like the world’s largest Wicker Basket replica, or the world’s largest cherry on a spoon – is the world’s largest WWE Championship belt.

Just make sure Vince McMahon doesn’t see that picture. He’ll think Shinsuke Nakamura’s too small for the main roster.

And from the same company that brought you the Royal Rumble 2017 poster, with then-WWE Champion Aj Styles in the back row, and part-timers Undertaker, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar leading the charge, WWE has done it again with their new advertisement for The Ultimate Thrill-ride Wrestlemania 33.

Goldberg, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are at the front again, with Roman Reigns, John Cena, Triple H and Shane McMahon up next.
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Braun Strowman “chewed out” by Vince McMahon backstage, another WWE star injured

The annual build to Wrestlemania isn’t just ridiculously full of part-timers. It’s also ridiculously full of injuries.

In 2017 so far alone we’ve already had Seth Rollins reinjure his McL, Rich Swann lose his Cruiserweight title shot because of a busted ankle, Tony Nese being taken off TV for hurting his foot, Nikki Bella reportedly experiencing numbness in one side of her body and Darren Young undergoing elbow surgery.

As revealed on Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown Live, Naomi has added her name to the li-i…I can’t make that joke right now – confirming she picked up an injury during her Women’s Championship win at Sunday’s Elimination Chamber. The exact nature of the injury wasn’t disclosed, but going by the knee brace she was wearing, it’s probably somewhere on her leg.

CageSideSeats are reporting that Naomi’s injury is indeed legitimate, so not a fake storyline angle,
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Kevin Owens’ shoot joke on Roman Reigns backstage, WWE Hall of Fame induction leaked…

I’ve always wondered what the actual wrestler atmosphere backstage is like in WWE. You know, apart from John Cena burying people, Chris Jericho starting fights and Sin Cara annoying everyone, how the wrestlers themselves actually talk about and discuss the creative decisions made for them by the company.

The occasional piece of frustration leaks out on Twitter, like when Summer Rae and Emmalina criticised Charlotte and Sasha Banks’ never ending feud last year, and when Rusev seemed to vent on the same few guys always getting the main event spots on Raw. But these are rare, because nobody wants to be wished well in their future endeavours. Or, even worse, enter a feud with Titus O’Neil.

Thanks to Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown channel, filmed in the wrestler’s natural habitat – the locker room – we have a glimpse into how several of WWE’s top stars talk about one of
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Roman Reigns crowd reaction edited on WWE Raw, Kurt Angle wants Aj Styles match…

Roman Reigns isn’t just a good guy, he’s not just a bad guy. He’s *the* guy who’s inexplicably still being pushed as WWE’s top fulltime babyface.

It’s an experiment that’s a couple of years old now, and without any real competition – like when WWF abandoned the push of The All American Lex LugerVince McMahon hasn’t been forced to change his plans.

But Roman is booed very audibly at TV tapings, and it’s cheered when he loses – as last week’s Raw accidentally showed when they cut to this insanely happy guy when Chris Jericho beat Reigns for the United States Championship.

However, on this week’s episode in the promo recap of the title change, Tde Wrestling have pointed out on Twitter that the video package cut to that same guy when Roman was pinned, but blatantly from a different
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WWE Raw 07/04/16 Review …in about 4 minutes – 4th July Holiday Special! New Day Falls!

The following is a guest post from WrestleTalk. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for new videos every day.

The 06/20/16 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw reviewed in about 4 minutes – including the Biggest Food Fight In The World!, a fantastic Aj Styles/John Cena segment, Seth Rollins taking on Dolph Ziggler in a great match, Team USA vs Team Not USA and more…

Independence Day: Indigestion

America! Terry Funk, yeah.

Raw opened on a 4th July dinner comedy skit with most of the main roster, and as soon as The Miz turned up in a pristine white suit, you knew what was coming. Food fight! Which was bizarre for a few reasons: 1) It was actually really funny, 2) Titus O’Neil just stood in the background hitting people with his giant sausage, and 3) it ended with Kevin Owens being hit in the face by a mystery pie thrower.

There was never any payoff to this,
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‘WWE Survivor Series 2015′ Recap & Review

As we head into this years Survivor Series there’s not only the loss of the current WWE champion to deal with but also an apparent terrorist threat to deal with too. No wonder the WWE let Lillian Garcia blast out “The Star Spangled Banner” as loud and as bold as as she possibly could! That aside, It will be interesting to see where the 2015 Survivor Series is headed given the almost ramshackle last-minute nature in which the matches seem to have been put together… Of course what was planned on was the celebration of 25 years of the Phenom himself, The Undertaker. After all, 1990′s Survivor Series (yes, the event has been going that long) was the official debut of Mark Calaway’s now-iconic character in the WWE.

As always Spoilers if you haven’t seen the PPV yet…

After Garcia’s empassioned performance, the pay per view opens with
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WWE Raw: Results & Review (02.03.15)

We are into March and it is only a little more than a month until WrestleMania 31 in California. Last week was one of the times when I felt like I’d wasted time watching Raw, so I was hoping the Road to WrestleMania might take a more interesting and entertaining turn tonight, and I’m glad to say that, for the most-part, it did.

With the same old matches now being booked again, and some surprising things happening, this episode of Raw from New Jersey was good. It wasn’t great, but some of the parts of it were, and we’ll get into that in this column.

Match Results:

Dean Ambrose defeated Bad News Barrett The Uso’s & Naomi beat Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & Natalya John Cena squashed Curtis Axel Paige beat Nikki Bella via Dq Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper Seth Rollins beat Roman Reigns

The opening segment of
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‘WWE: The Best of Raw – After the Show’ Blu-ray Review

For over twenty years and for 52 weeks a year, WWE has presented “Monday Night Raw”, their flagship television product and the show that, much of the time, has defined WWE’s content. Beginning at one hour, moving to two and now clocking in each week at three hours long, Raw remains a popular focus for wrestling fans all over the world, to this day. This release is something very different, as we get to see some of the things that occurred in the Monday Night Raw ring once television audience had long since been cut-off. The Best of Raw: After the Show takes a look at matches and segments that were filmed by cameras after the events had concluded.

Hosted by the energetic and easy-on-the-eye Renee Young, this set is a fun one in many ways and offers something different than the usual “list” or “biography” release we tend to get from WWE home video.
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WWE: Big Daddy V (Viscera) Is Dead At 43,_Jr._in_Kitchener,_Ontario,_Canada.jpg

Nelson Frazier Jr, also known as Viscera and King Mabel in many of his WWE incarnations, has passed away after suffering a heart attack in his hometown of Memphis, Tennesse.

He had just celebrated his 43rd birthday this past Friday on Valentine’s day.

Wrestling agent Eric Simms first broke this news on his Facebook page…

Others then followed suit and paid their condolences.

I am shocked & so sad. Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V (Nelson Frazier) passed away. He was a good friend. He just celebrated his 43Bday

— Tommy Dreamer (@Thetommydreamer) February 19, 2014

Nelson Frazier/Big V has died.This really hurts!He was one of the good guys, and was always a great mentor and supportive. I Love U BigV Rip

Chris Masters (@ChrisMasters310) February 19, 2014

First joining the WWF way back in 1993, Frazier was one of the
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WWE 2K14 Roster Reveal At Summerslam Axxess?

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has announced on his personal blog that he will join former announce-partner Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler this Saturday to deliver an announcement regarding WWE’s latest video game, WWE 2K14.

‘Speaking of 2K Sports, we have big news coming from them next Saturday afternoon at Axxess that I will partner with The King to deliver. Big news indeed regarding WWE’s newest video game.’ can actually confirm this announcement as we will be attending the reveal.

WWE 2K14 will be the first of WWE’s video-game series to appear under the 2K Sports banner. The series was previously published by Thq from 2000 until their bankruptcy earlier this year. Although J.R. hasn’t specifically stated what the announcement will relate to, we can assume that it will be to confirm the game’s full roster. J.R. joined The King and Lilian Garcia
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WWE Smackdown Review: Looking At The “Two to Tango” Edition

Smackdown this week from Knoxville was quite the song and dance. With most most of the roster already in the UK it was a bare-bones crew. However, there was some solid wrestling and silliness definitely thrown in for good measure.

The show opens with Fandango having his long elaborate entrance as the crowd very quietly hums the theme. Then his attention turns to Lillian Garcia as he tests her dancing abilities asking her if she wants to Fandango with him. This leads to some awkward sequence where it almost looks like Garcia wanted to kiss him at one point. I love the combination of dirty Johnny Curtis from Nxt and Fandango it gives the character a lot more depth. In the end, Fandango drops Lillian for her bad skills leaving her distraught.

Santino comes out calling the dancing douche bag a couple bad names that he thinks are funny before they get to the match.
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WWE TLC 2012 Results – Aj Lee Screws John Cena and Turns Heel

Last night’s WWE TLC pay-per-view results from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Matt Striker and Scott Stanford kick off the pre-show for the pay-per-view and talks about the online Slammys. Brodus Clay won “Best Dancer of the Year”. Charlie Sheen took home “Social Media Ambassador of the Year” Slammy. Jerry Lawler returning home at the airport after his heart attack is’s Exclusive Video of the Year. The Slammy for the “Crowd Chant of the Year” is Ryback’s “Feed Me More”. The Slammy for the “Upset of the Year” went to Daniel Bryan for defeating Mark Henry and Big Show at Royal Rumble. And finally, Aj Lee won the Slammy for “Diva of the Year”.

Pre-Show Match: Naomi defeated Alicia Fox, Aksana, Cameron, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya and Rosa Mendes in a Santa’s Little Helpers Match to become the new Number
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WWE 13 Full Roster Revealed On Saturday

Thq will reveal the full roster for WWE 13 this Saturday, August 18th at WWE SummerSlam Axxes in Los Angeles – ahead of WWE SummerSlam on Sunday. will be putting out a live stream tomorrow at 1.30pm Pdt (which is 6.30pm UK time) with a WWE ’13 Roster Reveal Pre-Show, presented by IGN. Then at 2pm (7pm UK time) comes the full roster reveal, so you don’t need to be in La to see how everything goes down.

Dubbed “the largest roster in WWE Games history” we are expecting anywhere between 74-86 wrestlers to be revealed, a large chunk of which will be Attitude Era stars. WWE 13 Creative Director Cory Ledesma (who we interviewed ourselves recently) and Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams will be on hand to reveal the roster and other news and announcement tidbits ahead of the game’s October 30th release along with WWE Hall of Famers
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WWE Raw Results 25/6/12 – Chris Jericho vs John Cena

Last night’s WWE Raw SupersShow results from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The show opens with a vignette looking at Aj Lee’s involvement in the four-way love storyline between herself, Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Aj is then see backstage with what appears to be all three men. She tells Bryan they are drifting apart. She tells Kane she just wants to get wild but he is a monster. She tells Punk they are soul mates but she isn’t sure what she is thinking. Aj say it’s best if they all go their separate ways. The camera pans around behind Aj and it is shown she was simply rehearsing to herself in the mirror.

Vickie Guerrero comes out on stage and tonight’s General Manager says she has booked a Triple Threat Elimination Match that is up next…

1) Daniel Bryan defeated WWE Champion Cm Punk and Kane
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Triple H Against All Plans To Use Mick Foley in WWE

“Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley’s lack of use in the WWE since his return to the company last November is down to Triple H.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer said on’s radio show this week that Hhh has turned down almost all WWE creative’s suggestions to use him on television.

Despite Foley being the wrestler in early 2000 who did more for getting Triple H over as a main event guy in his first WWE title reign than anyone, including two tremendous pay-per-view main events as Cactus Jack in the Street Fight at Royal Rumble and a Hell in a Cell at No Way Out where Foley made Hhh put him over and make him look like a million dollars, Hhh is said to be resentful of Foley.

Dave Meltzer believes Hhh’s dislike for Foley that has built up over the years is his
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WWE Tag Team Division Finally Getting Some Buzz

The WWE tag division has been living on life support since the breakup of Jeri-Show two years ago. But the crowning of new champions, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, could trigger an upsurge.

After capturing the titles from Primo and Epico on last week’s Raw, the two received a rapturous ovation on SmackDown as Lillian Garcia introduced them as “New WWE Tag Team Champions”. Many will be hoping the crowd’s excitement will set the tone for a new chapter.

The high flyers began their reign with an enthralling victory over the new, but extremely talented, duo of Hunico and Camacho. At one stage commentator Booker-t, a former 10 time WCW Tag Champion, bellowed “tag-team personification” in homage of what he saw.

What added further significance was that during the bout Primo and Epico hit the scene to observe and of course they were accompanied by the ever radiant Rosa Mendes
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Viscera To Return To WWE At WrestleMania 28?

Hot on the heels of the news that “attitude era” superstar Matt Bloom (Albert, A-Train) is returning to the WWE as a henchman to John Laurinatis next month, comes word that Nelson Frazier Jr could also be making a comeback for the company.

Frazier is better known for the variety of gimmicks he had during his time with the WWF and WWE, including Mable, Viscera, Big Daddy V and King V.

It is being reported that the 40-year old former WWE Superstar was pulled out of appearing for Wild Out Wrestling’s “Betrayed” Event on March 31st at the Giant Flea Market in Union City, Tennessee because he has been booked by the WWE.

Frazier was expected to appear in a Team Kamala vs Team Showtime match but Kamala Jr revealed on Facebook last night that the event has been moved to April 14th because Big Daddy V’s work for the WWE.
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WWE Tribute To The Troops Spoilers – John Cena Gets Amazing Reaction

WWE taped it’s annual “Tribute to the Troops” special last night in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The show will air December 14th on the USA Network and on NBC December 17th.

Here’s a report;

A packed and hot crowd make for an incredible atmosphere.

Dark Match: Santino Marella def. Jinder Mahal

Lillian Garcia performed Star Spangled Banner to open the tapings, which is then followed by a Troops video package. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole on commentary.

1) Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett by Dq when David Otunga interfered. Post-match, Barrett was setting up the table to put Orton through but bailed when Orton got up but Otunga was still around and was Rko’d through it.

A second Troops video plays.

2) Zack Ryder (as part of his mega push) def. Jack Swagger. Sgt. Slaughter was in Ryder’s corner, Dolph Ziggler in Swagger’s. At one point Slaughter chucked
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WWE Smackdown Spoilers 6-12-11 – Randy Orton’s Beat The Clock Challenge

Friday night WWE SmackDown spoilers taping spoilers from Jacksonville, Florida.

SmackDown opens with tables, ladders and chairs set up around the ring.

New full time SmackDown announcer Lilian Garcia returns and receives a great ovation as she makes her way out to the ring. Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Booker T come down the the ring, but Booker is attacked from behind by Cody Rhodes. Lillian Garcia speaks to the crowd but Rhodes interrupts and says he will be announcing tonight.

We learn that tonight’s show will be a ‘Beat the Clock’ series of matches.

1) Wade Barrett def. Ezekiel Jackson

2) Beth Phoenix and Natalya def. Kaitlyn and Aj Lee.

Kaitlyn turned on Aj and joined ‘Pin-Up Strong’ during the beat down.

3) Ted Dibiase def. Jinder Mahal

Josh Matthews interviews Daniel Bryan about his failure to beat Mark Henry for the World Title last week. Bryan then called out Michael Cole
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