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Interviews (5)

Chicago Tribune (US) July 14 1996, pg. 2, "Actress Has A Devil of a Good Time With Jerry Lewis"
Los Angeles Times (US) October 16 1992, pg. 26, by: Rick Vanderknyff, "She's Quite A Character Actor Show: TV and Film Veteran Kathleen Freeman"
The Spokesman-Review (US) August 12 1986, pg. 13, by: Dennis McLellan, "Actress Sinks Her Teeh Into New Role"
Chicago Tribune (US) December 21 1978, pg. B-10, "Celebrities Share Some Memorable Yules"
The Ledger (US) October 11 1973, pg. 177, by: R. K. Shull, "She's Been Homely All Her Life"

Articles (11)

Los Angeles Times (US) September 27 2001, pg. B-14, "Service Set For Kathleen Freeman"
Los Angeles Times (US) September 1 2001, pg. B-22, "Kathleen Freeman"
The Daily Telegraph (US) August 30 2001, by: Anonymous, "Kathleen Freeman"
Chicago Tribune (US) August 25 2001, pg. 19, "Kathleen Freeman, 82, Character Actress Was Tony Nominee for 'Full Monty'"
Washington Post (US) August 25 2001, pg. B-3, "Kathleen Freeman, Actress, Dies"
Los Angeles Times (US) August 25 2001, pg. B-16, by: Dennis McLellan, "Kathleen Freeman, Actress Known For Comic Flair"
The New York Times (US) August 24 2001, by: Jessie McKinley, "Kathleen Freeman, 78, Actress Playing Comic Character Roles"
Los Angeles Times (US) December 20 1962, pg. C-9, "Comedienne Has Mother Role in 'Blow Your Horn'"
Los Angeles Times (US) May 31 1959, pg. E5, "Kathleen Freeman Gets Laughs in 'Be An Angel'"
Los Angeles Times (US) April 24 1959, pg. 26, "Kathleen Freeman Has Lead Role in 'Be An Angel'"
Los Angeles Times (US) November 23 1957, pg. B-2, "Comedienne Shines At Cabaret Concert"

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