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  • (1959) Unsold pilot: Co-starred w/Eddie Foy Jr. and Florence Halop in a pilot for a sitcom to be called "Fit as a FIddle", about a dance academy.
  • (2007-07) TV commercials (PSA): footage of he and Vivian Vance from I Love Lucy (1951).
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared (as "J. Horatio Diggs") in "Merry, Merry" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Harry Archer. Material by / lyrics by / directed by Harlan Thompson. Musical Direction by Ernest Cutting. Choreographed by Harry Puck. Vanderbilt Theatre: 24 Sep 1925-13 Mar 1926 (197 performances). Cast: Sascha Beaumont, Larry Beck, Ruth Conley, Perqueta Courtney, Ethel Emery, Ruth Farrar, Ednor Fulling, Gretchen Grant, John Hundley, Frances Marchant, Vivian Marlow, Lucila Mendez, Molly Morey, Gay Nelle, Robert Pitkin, Harry Puck, Marie Saxon, Polly Schafer, Virginia Smith. Produced by Lyle D. Andrews.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared in "Bye, Bye, Bonnie" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Material by Louis Simon and Bide Dudley. Music by Albert von Tilzer. Lyrics by Neville Fleeson. Musical Direction by Milton Schwarzwald. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh and Hilding Andersson. Choreographed by Earl Lindsay. Directed by Edgar J. MacGregor. Ritz Theatre (moved to The Cosmopolitan Theatre from 14 Mar 1927 to close): 13 Jan 1927-30 Apr 1927 (125 performances). Cast: Mabel Acker, Rose Adaire, Elmer Berl, Dan Berrigan, Laine Blaire, Dorothy Brown, Arthur C. Budd, Dorothy Burgess, Sybil Bursk, Norma Butler, John Byam, Rudolph Cameron, Mary Carlton, Elsie Carroll, Walter Carson, Bernard Cavanaugh, Dorothy Chilton, John Clemson, Charles J. Dane, Thelma Fenton, William Frawley (as "Butch Hogan"), Dick Givens, Georgie Hale, Raymond Hall, Charles Henderson, Lottice Howell, Paul Huber, Dorothy Humphreys, Ruby Keeler (as "Ruby"), Blanche Krebs, Arthur LaFrack, Billy McKay, Helen McLaughlin, William Neeley, Cecil Owen, Florence Parker, Ruth Penery, Margie Royce, Sue Saunders, Evelyn Shea, Frank Sherlock, Charles Siler, Louis Simon, Thelma Temple, Dorothy Van Alst, Walter Wardell, Douglas Wood. Produced by L. Lawrence Weber.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared (as "Henry Quill") in "Talk About Girls" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Harold Orlob and Stephen Jones. Adaption by William Carey Duncan and Daniel Kusell. From a play by John Hunter Booth. Lyrics by Irving Caesar. Music orchestrated / arranged by Stephen Jones. Musical Director: Louis Gress. Directed by John Harwood and Daniel Kusell. Waldorf Theatre: 14 Jun 1927-Jun 1927 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Alice Akers, Gertrude Arthur, William Bailey, Ida Berry, Spencer Charters (as "Calvin Lowe"), William Cook, Florence Earle, Harold Ettus, Aaron Fischer, Edwin Forsberg, Edna Hopper, Russell Mack, Liane Mamet, Marie Marceline, Floyd Marion, John Meehan, Lillian Mitchell, Beth Milton, Florence Murray, Cora Stephens, Jane Taylor, Frances Upton, Betty Wright. Understudy: Robert Jarvis. Produced by Harry H. Oshrin and Sam H. Grisman.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Meadows") in "She's My Baby" on Broadway. Musical comedy/farce. Material by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Special Augmented Orchestra under the direction of Gene Salzer. Choreographed by Mary Read. Directed by Edward Royce. Globe Theatre: 3 Jan 1928-3 Mar 1928 (71 performances). Cast: Beatrice Lillie (as "Tilly"), Paul Banker, James H. Beattie, Joan Clement, May Cornes, Cleo Cullen, Peggy Cunningham, Evelyn Dehkes, Teddy Denton, Bernie Dirkes, Frank Doane (as "Mr. Hemingway, Martin's trustee"), Malcolm Duffield, Irene Dunne (as "Polly"), Pearl Eaton, Evelyn Ellsmore, Geraldine Fitzgerald (as "Ensemble"), Doreen Glover, Alfred Hale, Violet Hanbury, Muriel Hayman, Elsie Holt, Grace Holt, Topsy Humphries, Nick Long Jr., Mary Louise, William McCarthy, Glenn McComas, Alfred Milano, Catherine Na Varro, Blanche O'Donohoe, Charlotte Otis, Jessie Payne, Phyllis Rae, Peti Reed, Lily Reilly, Anna Riley, Evelyn Sayers, Loretta Sayers, Georgie Sewell, Ula Sharon, William Sholar Jr., Iris Smith, Pearl Sodders, Peggy Sowden, Robert Spencer, Jack Stevens, Ward Tallman, Norma Taylor, George Vigouroux, Robert Vreeland, Florence Ware, Doris Waterworth, Clifton Webb (as "Clyde Parker, the author"), Hazel Webb, Jack Whiting, Jill Williams, Vivian Wilson, Hilda Winstanley, Dorothy Wyatt. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Toplis") in "Here's Howe" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Roger Wolfe Kahn and Joseph Meyer. Book by Fred Thompson and Paul Girard Smith. Lyrics by Irving Caesar. Musical Director: Paul Lannin. Choreographed by Sammy Lee. Broadhurst Theatre: 1 May 1928-30 Jun 1928 (71 performances). Cast: Ingrid Aakesson, Florence Allen, Nitza Andre, Ben Bernie, Billie Blake, Eric Blore (as "Sir Basil Carraway"), Marion Bonnell, Gene Brady, Helen Carrington, Douglas R. Carter, Peggy Chamberlin, Ralph Chaterdon, Betty Clark, Elsie Connor, Alan Crane, Colette D'Arville, Irene Delroy, Evelyn Ellsmore, Alan Hale (as "Ensemble"), Ray Hall, Peggy Hart, Arthur Hartley, Edith Hayward, Ross Himes, Mary Horan, Madeline Janis, Allen Kearns, Evelyn Kirmin, Fuzzy Knight (as "Pelham"), Polly Luce, Charles McClelland, Nesha Medwin, Jack Miller, Elsie Neal, Kendall Northrop, Dillon Ober, June O'Dea, Adeline Ogilvie, Gladys Pender, Charles Scott, Sylvia Shawn, Helene Sheldon, Al Siegel, Kay Smythe, Cora Stephens, Jack Stevens, Lee Stockton, Jacques Stone, Howard Stuart, Beryl Wallace (as "Ensemble"), Florence Ward. Produced by Vinton Freedley and Alex Aarons.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Hobson") in "Sons O' Guns" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by J. Fred Coots. Book by Fred Thompson and Jack Donohue. Lyrics by Arthur Swanstrom and Benny Davis. Musical Director: Max Steiner. Military Direction by Harry Holbrook, U.S.M.C. Choreographed by Albertina Rasch. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by Charles Le Maire. Directed by Bobby Connolly. Imperial Theatre: 26 Nov 1929-9 Aug 1930 (295 performances). Cast: Virginia Allen (as "Ensemble"), Russell Ash (as "Ensemble"), Millicent Bancroft (as "Ensemble"), Wallace Banfield (as "Ensemble"), Firley Banks (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Bardelang (as "Oswald" / "A German Prisoner"), Ida Berry (as "Ensemble"), Charles E. Bird (as "A British Officer"), Jeanette Bradley (as "Ensemble"), Leo Branson (as "Ensemble"), Paul Bristbois (as "Ensemble"), Edna Bunte (as "Ensemble"), Edna Burford (as "Ensemble"), Joe Carey (as "Ensemble"), Michael Cavanaugh (as "Ensemble"), Marion Chambers (as "Joan"), Gloria Clare (as "Ensemble"), Ann Constance (as "Ensemble"), Billie Cortez (as "Ensemble"), Guy Daly (as "Ensemble"), Lili Damita (as "Yvonne"), Del Daven (as "Ensemble"), Gordon Davis (as "Ensemble"), Raoul De Tisne (as "Pierre"), Charles Dodson (as "U.S.A. Bugler"), Robert Dohn (as "Parker" / "A German Prisoner"), Jack Donohue (as "Jimmy Canfield"), Russel Duncan (as "Ensemble"), William Dunn (as "Ensemble"), Byron Earle (as "Ensemble"), Richard Ellis (as "Ensemble"), June English (as "Ensemble"), Michael J. Forbes (as "Ensemble"), James Garrett (as "Ensemble"), Chris Gerard (as "Ensemble"), Anne Goddard (as "Ensemble"), Maerena Grady (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Grady (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Green (as "Ensemble"), Della Harkins (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Hayden (as "Ensemble"), Muriel Hayman (as "Ensemble"), John Heming (as "Ensemble"), Albert Henkel (as "Ensemble"), Eddie Hodge (as "Billswater"), Muriel Hoey (as "Ensemble"), Harry Holbrook (as "U.S.A. Captain"), Clare Hooper (as "Ensemble"), Mary Horan (as "Bernice Pearce"), Stanley Howard (as "Ensemble"), Topsy Humphrey (as "Ensemble"), David Hutcheson (as "Maj. Archibald Ponsonby-Falcke"), Lillian Jordan (as "Ensemble"), Ann Karyle (as "Marie"), Wilma Kaye (as "Ensemble"), Nora Kildare (as "Ensemble"), Efim Knoff (as "Ensemble"), Fred Kruger (as "Ensemble"), George Lamb (as "Ensemble"), Adrienne Lampel (as "Ensemble"), Benn K. Leavenworth (as "Ensemble"), Preston Lewis (as "Ensemble"), Jack Little (as "Ensemble"), Bill Mack (as "Ensemble"), John M. Malone (as "Ensemble"), Frances Markey (as "Colette"), Marcelle Miller (as "Ensemble"), Gwendolyn Milne (as "Jeanette"), Robert Milton (as "Ensemble"), Henry Mirshon (as "Ensemble"), Roderick Murray (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Nichols (as "Ensemble"), Tuxie Ondex (as "Ensemble"), Merrill Oslin (as "Ensemble"), Ray Prescott (as "Ensemble"), Nora Puntin (as "Ensemble"), Sylvia Roberts (as "Ensemble"), George Rolland (as "Ensemble"), Carl Rose (as "Ensemble"), Robert Saidler (as "Ensemble"), Earle Sanford (as "Ensemble"), Roy Santor (as "Ensemble"), Marion Santre (as "Ensemble"), Daniel Sparks (as "Ensemble"), Iola Sparks (as "Ensemble"), Jack Spiegel (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Spree (as "A British Tommy"), Wanda Stevenson (as "Ensemble"), Adele Story (as "Ensemble"), Frank Strang (as "Ensemble"), Ray Stully (as "Ensemble"), Ward Tallman (as "Ensemble"), Richard Temple (as "Gen. Harper"), Shirley Vernon (as "Mary Harper"), Lawrence Waite (as "Ensemble"), Gladstone Waldrip (as "Ensemble"), George Wallace (as "Ensemble"), Barry Walsh (as "Carl Schreiber"), Herbert Warren (as "Ensemble"), Milton Watson (as "Arthur Travers"), Tom Weldon (as "Ensemble"), Cliff Whitcombe (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Whitmore (as "Ensemble"), Frances Wise (as "Ensemble"), Josephine Wolfe (as "Ensemble"), Victor Young (as "Ensemble"), Isabel Zehner (as "Irene"). Produced by Connolly & Swanstrom.
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared (as "Harlan Smith") in "She Lived Next to the Firehouse" on Broadway. Farce. Written by William Grew and Harry Delf. Directed by William B. Friedlander. Longacre Theatre: 10 Feb 1931-Mar 1931 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: William Gargan, Ara Gerald, Roger Gray, George Harvey, John Henry, Ralph Hertz, Lois Jesson, Henry Jones (as "Smoky Flynn"; Broadway debut), Clifford Jones, Lottie Linthicum, Victor Moore, Patricia O'Connor, Lawrence O'Sullivan, Harry Short, Elda Voelkel. Produced by L. Lawrence Weber.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Mr. Parkin") in "Tell Her the Truth" on Broadway. Musical-farce. Music by Jack Waller and Joseph Tunbridge. Book by R.P. Weston. Based on "Nothing But the Truth" by Frederic S. Isham and James Montgomery. Lyrics by R.P. Weston and Bert Lee. Musical Director: Gene Salzer. Scenic Design by Joseph Teichner Studios. Directed by Morris Green and Henry Thomas. Cort Theatre: 28 Oct 1932-5 Nov 1932 (11 performances). Cast: Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Maclean"), Edith Davis, Bertha Donn, Margaret Dumont, Lillian Emerson, Dorothy Essig, Louise Kirkland, May Muth, Muriel Muth, Lou Parker, John Sheehan, Andrew Tombes, Raymond Walburn, Thelma White. Produced by Tillie Leblang and Morris Green.
  • (1932) Stage: Appeared (as "Owen O'Malley") in "Twentieth Century" on Broadway. Comedy (original production). Written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Scenic Design by Cirker & Robbins. Directed by George Abbott. Broadhurst Theatre: 29 Dec 1932-20 May 1933 (152 performances). Cast: Frank Badham (as "Porter"), Granville Bates (as "Conductor"), Matt Briggs (as "Oliver Webb"), Joseph Crehan (as "First Detective"), Florence Edney (as "Sadie"), Etienne Girardot (as "Matthew Clark"; final Broadway role), Hans Hamsa (as "First Beard" / "Cristus"), Ross Hertz (as "Train Secretary"), Ernest Hunter (as "Waiter"), Cliffman Jewel (as "Reporter"), Moffat Johnston (as "Oscar Jaffe"), Edward La Roche (as "Second Beard/Judas"), Eugenie Leontovich (as "Lily Garland"), Dennie Moore (as "Anita Highland"), Roy Roberts (as "George Smith"), Henry Sherwood (as "Max Jacobs"), Robert Sloane (as "Gateman"), J. Ascher Smith (as "Second Detective"), James Spottswood (as "Grover Lockwood"), Charles Wagenheim (as "Photographer"), Alfred Webster (as "Flannagan"), Clare Woodbury (as "Dr. Johnson"), William Worth (as "Pullman Conductor"). Replacement actor: Robert Brill (as "Gateman"). Produced by George Abbott and Phillip Dunning. NOTE: Filmed as Twentieth Century (1934).
  • (1933) Stage: Appeared (as "Joe Gordon"; final Broadway role) in "The Ghost Writer" on Broadway. Written by Martin Mooney. Scenic Design by Cirker & Robbins. Directed by Jo Graham. Theatre Masque: 19 Jun 1933-Jul 1933 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Mary Arden (as "Kitty"), Anthony Blair (as "Duffy"), Peggy Conklin (as "Peggy Winston"), Griffin Crafts (as "Jay Barnes"), Lynn Eswood (as "Betty"), Tom Fadden (as "Mike"), Ara Gerald (as "Claire Castell"), Madeline Grey (as "Mrs. Winston"), Frederick Lewis (as "A.H. McGee"), Louis Morrell (as "Edwin Preece"), Robert Pitkin (as "Dan Clayton"), Hal Skelly (as "Bill Harkins"), George Sweet (as "Jimmie Higgins"), Arthur J. Wood (as "Burke"), Clare Woodbury (as "Mrs. Klein"). Produced by F. Richard Hopkins and Walter Heyer.

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