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Children Of The Corn (1984) The Arrow Blu Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

Stephen King films can be a mixed bag. For every really good film adaptation (Carrie; The Shining; Misery) there’s a bad one (Maximum Overdrive; Graveyard Shift; The Dark Tower). There are also a whole slew of Stephen King films that fall somewhere in the middle. I think Children of the Corn is one of the films that falls squarely in the middle of the pack.

There are some real strengths in the film. It has some genuine star quality, with soon-to-be action star Linda Hamilton (The Terminator) and TV heartthrob Peter Horton (Thirtysomething) starring as married couple Burt and Vicky, who become stranded in a town filled only with murderous, brainwashed children. The children are led by Isaac (John Franklin), who has a direct connection with an evil entity the children worship called He Who Walks Behind the Rows, and Malachai (Courtney Gains), Isaac’s mean-spirited enforcer.
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10 Stephen King Movies to Cure Your Post-Halloween Blues

10 Stephen King Movies to Cure Your Post-Halloween Blues
Many fans use the whole month of October to celebrate Halloween and the horror genre in general, leading up to October 31, but now that All Hallows Eve has come and gone, the post-Halloween blues may be starting to sink in. Some simply cannot wait another full year to celebrate the genre that they love, and why should they? Horror is not simply limited to Halloween, it's an equal opportunity genre, and there's simply no reason to stop celebrating now that it's November. With that in mind, we'd like to present the top 10 Stephen King movies you should watch, to get out of your post-Halloween funk.

Why Stephen King? Aside from the fact that the author is a certified legend, and there shouldn't even need to be a reason, the author's work is in the midst of an amazing revival. His new adaptations such as It, Netflix's Gerald's Game
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October 3rd Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Cult Of Chucky, 976-evil, The Hidden (1987), Jackals

  • DailyDead
Happy October, gang! With the Halloween season now officially underway, we have an incredible day of horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases to enjoy. Arrow Video has put together three stunning special edition sets for Children of the Corn, Don’t Torture A Duckling, and The Suspicious Death of A Minor, but we also have several other modern cult titles debuting as well, including Popcorn, 976-evil, and The Hidden.

For all you Charles Lee Ray enthusiasts out there, Cult of Chucky and the Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection both come home on Tuesday, and Scream Factory is also releasing the recent indie horror thriller Jackals on Blu-ray.

Other notable home entertainment titles bowing on October 3rd include American Horror Story: Roanoke, A Ghost Story, Haunters: The Art of the Scare, Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut, iZombie: The Complete Third Season, and Vampyr: Special Edition.
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The Kids Who Freaked us Out in Movies: What They Look Like Today

Sometimes kids are the scariest part about a movie. Either the way they’re made to look or the manner in which they act can be off-putting enough to make them the scariest and most unnerving part of the film. But honestly you wouldn’t believe what a lot of them look like and are up to now. So here are just a few that you might recognize from their glory days. Trust me, a number of them look nothing like they did in the movies. John Franklin-Children of the Corn You remember Isaac right? He became a teacher until 2015 when

The Kids Who Freaked us Out in Movies: What They Look Like Today
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Arrow Video to Release New Us Blu-ray of Children Of The Corn (1984) This September

"He wants you, too, Malachai!" It changed the way some people looked at crops, and it might have even changed the way you listened to Kim Wilde's "Kids in America," and this September, Children of the Corn (based on the Stephen King short story of the same name) will be coming out on a new Blu-ray from Arrow Video, including a 2K restoration from the original negative and a new audio commentary.

From Arrow Video: "New Us Title: Children of the Corn (Blu-ray)

Based on a short story by Stephen King, The Children of the Corn is a horror classic that has spawned multiple sequels and imitators, but none as harrowing as this masterpiece of horror.

Pre-order in the Us:

Release Date: 19 September

He Who Walks Behind The Rows

A young couple travelling cross-country find themselves stranded in the small town of Gatlin,
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Revisiting the film of Stephen King's Children Of The Corn

Rebecca Lea Oct 17, 2016

Our traipse through the movie adaptations of Stephen King's work arrives at Children Of The Corn...

The film: When Isaac (John Franklin) returns with a group of other children from playing in the cornfields around the town of Gatlin, Nebraska, he leads a revolt that sees the adults slaughtered fast and mercilessly. The only two children who didn’t play in the corn that day, Job (Robby Kiger) and his sister Sarah (Anne Marie McEvoy) remain unhomicidal. Three years later, Vicky (Linda Hamilton) and boyfriend Burt (Peter Horton) are driving near Gatlin when a little boy stumbles in front of their car. He’s had his throat slit and in their quest to get help, the pair find themselves in the midst of Isaac’s not-so-merry band.

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Horror Highlights: Prime Cuts Volume 2 Graphic Novel, Scary Tales, El Gigante Comic Book, Witchula

Horror fans may know John Franklin as Isaac from Children of the Corn and Cousin Itt from the Addams Family movies, but now the actor is conjuring more scares (and humor) with his new graphic novel, Prime Cuts Volume 2, and we have a look at preview pages from the horror comedy comic. Also: VHS and DVD release details for Scary Tales, preview pages from the online comic book adaptation of El Gigante, and Witchula pre-production details.

Prime Cuts Volume 2 Graphic Novel Release Details & Preview Pages: “With one quick slash from his sharpened razor, things have gone from pretty crappy to mostly rotten for aspiring barber and revenge-seeker Todd Sweeney. A dead body, the sudden appearance of an androgynous meat inspector and the hovering presence of the local skanks are only sidelining his goals. Why can”t Fate ever work out in his favor?!! Goth mistress and pizza maker Electra Love
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Monsterland Wants to Wrap its Tentacles Around You this Summer!

Horror website Dread Central has teamed up with distributors Rlj Entertainment for a horror release. The film is titled Monsterland and this is a film anthology. Bringing several stories to the screen, the film's first trailer shows a man with a hole in his head, a giant jellyfish and one man turning into a vampire? As well, the eclectic crew, including directors Graham Denman (The Divine Tragedies), Jack Fields, John Skipp, The McCoubrey Brothers and many others, have created a number of unique stories as seen in the film's first trailer, which can be found here! The cast includes dozens and dozens of people. Horror fans will recognize names such as Trent Haaga (Killjoy Goes to Hell), and John Franklin (Children of the Corn). A true send-up to the genre more on Monsterland, including a release date, can be found below. Release Date: June 7th, 2016 (DVD, VOD). Directors: Graham Denman,
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Final Schedule Released for the 2014 Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention

With the 2014 Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention kicking off later this week, we thought this would be a perfect time to give all you Midwest genre fans a look at all the happenings going down at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare (Rosemont, Il) from Friday, August 8th through Sunday, August 10th.

And if you’ll be attending Flashback Weekend, be sure and say hi as Daily Dead’s Heather Wixson will be on hand co-hosting alongside Steve “Capone” Prokopy from Ain’t It Cool News and Wgn Radio’s Nick Digilio, and will also be bringing some horror goodies to share throughout the weekend!

Friday, August 8, 2014

12:00Pm – 8:00Pm Registration Booth Open

3:00Pm – 8:45Pm Dealers room open (Ballrooms 3-5)

4:00Pm – 8:45Pm Celebrity signings (Ballrooms 3-5)

5:00Pm Robert Englund Freddy Krueger Makeup Photo-Ops (Balmoral Room)* Line-up according to your assigned number outside of Balmoral
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A Look at Robert Kurtzman’s Freddy Krueger Make-up for the Upcoming Flashback Weekend Robert Englund Event

With the 2014 Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention just right around the corner, legendary special effects artist Robert Kurtzman recently shared some cool photos of the make-up appliances that he’ll be using next weekend when Robert Englund is transformed into Freddy Krueger one last time.

And for those of you who may have missed the original announcement, Englund will be appearing in full Freddy Krueger make-up for one final time, courtesy of Kurtzman who will be doing the Freddy make-up application himself on Friday, August 8th. Fans in attendance at Flashback Weekend will also have the opportunity to take their picture with Robert Englund in his full Freddy make-up as part of a special photo-op that evening which will celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street as well as help benefit the Digital Projector Fund for the Midway Drive-in in Dixon, Illinois.

Later that evening,
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House of Mouse Horror: A Defense for Disney Channel Original Movies

Before The Disney Channel became the network responsible for unleashing Miley Cyrus to the world and driving Shia Labeouf to lose his damn mind, they were the pinnacle of children’s entertainment. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were great, sure, but were they great enough to run a channel that only showed commercials…for its own channel? The original programming always drew in a huge audience, but Disney Channel Original Movies were in a league above everything else. Before High School Musical came along and set the standard for Dcoms from there on out, The Disney Channel was consistently cranking out made-for-tv movies that completely shaped the childhoods of generation Y. Despite the family friendly demeanor, Dcoms provided some surprisingly great kid-friendly horror flicks. Horror fans are breeding their own little ones and while their four-year-old may not be ready for The Exorcist, there are plenty of kid-horror flicks at their
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11 scary horror movie child stars: see how they look now

11 scary horror movie child stars: see how they look now
Louisa and Lisa Burns, who played the now-iconic twins in Stanely Kubrick's The Shining, attended a film screening at the BFI in London yesterday (January 29).

Do you recognise the @Shining_twins? Special guests at our anniversary screening of Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove

— BFI (@BFI) January 28, 2014The Shining review: Extended cut packs in more psychological terror

The Shining's Maze of Meaning: Room 237 and the extended cut

The twin sisters have kept a low profile since the film's release back in 1980 but happily posed for a picture on the red carpet as they arrived for the screening of Kubrick's Dr Strangelove as part of the Loco London Comedy Film Festival.

We've found 10 other former child stars from iconic horror flicks to see what they look like now, and what they went on to do next:

Linda Blair in The Exorcist

Linda Blair starred as the head-spinning,
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The Shining, Exorcist, more: Scary horror movie children - then & now

The Shining, Exorcist, more: Scary horror movie children - then & now
Louisa and Lisa Burns, who played the now-iconic twins in Stanely Kubrick's The Shining, attended a film screening at the BFI in London yesterday (January 29).

The twin sisters have kept a low profile since the film's release back in 1980 but happily posed for a picture on the red carpet as they arrived for the screening of Kubrick's Dr Strangelove as part of the Loco London Comedy Film Festival.

We've found 10 other former child stars from iconic horror flicks to see what they look like now, and what they went on to do next:

Linda Blair in The Exorcist

Linda Blair starred as the head-spinning, projectile-vomiting and crucifix-stabbing child in 1973's controversial The Exorcist.

A few years after the film's release, Blair encountered trouble with the law when charged with possession of drugs and conspiracy to sell. She managed to turn her career around by the early '80s, going on
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CW’s early renewals; ‘Vampire Academy’ movie; AMC steers a ‘Terror’; ‘Shrinking Man’ reboot

One of the most unwavering networks –beyond CBS- is The CW. The mini network and its stable of cult like genre shows have been able to sustain good ratings in the all-important 18-34 demographic, at times beating last place NBC. So far, for the 2012-13 TV season, they’ve only canceled one show, the medical drama Emily Owens, MD. Now, the network has announced early pick-ups of freshman superhero show Arrow, The Vampire Diaries (which is headed into season five, with a potential spin-off called The Originals may be added) and Supernatural –which heads into season nine, becoming the networks longest running show behind Smallville. Beauty and the Beast is also likely to be renewed as well. But other shows like 90210, Nakita, and The Carrie Diaries remain questionable network until the network heads can look over the upcoming pilots.

Independent distributor The Weinstein Company has made its first foray into
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My First Job: Dana Ivey

My First Job: Dana Ivey
Everett John Franklin and Dana Ivey in “The Addams Family,” (1991)

A New York theater mainstay, Dana Ivey has lived in the city for over 30 years, starring in everything from Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days” to Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George.” She’s won Tony’s and Obie’s, and that’s just for her work on Broadway. But before Ivey took her first bow on the Great White Way, she could be found in curtains and drapery section of Davidson’s,
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Children Of The Corn (2009; DVD Review)

  • Fangoria
One of the motivations for writer/director/producer Donald P. Borchers to do the Children Of The Corn remake that just aired on Syfy was to create an adaptation more faithful to Stephen King’s chilling short story than the one he produced back in 1984. But the movie’s DVD (coming October 6 from Anchor Bay) reveals another reason: This film is a Statement as well.

In an on-camera interview, Borchers proclaims that he wanted this interpretation of King’s tale of a youthful rural cult to be a parable about religious extremism and the current crisis in the Middle East. This is no doubt why the new Children (following a 1963-set prologue) takes place in 1975, so that protagonist Burt (David Anders) can be a Vietnam veteran, a key source of the tension between him and wife Vicky (Kandyse McClure) during their drive through the Nebraska farmlands. (The fact that they’re interracially married,
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Horror Hound Weekend Coming Nov. 20-22 in Oh

Fellow horror convention enthusiasts out there should be thrilled with how nicely the guest list is shaping up for the upcoming Horror Hound Weekend taking place in Cincinnati, Oh from November 20th through the 22nd. The headlining guest is Casandra Peterson aka Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark, but the convention has also got a Night Of The Creeps reunion with Tom Atkins (My Bloody Valentine 3D), Jason Lively and Jill Whitlow, John Franklin and Courtney Gaines from the original Children Of The Corn , Scout Taylor-Compton ( Halloween 2 ), Michael Gross ( Tremors ), convention alumi Chris Durand (Michael Myers in Halloween: H20 ), Richard Brooker (Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th Part 3 ) and Tom Savini. Of note however is the first ever convention appearance of the lovely...
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Weekly DVD & Blu-Ray Chopping List 8/25/2009

  • Fangoria
Curious to know what frightful films and devilish discs will be available to view in the privacy of your own digital dungeon this week? Fango's got you covered.

Below the jump you'll find the full list of titles arriving in-stores this Tuesday, August 25, 2009 in our weekly version of the famous Fangoria Chopping List - updated with all the last-minute additions and deletions.

Note: Clickable links lead to

Abduction -R2 Films

The town of process is located somewhere in rural New Jersey, although it doesn't show up on any modern map. It's a nice place to visit unless you are a young, healthy, and beautiful woman. The town has a very lucrative underground and internet business specializing in selling organs for transplant, selling babies to loving couples who are barren, and young women into sex slavery. The town's patriarch, Jacob, is in control of everything. That is, until they kidnap the wrong girl,
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Children Of The Corn (Blu-ray Review)

  • Fangoria
Just months before Linda Hamilton battled The Terminator in 1984, she fought for her life against the Children Of The Corn, led by Isaac (John Franklin), one of the genre’s creepiest kids ever. Children is one of over 50 adaptations of Stephen King stories to have been released over the years, and it remains a cult favorite. It has spawned six sequels (including Isaac’S Return) and been given the remake treatment (please, Hollywood, stop!) by one of the original’s producers, Donald P. Borchers, for a forthcoming Syfy TV premiere—and now it’s back on an Anchor Bay Blu-ray, which will first be available exclusively at Best Buy June 30 ahead of its general release August 25.

Burt (Peter Horton), fresh out of medical school, is driving through the Nebraska back roads with girlfriend Vicky (Hamilton) in tow, en route to an internship interview. When they accidentally hit a young boy
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New DVD Date For Children Of The Corn Special Edition/Blu-Ray!

The upcoming Children Of The Corn Blu-Ray will now be released on August 25th according to the latest press release from Anchor Bay Entertainment! Full details below:

In 1984, a film adaptation of a chilling short story by horror master Stephen King terrified audiences and launched a film franchise that continues to this very day. Now, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of a classic and just in time to welcome the upcoming remake, Anchor Bay Entertainment announces the August 25th release of the original Children of the Corn on Blu-ray! Not only will fans see and hear this ‘80s shocker classic like never before, this Blu-ray edition contains all the supplements from the previous DiviMax™ DVD , as well as nearly an hour of newly-produced high-definition bonus features, with all-new, never-before-seen interviews with the cast and crew – created exclusively for this release! Srp is $29.97.

Produced by Donald P. Borchers (who is helming
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