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How ‘The Bridge’ rebuilt itself into the best show you’re not watching

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In this Golden Glut of TV drama, it's hard for any new drama to break through and find an audience, because there are so many options out there (not to mention easy access to most of the great dramas of the previous 50 years). It's harder still for a show that has an audience and loses it to get those people back, no matter how good it becomes. Case in point: FX's "The Bridge," the current belt-holder for Best Show You're Not Watching. In season 1, the ratings weren't huge, but they were decent enough for FX to order a second season. The problem is that the original batch of episodes — translating the Scandinavian series "Broen" from the Denmark/Sweden border to the one dividing the U.S. and Mexico, complete with a relatively faithful rendering of that show's serial killer story — wound up turning a lot of viewers off as the season went along.
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'The Bridge' Star on Mastering the Mexican Accent and Playing Villains

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The most surprising thing about The Bridge's Ramon Franco is that he's a Puerto Rican from the Bronx,  but you wouldn't know it from watching his devilish and convincing performance as a Mexican drug lord on the FX show. CineMovie sat down with the actor at The Bridge's set and offices in Santa Clarita, CA to talk about his acting career and his approach to playing "Fausto Galvan," the malevolent character pulling everyone's strings.. Although he's been stereotyped as the villain for most of his Hollywood career, he states that all those roles helped him form his character on the show.
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Review: FX's 'The Bridge' finds more consistency in season 2

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Review: FX's 'The Bridge' finds more consistency in season 2
For most of its first season, FX's "The Bridge" seemed as caught between two worlds as its two heroes, who worked opposite sides of the El Paso/Juarez border. In one world, the show was stuck adapting the serial killer story from the original Scandinavian "Bron," and not providing a particularly inspired take on an overdone subject. In the other world, "The Bridge" was having a lot of fun looking at the weird culture along that border, and in establishing the bond between Texas cop Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and her Mexican counterpart Marco Ruiz (Demián Bichir). The second show was much more interesting than the first, but the first show kept swallowing the second one whole. Then two promising things happened. First, the season wrapped up the serial killer arc with two episodes to spare, and devoted those concluding chapters to all the things the show had done well,
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The Bridge, Ep. 1.06: “ID” provides a few surprises, some tablesetting, and great guests

The Bridge, Season 1, Episode 6, “ID”

Written by Dario Scardapane

Directed by Alex Zakrzewski

Airs Wednesdays at 10pm (Est) on FX

This week, on The Bridge: Bobby Cobb gets a name (and a few ideas), Sonya gets a backstory, and Gina gets the eyes right

The Bridge reached an intense season best last week with “The Beast”, so it’s not surprising that this week’s installment is somewhat of a tablesetter, reacting to the events just prior and paving the way for several new arcs that promise character and plot points aplenty. We spend plenty of time at the Peter Meadows crime scene, down to the apparently obligatory reminder of his Colombian necktie (sorry guys, Hannibal did it better), and afterward Sonya unsurprisingly proves a less than ideal interviewer of trauma victims as she questions Gina about her father’s murderer. Serious question- why does anyone, including her, think
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The Bridge Ep. 1.04: “Maria of the Desert” ratchets up the tension, creating unexpected alliances along the way

Demian Bichir, Diane Kruger

The Bridge, Season 1, Episode 4: ‘Maria of the Desert’

Written by Chris Gerolmo

Directed by Bill Johnson

Airs Wednesdays at 10pm Et on FX

Much of the first three episodes of The Bridge have focused on fleshing out the characters on both sides of the border, giving the audience a better idea of what makes them tick, and doing a fantastic job of it. This week’s episode used the framework of a standalone case, in the form of the search for the missing woman in the desert, to give a look at how the characters relate to each other, in another solid episode that introduces a promising new character while offering a look at how the Mexican cartels operate.

The exploration of the character relationships this week was particularly fascinating. The entrance of Fausto Galvan, in particular, is a promising development, as this episode indicates he will be the bridge,
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What To Buy This Week: Blu-ray and DVD releases for November 7th

Well it’s the start of another week, so you know what that means – yet more DVD and Blu-ray releases hit the high street, ready and waiting to swallow up all your hard-earned cash! So here’s the rundown of what’s available to buy from today, November 7th 2011.

Pick Of The Week

The Exterminator (Blu-ray

Flamethrowers ready as the alleyways of skid row are set ablaze with the brutal vengeance of one man… The Exterminator! John Eastland has been to ‘Nam and he’s seen things… Things you wouldn’t believe. Surviving torture and witnessing the brutal deaths of his friends, John returns home to a tough neighbourhood in New York and his loving family. But when some local thugs take a crippling dislike to his best friend Mike, leaving him paralysed, something snaps in John. Did he fight the Vietcong for this? Taking the law into his own hands,
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DVD Giveaway - Tour of Duty: The Complete First Season

November 7th sees the U.K. DVD release of Tour of Duty - The Complete First Season - the groundbreaking U.S. television series that was the first to dramatise the events of the Vietnam War - and to celebrate, Flickering Myth have three copies to give away to our readers courtesy of distributors Fabulous Films.

Read on for a synopsis and details of how to enter this fantastic competition...

Tour Of Duty – The Complete First Season features all 21 one-hour episodes of the show’s debut series collected over five discs. The plotline revolves around a single platoon of young Us soldiers during their one-year tour of combat duty in Vietnam during the late 1960s. Miles from home in the unfamiliar and hostile terrain of South-East Asia, this small band of infantrymen from diverse racial, cultural and philosophical backgrounds are ultimately forced to depend upon each other as brothers in
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Episode Recap: CSI: Miami - 9.09: "Blood Sugar"

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Apparently these season 9 episodes aren't being shown in the order listed, which is really frustrating! An explosion at a sugar refinery provides the team with this week's case and Horatio (David Caruso) and Delko (Adam Rodriguez) are on the scene to rescue and pull out two people alive. There's one Db, whom Me Tom (Christian Clemenson) refers to as "fragile." He states it looks like a bomb went off in there and he wasn't that far wrong. The blast shattered his bones. Nina (Leela Savasta) recognizes his watch and IDs him as Eduardo (Bryan Cid Borreo) her fiance. Walter (Omar Miller), Ryan (Jonathan Togo) Natalia (Eva La Rue) and Delko process the refinery. Horatio finds the presence of sugar dust, which in excessive quantities could cause an explosion. Natalia says it's on everything. Horatio doesn't think it was an accident. Walter says there are regulations in place to prevent such
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