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  • In 1967, he starred in an unsold pilot for a proposed ABC sitcom called "Dilby". He played the owner of a fix-it shop who was better at repairing machinery than the host of problems handed him by his family and friends.
  • (1944 - 1972) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1944) Stage Play: Decision. Drama. Written by Edward Chodorov. Directed by Edward Chodorov. Belasco Theatre (moved to The Ambassador Theatre 28 Mar 1944- close): 2 Feb 1944- 17 Jun 1944 (160 performances). Cast: Gwen Anderson (as "Harriet Howard"), Georgia Burke (as "Virgie"), Jean Casto (as "Miss Baines"), Matt Crowley (as "Masters"), Paul Ford (as "Sergeant Carey") [Broadway debut], Raymond Greenleaf (as "Riggs"), Len D. Hollister (as "Anderson"), Paul Huber (as "Fitzgerald"), Laurence Hugo (as "Tommy Riggs"), Herbert Junior (as "Jim Morgan"), Rusty Lane (as "Bennett") [Broadway debut], Merle Maddern (as "Mrs. May Howard"), Homer Miles (as "Brown"), Grace Mills (as "Mrs. Bowen"), Lee Sanford (as "Peters"), Howard Smith (as "Allen"), Dick Van Patten (as "Felix") [credited as Dickie Van Patten]. Produced by Edward Choate.
  • (1944) Stage Play: War President. Drama. Written by Nat Sherman. Directed by Wendell K. Phillips. Shubert Theatre: 24 Apr 1944- 25 Apr 1944 (2 performances). Cast: Joel Ashley, Russell Collins (as "Senator Benjamin Franklin Wade"), Morton Da Costa, Kenneth Dana, Paul Ford (as "Senator Zachariah Chandler"), Peter Gregg, Bruce Halsey, Joseph Leon, William Marceau, Harvey Marlowe, Gregory Morton, Barbara Pond, Joanna Roos, Donald Rose, Teddy Rose, Philip Sand, Alexander Scourby (as "General George B. McClellan"), Graham Velsey. Produced by The Escholiers and The Experimental Theatre Inc.
  • (1944) Stage Play: Lower North. Comedy. Written by Martin Bidwell. Directed by David Burton. Belasco Theatre: 24 Aug 1944- 2 Sep 1944 (11 performances). Cast: Mitchell Ahrons (as "Messenger"), Sara Anderson, Frank Bradley, Robert Breton, Charles Clancy, Dort Clark (as "Cochran"), John Conway, John Farrell, Blanche Faye, Paul Ford (as "Burks"), Blanche Gladstone, David Graham, Don Grusso, Arthur Hunnicutt (as "Curley"), Douglas Jones, Dean King, Flora Knight, Bob Lackaye, Rusty Lane, Robert Myers, Phillip Pine, Jerry Rand, Royal Rompel, Cora Smith, Kim Spalding, Eddie Waglin, Watson White. Produced by Max J. Jelin.
  • (1945) Stage Play: Kiss Them for Me. Comedy. Written by Luther Davis. Based on "Shore Leave" by Frederic Wakeman. From "Shore Leave" by Frederic Wakeman. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Belasco Theatre (moved to The Fulton Theatre from 14 May 1945- close): 20 Mar 1945- 23 Jun 1945 (110 performances). Cast: Robert Allen [credited as Bob Allen](as "Turnbill"), George Cory (as "Chief"), Jayne Cotter, Edward Crandall, Richard Davis (as "Mac"), Amy Douglass, Paul Ford (as "Mr. Hardy"), Harold Grau (as "Tailor"), Judy Holliday (as "Alice") [Broadway debut], Douglas Jones (as "Ensign"), Virginia Kaye (as "Nurse Wilinski"), Dennis King Jr. (as "Mississip"), George Mathews, John McGovern (as "F. Neilson"), Patricia Quinn O'Hara (as "Mrs. Hardy"), Daniel Petrie (as "Charlie"), Dudley Sadler (as "Hedrick"), Sonya Stokowski (as "Wac"), Richard Widmark (as "Crewson"). Produced by John H. Moses and Mark Hanna. Note: Filmed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [Jerry Wald Productions] as Kiss Them for Me (1957), starring Cary Grant.
  • (1946) Stage Play: Flamingo Road. Comedy. Written by Robert Wilder and Sally Wilder. From "Flamingo Road" by Robert Wilder. Directed by José Ruben. Belasco Theatre: 19 Mar 1946- 23 Mar 1946 (7 performances). Cast: Philip Bourneuf (as "Dan Curtis"), Hazel Burgess (as "Matron"), Sally Carthage, Evelyn Davis (as "Virgie"), Francis Felton, Paul Ford (as "Ulee Jackson"), Will Geer (as "Doc Watterson"), Lauren Gilbert (as "Fielding Carlisle"), Martha Jensen, Marcella Markham, Frank McNellis, Tom Morrison, Mahlon Naill, Judith Parrish, Olvester Polk, Bernard Randall, Doris Rich (as "Lute-Mae Saunders"). Produced by Rowland Stebbins and Laurence Rivers, Inc.
  • (1946) Stage Play: Another Part of the Forest. Drama. Written by Lillian Hellman. Incidental music by Marc Blitzstein. Directed by Lillian Hellman. Fulton Theatre: 20 Nov 1946- 26 Apr 1947 (182 performances). Cast: Owen Coll, Mildred Dunnock (as "Lavinia Hubbard"), Paul Ford (as "Harold Penniman"), Leo Genn (as "Benjamin Hubbard"), Stanley Greene, Jean Hagen (as "Laurette Sincee"), Scott McKay, Patricia Neal (as "Regina Hubbard"), Gene O'Donnell, Margaret Phillips, Bartlett Robinson, Beatrice Thompson, Percy Waram. Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden.
  • (1947) Stage Play: As We Forgive Our Debtors. Drama. Written by Tillman Breiseth. Directed by José Ferrer. Princess Theatre: 9 Mar 1947- 16 Mar 1947 (5 performances). Cast: Somar Alberg, Joe Ashley, Jeanette Dowling, Mary Fletcher, Sarah Floyd, Paul Ford (as "Pastor Flaten"), William Lee, Dorothea MacFarland, Joyce Ross, Cyrus Staehle, Sylvia Stone, Kenneth Tobey (as "Agnet Benstad Foss"), Graham Velsey. Produced by José Ferrer.
  • (1947) Stage Play: Command Decision. Drama. Written by William Wister Haines. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Julia Sze. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Assistant to Mr. Mielziner: John Harvey and Arthur H. Ross. Directed by John O'Shaughnessy. Fulton Theatre: 1 Oct 1947- 18 Sep 1948 (409 performances). Cast: Paul Kelly (as "Brigadier General K.C. Dennis"), Jay Fassett (as "Major General Rold Goodlow Kane"), Paul McGrath (as "Brigadier General Clifton C. Garnett"), Edward Binns (as "N.C.O. Photographer"), Walter Black, Stephen Elliott (as "Colonel Edward Martin"), Paul Ford (as "Mr. Arthur Malcolm"), Arthur Franz (as "Captain Lucius Jenks"), James Holden, West Hooker (as "Enlisted Armed Guard"), William Layton (as "Major Homer Prescott"), Lewis Martin, Frank McNellis, Neill O'Malley, Robert Pike, John Randolph (as "Lt. Jake Goldberg"), Edmon Ryan, James Whitmore (as "Tech Sergeant Harold Evans"). Replacement actors during run: Edward Binns (as "Colonel Ernest Haley "), Leonard Patrick (as "N.C.O. Photographer"). Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden. Note (1): Purchased by MGM and produced on film as Command Decision (1948), starring Clark Gable.
  • (1952) Stage Play: The Brass Ring. Written by Irving Elman. Incidental music by John Barrows. Directed by Stanley Gould. Lyceum Theatre: 10 Apr 1952- 12 Apr 1952 (4 performances). Cast: Sidney Blackmer (as "George Westman"), Patricia Benoit, Carol Goodner, Conrad Janis (as "Charlie Butler"), Bethel Leslie (as "Joan Westman"), Douglas Watson, Helene Dumas, Paul Ford (as "George's Father"), Joseph Leberman, Fred Irving Lewis (as "Spence"), Margaretta Warwick. Produced by Donald Wolin. Produced in association with Donald Flamm.
  • (1958) Stage Play: Whoop-Up. Musical comedy. Music by Moose Charlap. Lyrics by Norman Gimbel. Material adaption by Cy Feuer, Ernest H. Martin and Dan Cushman. Based on "Stay Away, Joe" by Dan Cushman. Music and Vocal Director: Stanley Lebowsky. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Peter Matz. Choreographed by Onna White. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Cy Feuer. Shubert Theatre: 22 Dec 1958- 7 Feb 1959 (56 performances). Cast: Mari Arnell, Asia, Ann Barry, Edward Becker, Jeanna Belkin, Socrates Birsky, Tim Brown, Sandra Devlin, Eleanor Dian, Tina Faye, Paul Ford (as "Karl Kellenbach"), Tony Gardell, Martha Granese, H.F. Green, Susan Johnson, Salvador Juarez, Robert Karl, P.J. Kelly, Michael Kermoyan, Robert Lenn, Earl Lippy, Julienne Marie, Rae McLean, Danny Meehan, Paul Michael, Michelle Newton, Estelle Parsons (as "Reservation Resident"), Yolanda Poropat, Thomas Raskin, Wallace Rooney, Tony Rosa, Bobby Shields, Marla Stevens, Sylvia Syms, Ben Vargas, Romo Vincent (as "Louis Champlain") [final Broadway role], Vera Walton, Jackie Warner, Barbara Webb, Steve Wiland, Ralph Young. Produced by Cy Feuer and Ernest H. Martin.
  • (1960) Stage Play: A Thurber Carnival. Revue. Written by James Thurber. Based on works by James Thurber. Featuring music by The Don Elliott Quartet. Directed by Burgess Meredith. ANTA Playhouse: 26 Feb 1960- 26 Nov 1960 (223 performances). Cast: Peggy Cass, Tom Ewell, Paul Ford, Alice Ghostley, John McGiver, Wynne Miller, Peter Turgeon, Charles Braswell [Broadway debut], The Don Elliott Quartet, Margo Lungreen. Produced by Michael Davis, Helen Bonfils and Haila Stoddard.
  • (1962) Stage Play: Never Too Late. Comedy. Written by Sumner Arthur Long. Incidental music by John Kander. "Never Too Late" cha-cha by Jerry Bock. Lyrics for song "Never Too Late" cha-cha by Sheldon Harnick. Scenic Design by William and Jean Eckart. Choreographed by Jerry Bock. Directed by George Abbott. Playhouse Theatre: 27 Nov 1962- 24 Apr 1965 (1007 performances + 1 preview on 25 Nov 1962). Cast: Orson Bean (as "Charlie"), Paul Ford (as "Harry Lambert"), Maureen O'Sullivan (as "Edith Lambert"), John Alexander (as "Mayor Crane") [final Broadway role], Wally Engelhardt [credited as Wallace Engelhardt] (as "Mr. Foley"), Ed Griffith (as "Policeman"), House Jameson (as "Dr. James Kimbrough"), Leona Maricle (as "Grace Kimbrough"), Fran Sharon (as "Kate"). Understudies: Nancy Donohue (as "Kate"), Wallace Engelhardt (as "Dr. James Kimbrough), Ed Griffith (as "Charlie"), House Jameson (as "Mayor Crane") and Lorraine MacMartin (as "Edith Lambert/Grace Kimbrough"). Replacement cast: John Alexander (as "Harry Lambert"), John Allen (as "Mr. Foley"), Fred Burrell (as "Policeman"), Wallace Engelhardt (as "Dr. James Kimbrough"), Will Hutchins (as "Charlie"), House Jameson (as "Mayor Crane'), Richard Mulligan, Dennis O'Keefe (as "Harry Lambert"), Martha Scott (as "Edith Lambert"). Understudies: Wally Engelhardt [credited as Wallace Engelhardt] (as "Mayor Crane"), House Jameson (as "Harry Lambert"). Produced by Elliot Martin and Daniel Hollywood.
  • (1969) Stage Play: The Front Page. Comedy (revival). Written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Directed by Harold J. Kennedy. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 18 Oct 1969- 28 Feb 1970 (158 performances + 6 previews). Cast: Val Avery (as "Diamond Louis"), Peggy Cass (as "Mollie Malloy"), Bert Convy (as "Hildy Johnson, Herald Examiner"), Dody Goodman (as "Jennie"), Helen Hayes (as "Mrs. Grant"), Conrad Janis (as "Kruger, Journal of Commerce"), John McGiver (as "The Mayor"), Robert Ryan (as "Walter Burns"), James Flavin, Harold J. Kennedy (as "Bensinger, Tribune"), Charles White, Bruce Blaine, Jack Collard, Patrick Desmond, Walter Flanagan, Joseph George, Will Gregory, Bob Larkin, Kendall March, Robert Milli, Robert Riesel, Ed Riley, Bernard West (as "Mr. Pincus"). Produced by Jay H. Fuchs, Jerry Schlossberg and Albert Zuckerman. Produced in association with Roland Mattson. Associate Producer: Bruce Diamond and Fred Menowitz.
  • (1972) Stage Play: Fun City. Comedy. Written by Les Colodny, Joan Rivers and Edgar Rosenberg. Music by Mel 'n' Dee. Directed by Jerry Adler. Morosco Theatre: 2 Jan 1972- 8 Jan 1972 (9 performances + 8 previews). Cast: Victor Arnold, J.J. Barry, 'Gabriel Dell' (as "Paul Martino"), Pierre Epstein, Paul Ford (as "Mailman") [final Broadway role], Renee Lippin, Rose Marie (as "Estelle Fogelman"), Joan Rivers (as "Jill Fairchild"), Howard Storm, Noel Young, Louis Zorich. Produced by Alexander H. Cohen and Rocky Aoki. Associate Producer: Roy Somlyo.
  • (1962) He acted in Elliott Martin's play, "Cradle and All," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Maureen O'Sullivan in the cast.
  • (December 15, 1963) He acted in George Abbott's musical, "Never Too Late," in Chicago, Illinois with Will Hutchins in the cast.
  • (March 20, 1950) He acted in Arthur Miller's play, "Death of a Salesman," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Darren McGavin and Thomas Mitchell (Willy Loman) in the cast.
  • (January 25, 1960) He acted in the musical revue, "A Thurber Carnival," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Tom Ewell, Peggy Cass, John McGiver, Peter Turgeon, Alice Ghostley and Wynne Miller in the cast. James Thurber wrote the book. Don Elliott was composer and performer. Marvin Reiss was set designer. Ramse Stevens was costume designer. Burgess Meredith was director and developer. Michael Davis, Helen Bonfils, and Haila Stoddard were producers.
  • (1968) He acted in Mary Chase's play, "Harvey," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Ruth McDevitt in the cast. Mark Gordon was director.
  • (August 1962) He acted in Sumner Arthur Long's play, "Cradle and All," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Maureen O'Sullivan in the cast.
  • (September 24 to November 9, 1968) He acted in George Bernard Shaw's play, "Captain Brasshound's Conversion," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Greer Garson, Darren McGavin, Jim Backus, John Williams, George Rose and Tony Tanner in the cast. Joseph Anthony was director.

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