Baumbach's While We're Young to open Glasgow

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Baumbach's While We're Young to open Glasgow
11th edition of festival to close with UK premiere of Force Majeure, and will feature 33 UK premieres and a record 11 world premieres.

While We’re Young is to receive its European premiere as the opening film of the 11th Glasgow Film Festival (Gff) (Feb 18-Mar 1).

Noah Baumbach’s comedy stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a settled married couple who are offered a second chance at youth when hipsters Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried) come into their lives. The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival last year.

This year’s festival will close with the UK premiere of Cannes Jury Prize-winner Force Majeure, written and directed by Ruben Östlund. The film explores the flaws and cracks in a marriage after an avalanche hits in the French Alps where the couple are on a skiing holiday with their children.

Supported by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, EventScotland, Creative Scotland and BFI, this year’s
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Twitter Buzz: Dredd

Dredd’ looks great, not concerned at all about similarities. That film was in production around the same time we finished The Raid.— Gareth Evans (@ghuwevans) June 21, 2012 Looks great! Rt @TheFilmStage Full-Length Trailer For ‘Dredd’ Featuring Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby — robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) June 21, 2012 Just saw the Dredd trailer. No doubt someone's already mentioned The Raid, yes?— Nick Savvides (@nicksav) June 21, 2012 Dredd Trailer is Here! Wait i mean 'The Raid"no I mean "Dredd" seems a lot like "The Raid" whatdoyouthink? #biters— Nigel(@Nigel4u2C) June 21, 2012 The Judge Dredd film looks like "The Raid: Costume Party Edition".— Robert Florence (@robertflorence) June 21, 2012 Just seen the new Judge Dredd trailer. Looks good actually, looking forward to it. The premise is simple too, like The Raid, but with Dredd.— Seif Zaki (@Razoroo) June 21, 2012 The trailer for #Dredd looks like a CGI/ Sci Fi version of #TheRaid ! Not
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Writing and The Future of the Gaming Industry

Following Ron Rosenberg’s recent comments regarding the upcoming Tomb Raider game getting a complete do-over, Robert Florence has written a very provocative article about the state of writing in video games in general.

Unfortunately, Florence asserts that almost all video games have terrible writing:

“Gears of War – sells a ton, critically acclaimed, terrible writing. Modern Warfare – same. Halo – same. Almost everything – same.”

This struck me as slightly peculiar. As a gamer I am usually drawn to video games where the story and the characters excite me moreso than the action or graphics. I can tolerate slightly ropey controls if I’m hooked by the plot or charmed by the people I meet.

Obviously, this hasn’t always been true, simpler games when I began playing such as Super Mario Bros didn’t include multi-layered narratives, but there it was beautifully streamlined, much like Lawrence Kasdan’s Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Eurovision Crowns Winner

Baku, Azerbaijan — Sweden's Loreen clinched the top spot at this year's Eurovision Song Contest with her dance hit "Euphoria," pushing aside competition from a sextet of Russian grannies and a Serbian balladeer.

Juries and television viewers from across Europe awarded Loreen a total of 372 points, handing her an easy win in an event that ended in the early hours Sunday in host country Azerbaijan. Sweden will take over hosting duties next year.

Softly spoken Loreen, a 28-year-old of Moroccan-Berber descent, thanked her fans for their support.

"I wouldn't have been able to do this without you. Thank you so much," she said after her victory was announced.

Russia's Buranovskiye Babushki garnered much public affection for their cute onstage presence, but their folksy dance ditty "Party for Everybody" couldn't quite match Sweden's more contemporary offering and ended up second on 259 points.

Zeljko Joksimovic, a Eurovision regular from Serbia, came in a
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