Viff 2009: 'Empire State Building Murders'

Based almost entirely on found footage — and a clever script to thread that footage together — Empire State Building Murders is a loving tribute to classic Hollywood films.

French director William Karel, who co-wrote the script with Jerome Charyn, has crafted a film in which they've pulled footage from classic films and edited them together to tell a completely original story.

It's a mashup, a remix of some of the best gangster and noir films from the '30s, '40s and '50s. "Starring" Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall and James Cagney as the main players in a love triangle set in post-Second World War New York, when the movies of the time would have us believe the Mob was in complete control.

Douglas is the face of Jim Kowalski, a former New York cop who receives a letter addressed to him but postmarked Aug. 17, 1949, some 60 years earlier, that has been
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