M. Night Shyamalan Ghostwrote She's All That? "Only in His Mind," Says Film's Screenwriter

M. Night Shyamalan Ghostwrote She's All That?
Director M. Night Shyamalan didn't ghostwrite She's All That. At least, that's what the film's credited screenwriter R. Lee Fleming says. A few weeks after Shyamalan admitted to that he had a hand in writing the 1999 comedy, which starred Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook, Fleming took to Twitter to counter the claims. "Only in his mind," Fleming wrote in response to a fan question about Shyamalan's quotes. The tweet has since been deleted. Fleming later posted a famous fibbing quote by Mark Twain reading, "A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." However, Nyu professor Jack Lechner,...
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Maybe M. Night Shyamalan Didn't Write She's All That After All

While the world was happily shrugging off the memory of After Earth and its weak box office, director M. Night Shyamalan managed to drum up a whole lot of attention by bringing up a movie that's nearly 15 years old. Did you know that, before The Sixth Sense made him famous, he ghost wrote She's All That? Yeah, it was news to us too-- and apparently to She's All That's credited screenwriter R. Lee Fleming, Jr. In a tweet that's since been deleted, Fleming replied to a fan's inquiry about Shyamalan's claims by saying "Only in his mind, James." Fleming is in fact the credited writer on She's All That's IMDb page, and Salon did enough digging into Fleming's social media presence to convince themselves that the account is legit. Attempting to follow the story any further, though, led them to a dead end-- talent agents either avoided them
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Upon second viewing, M. Night Shyamalan's surprise She's All That twist becomes much less interesting

Recently the world found itself reeling from the revelation that M. Night Shyamalan had supposedly ghostwritten the 1999 high-school comedy She’s All That—a surprise that no one saw coming despite it being clearly telegraphed a decade earlier, when Shyamalan explicitly said as much. However, as with all Shyamalan twists, the dramatic effect becomes notably lessened upon repeated viewing: Salon notes that the officially credited screenwriter of She’s All That, R. Lee Fleming, refuted Shyamalan’s claims on Twitter, saying it was “only in his mind.” Then, before we could even consider the possibility that we all exist ...
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So Maybe M. Night Shyamalan Exaggerated About She’s All That

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So Maybe M. Night Shyamalan Exaggerated About She’s All That
A few weeks ago, during an interview to promote the disastrous After Earth, M. Night Shyamalan confessed that he ghostwrote the classic 1999 Freddie Prinze Jr. vehicle She's All That, and you could almost hear the Trivial Pursuit factories printing out new cards. Except, as with all things Shyamalan, the story seems to be a bit more complicated: She's All That's credited writer, R. Lee Fleming Jr., apparently got wind of the claim and tweeted-and-deleted a denial last week. (The exact quote: "Only in his mind, James.") Fleming's Twitter bio makes a nod to the controversy, and he's Rt-ing Mark Twain quotes like, "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Meanwhile, his reps refuse to comment. Salon has the whole story, complete with Shyamalan-as-Fleming conspiracy theories in case you wanted to devote the whole day to the She's All That authorship
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So M. Night Shyamalan Probably Didn't Ghostwrite ‘She’s All That’ After All?

Remember recently when M. Night Shyamalan said that he ghostwrote the 1999 Freddie Prinze Jr./Rachael Leigh Cook rom-com “She’s All That”? Maybe not, but you should have at least read and/or heard that tidbit as a buzzworthy factoid by now. Over the past two weeks or so, the rumor has set the interwebs ablaze with “Hmm, that’s interesting/a bit odd/nuts.” With no real reason to doubt him, the media took the faux-teur at his word. And even taking things a bit farther than the film gossip-mill, IMDb changed the writers’ credits on “She’s All That” to give Shyamalan and R. Lee Fleming Jr. (the screenwriter who had the original credit) equal footing. Wikipedia went so far as to claim that Shyamalan was polishing the “She’s All That” script while adapting “Stuart Little” and working on “The Sixth Sense” (although it should be noted
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Did M. Night Shyamalan Secretly Write 'She's All That'?

  • NextMovie
Updated, 6/14/2013: Um, excuse us Mr. Shyamalan. Or should we say Sham-alan.

According to a now-deleted tweet by R. Lee Fleming Jr., caught by The Mary Sue, Mr. Shamalamadingdong did not actually write the fresh Prinze's teen classic "She's All That."

"@jxmitchell @nicolarz Only in his mind, James," he tweeted at someone expressing surprise at last week's revelation.

Twist! Double-twist! Who can we even trust?!


Previously, 5/30/2013: IMDb lists the 1999 teen rom-com "She's All That" as having been written by a gentleman named R. Lee Fleming, Jr., who later went on to write pretty much the same movie in 2001's "Get Over It" before runs on "One Tree Hill" and "The Lying Game."

Except (Crazy Last Minute Plot Twist) no he didn't! At least, not if you believe a recent interview with M. Night Shyamalan, who claims (Crazy Last Minute Plot Twist) it was M. Night Shyamalan who wrote
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M Night Shyamalan ghost wrote 'She's All That' before 'The Sixth Sense'

  • Pop2it
From the "in case you missed it" files: M Night Shyamalan claims he ghost wrote the "Pygmalion"-inspired teen rom-com "She's All That" starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. Seriously.

The rather random revelation comes from an interview Shyamalan did last month with during the promotion for his latest critically-maligned box office disappointment, "After Earth." He was trying to prove his range as a storyteller because "She's All That" was released in 1999 -- the same year as family hit "Stuart Little" (which Shyamalan has a writing credit on) and the Oscar-nominated blockbuster "The Sixth Sense" (which made Shyamalan's career).

Instead, it's just more proof that most movies Shyamalan is involved with aren't actually any good.

We also don't know how the credited writer of "She's All That" -- R. Lee Fleming -- feels about this. Fleming has since gone on to write for TV's "One Tree Hill" and "The Lying Game,
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Fox Picks Up Projects From Brett Ratner And Topher Grace

  • Deadline TV
Fox Picks Up Projects From Brett Ratner And Topher Grace
Exclusive: Fox has picked up for development 2 comedy projects from Friends alumni: Brian Buckner's How the Other Half Hamptons, which is produced by Brett Ratner, and R. Lee Fleming Jr.'s Anthem, produced by Topher Grace. Both are from 20th Century Fox TV. Hamptons, which 20th TV co-produces with Ratner's RatTV, is part of the hot trend of book adaptations this buying season. It is based Jasmin Rosemberg's novel, which in turn was inspired by Rosenberg's New York Post column about her Hamptons share-house experience. In the vein of Animal House, Hamptons revolves around friends Jamie, Rachel and Allison who don't have the old-school Hamptons money but still want to enjoy the trappings of the Hamptons lifestyle and find the men of their dreams, so they pile into a shared house together. Buckner is writing the script and is executive producing with Ratner. This is Ratner's second sale this development season.
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NBC, WB give the OK to pilots

NBC has given a cast-contingent pickup to a comedy from producers Karey Burke and Jamie Tarses and Touchstone TV, while the WB Network has picked up The Mountain, a drama pilot from producer McG and Warner Bros. TV. NBC's untitled R. Lee Fleming project centers on a 33-year-old guy who decides to go back to college after his wife leaves him for his best friend. Fleming (NBC's Friends) wrote the script and is exec producing with NBC Studios-based Burke and Tarses. The Mountain, a co-production with McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision, centers on a 25-year-old who inherits his family's mountain resort when his grandfather dies. McG's producing partner Stephanie Savage penned the script and will co-executive produce with David Barrett (Jake 2.0), who is attached to direct. McG is executive producing.

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