Top Cow unveils 'Pandora's Box'

Top Cow unveils 'Pandora's Box'
Top Cow Productions has announced details of a new crossover miniseries titled Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box. The event will act as a transition point between last year's Broken Trinity series and 2010's Artifacts. Its storyline will tie in with the mythology of the publisher's popular properties Darkness, Witchblade and Angelus. In an interview with Newsarama, co-writers Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin spoke about its plot. "It's a continuation of the Broken Trinity story created by Ron Marz, centering on Michael Finnegan and Glorianna Silver, the bearers of the Glacier Stone and Ember Stone respectively," (more)
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Ask the Flying Monkey! (August 31, 2009)

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Ask the Monkey! (Please include your city and state and/or country.)

Q: One of my friends has recently turned me on to country music (I am not sure whether to thank him yet or not). Are there any who are out, or who are known to have a positive relationship with the Lgbt community? -- Megan, Canton, Ohio

A: No out mainstream acts, but some country acts have been open, vocal supporters of us – most notably, Dolly Parton, The Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill and her husband Tim McGraw, and even Marie Osmond (who, as we all know, is both “a little bit country” and the mother of a lesbian). And, of course, most of the cool alt-country acts that I personally adore are on record as supporting us: Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Roseanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Emmylou Harris, etc.

But can I just say?
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