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Moving Picture World (US) October 16 1920, pg. 961, "Ned Finley (obituary)"
Variety (US) October 1 1920, "Ned Finley a Suicide; Actor-Producer Pens Death Note--Takes Strychnine"
Moving Picture World (US) February 8 1919, pg. 742, "Personally and Otherwise"
Moving Picture World (US) February 16 1918, pg. 972, "Ned Finley Has Own Company"
Moving Picture World (US) August 15 1914, pg. 966, "Where Is Ned Finley?"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) August 5 1914, pg. 25:1, "Finley Lost and Found; Director Disappears from Carolina, Turns Up in New York, a Victim of Aphasia"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) July 15 1914, pg. 24:2, "Vitagraph Director Ned Finley and His Company Starting for North Carolina"
Moving Picture World (US) July 11 1914, pg. 269, ill, "Ned Finley's Vitagraphers Flit South"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) July 1 1914, pg. 24:3, "Finley Off for Carolina"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) July 1 1914, pg. 21:3, "Editorials in Films; 'Semi-Educationals' as Seen by David W. Griffith and Ned Finley"
Moving Picture World (US) April 5 1913, pg. 30, "Ned Finley Joins Vitagraph"

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