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Batt on a Hot Tin Roof

One day recently, Bryan Batt decided to keep track of the number of people who stopped him to commiserate about the disappearance of his character, Salvatore Romano, from AMC's Emmy-winning "Mad Men." Batt quit counting at 30. "Some days it's really heartwarming, and sometimes you really want to make it go away," he says. "I'm doing other things, and then I'm reminded that Sal's been fired."The proud gay actor's closet-entrenched character was eliminated (at least temporarily) from the 1960s-set hit series in the third season—ironically, after art director Romano resisted the advances of a male client at the Sterling Cooper ad agency. "So many people identify with the character, including a lot of straight women," says Batt. "They really empathize with Sal's plight. I don't know what it is."In any case, Batt has been busy in the last year, and he credits "Mad Men" with having opened doors for him,
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