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Director Gary Sherman is perhaps best remembered for his cult titles Raw Meat (1972) and Dead & Buried (1981), or maybe for his franchise contribution, Poltergeist III (1988). But one of his last theatrical features, Lisa (1990) gets a Blu-ray release this month, which features surprisingly adept performances in what remains a pseudo-ya thriller. Television stars Cheryl Ladd (“Charlie’s Angels”) and Staci Keanan (“Step By Step,” here in her feature debut) play a Los Angeles mother and daughter who get caught up in a serial killer’s web of murder and sex in a film that curiously exchanges thrills for logical character development. Co-written by Karen Clark (who would solely work on television features following this film), the script presents in sobering fashion a female teenager’s yearning to break out into adulthood via dating and sex despite the lack of maturity that only age can bring. Unfortunately, the rather hokey genre elements this
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