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  • (1899 - 1932) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1899) Stage Play: Peter Stuyvesant. Comedy. Written by Brander Matthews and Bronson Howard. Wallack's Theatre: 2 Oct 1899- Oct 1899 (closing date unknown/28 performances). Cast: William H. Crane (as "Peter Stuyvesant"), Harvey Banks, Leila Bronson, William Courtleigh, George F. De Vere, Will Dupont, George Fawcett [Broadway debut], Daniel Fingleton, Henry Greisman, Percy Haswell, Carl Herbert, William Ingersoll, Selene Johnson, Ferris Mason, Sandol Milliken, Frank Molburn, William Sampson, Thad Shine, George L. Stevens, Frederick Truesdell. Produced by Joseph Brooks.
  • (1900) Stage Play: Caleb West. Drama. Written by Michael Morton. From the novel by F. Hopkinson Smith. Directed by Eugene Wiley Presbrey and Michael Morton. Manhattan Theatre: 17 Sep 1900- Oct 1900 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Edwin Arden (as "Caleb West"), May Buckley (as "Betty"), John W. Cope (credited as J.W. Cope) [Broadway debut], George Fawcett (as "Captain Joe"), Ada Gilman, Elmer Grandin, Ysobel Haskins, Louis Hendricks, Harry Holliday, Alice Hunt, Henry James, Frank Lander, Robert Lowe, Helen King Russell, Emily Wakeman, Malcolm Williams (as "Bill Lacey"), Kate Denin Wilson. Produced by Jacob Litt.
  • (1901) Stage Play: Unleavened Bread.
  • (1903) Stage Play: Ghosts.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Woman in the Case. Drama. Herald Square Theatre: 31 Jan 1905- 15 Apr 1905 (89 performances). Cast: Eleanor Carey, Ethlyn Clemens, Dorothy Dorr (as "Claire Forster"), Robert Drouet (as "Julian Rolfe"), Samuel Edwards, George Fawcett, Kathryn Keyes, Foster Lardner, Charles MacDonald, Florence St. Leonard, William Travers, William Wadsworth, Blanche Walsh (as "Margaret Rolfe"), Helen Ware [Broadway debut], W.H. Wright. Produced by Wagenhals and Collin Kemper. Note: Filmed as The Woman in the Case (1916).
  • (1905) Stage Play: Fedora (Revival). Written by Victorien Sardou. American Theatre: 22 May 1905- May 1905 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Edwin Arden, Henry Arthur, Harry Blake, Alice Butler, Harvey Cassidy, Louis Cozzens, Charles Elmer, Edwin Evans, Charles Hammond, Regan Hughston, Bertha Kalich, Daisy Lovering, Dodson Mitchell, Guy Nichols, Walter North, George Schraeder, Frederick Sullivan. Produced by George Fawcett.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Squaw Man. Drama. Written by Edwin Milton Royle. Directed by Edwin Milton Royle and William Faversham. Wallack's Theatre: 23 Oct 1905- Apr 1906 (closing date unknown/222 performances). Cast: C.A. Carlton, George Fawcett, William Frederick, William S. Hart, Selene Johnson, Mitchell Lewis, Bertram Marburgh, Adrienne Morrison [credited as Mabel Morrison], Theodore Roberts, W.H. Sadler, Emmett Shackelford, Herbert Sleath, Hugo Toland, Cecil Ward, Frederick Watson, Baco White. Produced by Liebler & Co. Note: The play proved quite durable. It enjoyed 4 Broadway revivals into 1922 and was eventually purchased by Jesse Lasky (Famous Players; later known as Paramount Pictures) as the basis for The Squaw Man (1914), arguably the first feature film shot in Hollywood.
  • (1906) Stage Play: The Man of the Hour.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Silver Girl.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Great John Ganton. Drama. Written by J. Hartley Manners. Based on the novel by Arthur J. Eddy. Directed by Lucius Henderson. Lyric Theatre: 3 May 1909- Jun 1909 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: George Fawcett, Jack Barnes, R.H. Breese, Josephine Brown, Frederick Burton, Edward Emery, Charles Gay, Lucius Henderson, Jack Leslie, Esther Lyons, H. Frederick Millerton, Jane Peyton, Mona Rank, W.H. Sadler, Laurette Taylor, A.H. Van Buren, Jack Webster. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1910) Stage Play: A Son of the People.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Getting a Polish. Written by Booth Tarkington and Harry Leon Wilson Wallack's Theatre: 7 Nov 1910- 17 Dec 1910 (closing date unknown/48 performances). Cast: May Irwin (as "Mrs. Jim"), Frank Bixby, J.T. Chaillee, Rosalind Coghlan, George Fawcett, Charles A. Gay, Florence Glenn, Mary V. Hall, John Junior, Edward Leibert, John Daly Murphy, Albert Roccardi, Mary K. Taylor, Raymond Watson. Produced by Liebler & Co.
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Silent Call. Written by Edwin Milton Royle. Directed by Edwin Milton Royle. Broadway Theatre: 2 Jan 1911- Jan 1911 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Charles S. Abbe, Frank Bixby, Samuel J. Burton, Stella Condon, George W. Deyo, Walter Dickinson, Dustin Farnum, George Fawcett, Elmer Grandin, Tom Gunn, William S. Hart, Henry Hicks, Maud Hosford, Frank Klein, T.J. McGrane, Theodore Roberts, Leila Romer Tyler. Produced by Liebler & Co.
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Squaw Man. Drama. Written by Edwin Milton Royle. Directed by Addison Pitt. Broadway Theatre: 9 Jan 1911- 17 Jan 1911 (8 performances). Cast: Charles S. Abbe, Frank Bixby, Rosiland Coghlan, Dudley Digges, Dustin Farnum, George Fawcett, Robert Gordon, Tom Gunn, Harry Hallam, Chrystal Herne, Henry M. Hicks, Maud Hosford, Violet Knott, Ernest Lambert, James Malaidy, Bertram Marburgh, Theodore Roberts. Produced by Liebler & Co. Note: Story sold to Famous Players Lassky (later known as Paramount) and became the first motion picture shot in Hollywood in 1913 (directed by Cecil B. DeMille as The Squaw Man (1914)). Farnum also starred in the film version.
  • (1913) Stage Play: Are You a Crook? Comedy.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Last Resort. Written by George Scarborough. Longacre Theatre: 2 Mar 1914- Mar 1914 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: A.G. Andrews, George Backus, Richard Barbee, Julia Blanc, Arthur Edwards, George Fawcett, J.C. Fenton, Ruth Findlay, B.R. Graham, Charles N. Greene, Albert Hyde, Wilson Melrose, Alfred Moore, Mark Price, George Wilson, Olive Wyndham. Produced by George Scarborough.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Governor's Boss. Drama. Written by James S. Barcus. Garrick Theatre: 13 Apr 1914- Apr 1914 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Frank Andrews, Emory Blunkall, Earle Craddock, Sidney Cushing [final Broadway role], George Fawcett (as "Hiram Tally"), D.J. Flanagan, C.W. Goodrich, Richard Gordon, John E. Kellerd (as "Lancelot Shackleton"), Cecil Kern, Charles Laite, Crosby Maynard, Frances McGrath, Arthur Parmelay, Forrest Seabury, Charles Seiter. Note: Filmed by The Governor's Boss Photoplay Company as The Governor's Boss (1915).
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Law of the Land. Written by George Broadhurst. 48th Street Theatre: 30 Sep 1914- Apr 1915 (closing date unknown/221 performances). Cast: Walter Craven, Julia Dean, George Fawcett, George Graham, Thomas Gunn, Charles Lane, Harry Lillford, Master Macomber, Harry Oldridge, James Seeley, Milton Sills, Ethel Wright. Produced by George Broadhurst. Note: Filmed by Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company Paramount Pictures] as Law of the Land (1917).

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