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Marta Evry

Venice, California United States


  • Paradigm, Jay Gilbert, Agent
    360 N. Cresent Dr. Beverly Hills, California United States
    (310) 288-8000

As Editor:

The Pacific (miniseries) HBO Pictures - Steven Speilberg, Tom Hanks, Tony To, producers - David Nutter, Tim van Patten, directors. Episodes, "Basilone", "Pelieu Hills" and "Okinawa"

"The Pacific" Nominations:
Emmy for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Miniseries Or A Movie, American Cinema Editors award for Best Edited Miniseries or Motion Picture For Television

Castle (series) ABC Studios - Rob Bowman, Andrew Marlowe, producers

Lie to Me (series) Fox TV - Brian Grazer, Sam Baum, Steve Meada, producers

Inseparable (pilot) ABC Studios - Rob Bowman, Shawn Cassidy, Warren Littlefield, producers

The X-Files: I Want To Believe (feature) 20th Century Fox - Chris Carter, director, Frank Spotnitz, producer.

Marlowe(pilot) ABC Studios/LivePlanet - Rob Bowman, Sean Bailey, producers

Day Break (pilot and series) ABC/Touchstone - Rob Bowman, Jeff Bell, Matthew Gross, producers

Nightstalker (series) ABC/Touchstone - Frank Spotnitz, Dan Sackheim, producers

House (series) NBC/Universal/Fox TV - David Shore, Bryan Singer, Paul Attanasio, producers

Hawaii (pilot and series) NBC/Universal - Jeff Eastin, Dan Sackheim , producers

Lyon's Den (series) Fox/NBC-TV - Dan Sackheim, Kevin Falls, Remi Aubuchon, producers

First Years (series) USA /NBC-TV - Jill Gordon, Mark Perry, Ken Topolsky, producers

The Street (series) ATG /Fox TV - Darren Star, Michael Dinner, producers

Dead In A Heartbeat (Cable movie) TBS - Dan Sackheim, director

Big Top Winkle (Cable) Everything Winkle Prod/Sony - Lara Jo Regan, director

In Your Face (video) Mirus Productions - Tim Tommasito, director

Lucifer's Child (Cable movie) A&E - Tony Albetamarco, director

As Co-Producer:

Day Break (pilot and series) ABC/Touchstone Rob Bowman, Jeff Bell, Matthew Gross, producers

As Additional Editor:

Dance With Me (Theatrical) Sony Pictures Randa Haines, director - Lisa Fruchtman, editor

Truman (Cable Movie) HBO Pictures
Frank Pierson, director - Lisa Fruchtman, editor

Lakota Woman (Cable Movie) Turner Pictures Frank Pierson, director - Katina Zinner, editor


Jay Gilbert, Paradigm. (310) 288-8000

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