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The Audience Movie Review

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The Audience Movie Review
Title: The Audience Director: Stephen Daldry Starring: Helen Mirren, Michael Elwyn, Haydn Gwynne, Richard McCabe, Nathaniel Parker, Paul Ritter, Rufus Wright, Edward Fox, David Peart, Geoffrey Beevers, Bebe Cave, Maya Gerber, Nell Williams, Charlotte Moore, Harry Feltham, Matt Plumb, Spencer Kitchen, Elaine Solomon, Jonathan Coote, Ian Houghton, Jenny Ogilvie. ‘The Audience’ is an extraordinary experience that welds the noble art of theatre with that of film-making. The story spills out from the quill of Oscar nominated writer Peter Morgan and the direction of three-time Academy Award nominated and Tony award winning Stephen Daldry. The play screened live on June 13 from the Gielgud Theatre and was broadcast to cinemas around [ Read More ]

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The Audience – review

Gielgud, London

Peter Morgan struck box-office gold with his movie The Queen. He's likely to do so again with this play based on the private weekly audience given by the monarch to the prime minister. But I'd say that in both cases, Pm owes a great deal to Hm: in other words, Helen Mirren, who once again gives a faultless performance that transcends mere impersonation to endow the monarch with a sense of inner life and a quasi-Shakespearean aura of solitude.

As a dramatist, however, Morgan faces two problems. One is that no one ever knows what is said at these weekly tête-à-têtes since they are un-minuted. The other, more serious, is that in a constitutional monarchy, the Queen has no authority to contradict policy: simply, in the words of Walter Bagehot in the 19th century, "to be consulted, to advise and to warn", which would seem to rule out dramatic conflict.
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