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Gotham Cast Talk Flash Crossover, Joker Return, And Doppelgangers At Nycc

This weekend at New York Comic Con, the cast of Gotham greeted a legion of devoted fans and answered a few burning questions surrounding the show’s third season. As with any TV show based on a comic book, theories are forever rampant, so it’s always welcome to get answers straight from the source, even if they can’t always go into as much detail as desired.

With superhero crossovers being the talk of the town, many fans hope for Gotham to be able to eventually participate. But just because two series are based on DC properties doesn’t mean that titanium hard red tape between networks can be cut. And, despite Gotham airing on Fox and shows such as The Flash and Arrow residing over at The CW, that doesn’t mean that David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) can’t dream like the rest of us:

“Now that The Flash can time travel,
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James Frain’s Gotham Character Is Actually An Established DC Villain

When it was first announced that James Frain (True Detective, True Blood) was set to join the cast of Gotham season 2 he was identified as one Theo Galavan, brother of Tabitha (Jessica Lucas), who we were told would be introduced as a version of DC villain, Tigress. Because of the unfamiliar name, it was assumed that Theo would be another character created just for the show, but it seems that may not be the case.

According to Gotham executive producer Danny Cannon, Theo will represent the “origins of a very famous DC villain” – one who will rely on other villains to help him achieve his goals.” The character will be set up as a “billionaire industrialist who presents himself as the savior of Gotham,” and the parallels with Bruce Wayne’s origins have led to speculation that he might turn out to be a version of Thomas Elliot, Aka Hush
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The 13 Most Iconic Joker Moments

Villains are everything to a story, and especially in the comic book medium, a hero is only as good as the villains that they thwart. Batman has the most recognizable, most iconic, and overall best rogue’s gallery in all of comics. From classics such as Two-Face, Catwoman, and the Riddler to relative newcomers like Bane, The Court of Owls, and Hush, all of these villains, and are strongly ingrained in comic book lore to a degree unmatched by other comic book villains. There are some heroes like Superman, Shazam, and the Hulk who have such a shallow crop of villains to draw from that it works against a creator’s ability to tell quality stories. Batman doesn’t have this problem; in fact, one of the greatest comic book villains calls the Dark Knight his archenemy.

What makes the Joker such an exciting villain isn’t just his diabolical deeds,
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Gotham: 10 Future Villains We Want To See

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for Fox’s freshman Gotham series is its promise to explore the corrupt city and the people within it at a time before Bruce Wayne appeared as the Caped Crusader. Villains who have challenged him time and time again all had to start somewhere, crafted and warped by their upbringings, uncontrollable circumstances or otherwise, and Gotham offers viewers the opportunity to see many of them long before they become the easily recognizable figures they are.

So far, the show has introduced a number of characters big and small from Batman’s rogues gallery, from crime lords like Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone, future supervillians like Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nigma and, of course, a young Selina Kyle, with confirmed future appearances by other characters like Harvet Dent, Victor Zsasz and Thomas Elliot along with the long-term tease of the Joker. Suffice it to say,
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Arkham Knight Revealed!

Upon its announcement most people probably assumed that the title Batman: Arkham Knight was a pretty rubbish attempt at crowbarring the 'Asylum' name into Rocksteady's latest, and final entry in the series.

Turns out it was actually the name of a supposedly all new villain created by Rocksteady with input from the chaps at DC Comics. At first we were given an image of the bad guy shrouded in darkness.

But as you can see below, light has now been shed on the situation, revealing it's design as well as a couple of new images of him (?) in action against The Dark Knight....

What I find most intriguing about Arkham Knight is not the similarities in costume (he has bat ears!), but his (?) identity. Personally I'm not completely buying this 'new character' line. Using guns yet being similar to Batman could suggest Jason Todd (a dead Robin who has returned
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Flickering Myth co-editor Luke Owen to take over hosting duties of The Twilight Zone Podcast

It was announced on the latest episode that Tom Elliot would be stepping down as the host of the popular Twilight Zone Podcast. Episode 30, A Stop at Willoughby, acted as his last stop.

However, fans of the podcast will be pleased to know that the podcast is not coming to an end. In Tom's place will be our own Luke Owen, himself a Twilight Zone enthusiast.

"I'm really excited to take over the show", Owen said. "Tom did such a great job with the show and he's created a great platform for fellow Twilight Zone fans to come together. I hope I can keep the legacy of the show alive!"

Luke's first episode will be The Chaser and will be launched next week.

The Twilight Zone first aired in 1959 and ran for 5 seasons. It had a movie adaptation in 1983 and a rebooted series in 1985 which ran for 3 seasons. The series
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5 Batman Comic Villains Who Need To Return

Batman villains are a lot like jelly beans; they’re mostly delicious, but every once in a while you get a brown one that tastes less like root beer and more like garbage juice. The good news for Bat-Villains though is that they live in a world of fantasy where they can be re-imaged and updated for current times, whereas bad tasting jelly beans only option is trash can city.

For every Joker, Riddler, and Two-Face Batman has also battled villains who wear Guy Fawkes masks, have quilt-themed crimes, and use kites as their main mode of transportation. Formidable they are not, but thanks to DC’s New 52 campaign, many of these characters could be given a second (or in some cases, third) chance at life. So while they’re reinventing some of the worst characters, why not give new life to the ones that had all the potential in the world,
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BBC sorry for Ira gaffe on Question Time

Broadcaster apologises for 'insensitive' production error that saw Stormont minister labelled as member of Sinn Féin/Ira

The BBC has apologised for a Question Time production gaffe that saw a Stormont minister labelled as a member of "Sinn Fein/Ira".

Sinn Féin education minister John O'Dowd, who was a panellist on last night's show in Belfast, was referred to by the term in a seating plan.

The title directly linking the republican party to the paramilitary organisation has long been used in a pejorative way by members of the loyalist community in Northern Ireland.

Sinn Féin was closely associated with the Provisional Ira during the Troubles but has always maintained it was a separate and solely political organisation and says the tag was created to justify attacks on its members in the conflict.

The BBC said the seating plan, which was attached to a camera in the studio, was written by a "technical staff" member.
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Radio Battlegrounds

After a challenging 2012, the lines have been drawn and the troops are in position for the 2013 radio year. Colin Delaney looks across the country at the old and new faces and the biggest fights on the cards in the battle for the ratings win.

2012 was a tumultuous year for Australia’s radio industry. Marred by several well-publicised incidents, the reputations and standing of talent, management and key brands in the space took a beating, as did the image of the medium as a whole.

But the stage is now set for the battle of 2013 after the ratings season begins on January 20 and those in the industry Encore spoke to are hopeful the coming 12 months will see a turnaround with a number of new additions to the talent lineup and the return of many industry veterans. Um CEO Mat Baxter believes one show in particular will be a major game changer
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The Twilight Zone Podcast with Flickering Myth co-editor Luke Owen

For the last couple of years, The Twilight Zone Podcast host Tom Elliot has been taking his listeners through the fifth dimension episode by episode. But for this year's Christmas special, he was joined by The Night Gallery Podcast host Chris Brown and Flickering Myth co-editor Luke Owen to discuss the 1983 big screen adaptation.

Bringing together the directorial skills of Steven Spielberg, George Miller, John Landis and Joe Dante, Twilight Zone: The Movie was an interesting experiment that has been met with mixed feelings in terms of critical reception but will forever be tainted by the tragic on-set death of Vic Morrow and child actors Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen.

In the podcast, Tom, Chris and Luke discuss the movie segment by segment as well as the possibilities of a new film and the announcement of Bryan Singer's new Twilight Zone TV show.

The episode can
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Derryn Hinch is back with public affairs commentator role at Seven

Hinch: back at Seven

Derryn Hinch, who was sacked by Melbourne radio station 3Aw last month, has re-emerged at Channel Seven, his former employer.

The outspoken broadcaster takes on a role as national public affairs commentator working across Seven shows Sunday Night, Seven News and Sunrise.

Hinch starts in the new role in November, when his time at 3Aw comes to an end. However, he is slated to appear on Sunrise on Monday morning.

“My doctor says I’ve got a Rolls-Royce liver – and now I’m back at the Rolls-Royce network,” said Hinch, referring to a liver transplant he had last year.

“I can’t wait to get started. I’ve got a lot of energy, and a lot of ideas and stories I want to pursue. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. In fact she won’t be needed on stage for a long time,” he said.
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Tom Elliott to replace Derryn Hinch at 3Aw

3Aw has announced Tom Elliott as its replacement for Derryn Hinch, who was fired by the station earlier this week.

Talking on 3Aw’s Mornings with Neil Mitchell, station Gm Shane Healy said: “We want to keep positioning 3Aw to be the best station in Australia. Not just now, but in three, five and ten years’ time.”Healy said the slot would probably expand to a three hour show.

The axing of the controversial Hinch, whose contract will run until the end of the year came as something of a surprise. At the last survey, 3Aw was the market leader in drivetime with 12.6% share.

Elliott, who has filled in for Hinch in the past, is scheduled to take over in the new year.
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The Gotham Trilogy: Wayne: Fancast and Second Draft

Wayne Script The Gotham Trilogy is my Batman reboot trilogy. The second draft of the first script, Wayne, can be found above. The second will likely be up in a few weeks, titled 'Arkham'. The villains for the sequel will be Scarecrow, Two Face and Zsasz. It will be based on Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, The Long Halloween, The Three Ghosts of Batman and Batman: Haunted Knight. The cast for this reboot (just for Wayne, I'll do the additions for Arkham and the third when I release their scripts) are: Batman/Bruce Wayne: Liam McIntyre Alfred Pennyworth: Christopher Lee Jim Gordon: Kiefer Sutherland Julie Madison: Amy Acker Roman Sionis/Black Mask: Dominic West Lazlo Valenin/Professor Pyg: Philip Seymour Hoffman Arthur Wynne: Andrew Scott Salvatore Maroni: James Wood Harvey Dent: Michael Fassbender Lucius Fox: Denzel Washington Sarah Essen-Gordon: Mariska Hargitay Barbara Gordon: Ellen Page
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Midnight in Paris Review

Gil and Inez are on a trip to Paris, tagging along with her parents. It’s evident from the start that their personalities clash. He is a successful Hollywood screenwriter in the middle of writing his first original novel. Gil (Owen Wilson) finds the French capital exceptional; his new surroundings offer a serenity that escapes him back in California. She on the other hand, can’t get home fast enough. Inez (Rachel McAdams) scoffs at her fiancé’s new occupational wishes. She sees their future enveloped in established luxury and celebrity; a move to Malibu is in the works.

During a discussion of conflicting politics, dinner is interrupted by Paul and Carol, friends of Inez. Paul is played by Michael Sheen. Sheen has a history of portraying clever characters; here, he is merely a pseudo-intellectual, claiming expertise in every field imaginable. To Gil’s chagrin, a time for exploration is
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Warner Bros. Developing a Batman: Hush Video Game?

Warner Bros. is on the verge of releasing the highly anticipated video game Batman: Arkham City, but it looks like the studio is prepping up the next game. According to recent domain names that the studio has picked up, that game could be based on the comic book series Batman: Hush. There are a few other domain names as well.

Batman: Hush was write by Jeph Loeb (Batman: The Long Halloween) and it was illustrated by Jim Lee (All Star Batman). In the story Batman sets out to discover the identity of a mysterious mastermind using the Joker, Riddler, Ra's al Ghul and the Dark Knight's other enemies, and allies as pawns in a plan to wreak havoc.

This could end up another great new Batman video game, what do you all think? Do you think Batman: Hush
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And Yet, I Still Feel Strange | The Dark Knight Rises Villainy

  • Pajiba
I have a pair of beautiful, wonderful, fun, and witty friends who have been known to morph into screeching harpies that take delight in ruining the things I love. Recently, while watching The A-Team, they pointed out that Patrick Wilson (a long cherished favorite of mine) is endowed with a particularly feminine pout. The evocative phrase they used, in fact, was "ladylips" (I know, trust me, I know). The whole movie, alternately cackling and pursing their lips, they tore the object of my affection to shreds. The other night during a screening of Willow, one of those harpies took that institute of male beauty, slim Val Kilmer, in her talons and maw. Well, if I can't have nice things, readers, neither can you:

Patrick "Ladylips" Wilson

Val "Before He Was Puffy He Was Ladylipped" Kilmer

But I didn't come here today merely to speak to you of ladylips. Ever since
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The Pitch: The Dark Knight Rises – Hush This Is My Batman 3 Story

Weekly column from Kevin Coll, where he thinks like an Executive and gives Hollywood some ideas for movies. Never his own of course but he certainly loves talking about remakes, books to film and much more in this series.

I finally have a pitch column that I can get behind that I know many will get excited about. I have decided to predict Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 story now known as The Dark Knight Rises. The greatest thing about this column article is it’s one that I have been writing in my head since the end of The Dark Knight, and though details change here and there, the one constant has been a full circle storyline encompassing the early days of Batman before he fully realizes the man he needs to be and will always be for Gotham.

First off, I feel the need to recognize Jeph Loeb
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