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NFL Broadcaster Rich Eisen: Peyton Manning's Totally Worth $10 Million, 'I Get Half!'

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Rich Eisen says Peyton Manning in the broadcast booth is worth whatever money networks wanna throw at him -- even if his price tag's $10 Mil ... or more! We got Rich leaving Craig's in L.A. ... and the NFL Network star didn't balk at reports that Peyton could be in line for an 8-figure salary for calling "Thursday Night Football." In fact, Eisen says Manning should bleed the fat cats dry ... 'cause if he cashes out,
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The Rescue Dogs of the World Are Finally Getting Their Own Westminster

The 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, America’s second-longest continuously held sporting event, just wrapped up, crowning Flynn the Bichon Frise as winner.

Though some may not know it, mixed breed dogs are allowed at the Westminster Dog Show, as long as they’re competing in the agility competition, the one portion of the show event that is not reserved for purebred canines only.

For 142 years, rescue dogs have been waiting for their own moment to strut their stuff and it has finally come. On Feb. 19, the Hallmark Channel will air its first American Rescue Dog Show.

The adorable
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Super Bowl Lii: The Scene From Minneapolis (Updating)

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TheWrap’s Party Report will be updating throughout the weekend. Hollywood stars and NFL icons unite this weekend at the countless parties and A-list events leading up to Super Bowl Lii in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Even the temperatures dropping below freezing and snow lining the streets couldn’t slow down the Super Bowl party train, as thousands of fans and a horde of stars invaded Minneapolis. Those brave enough to take on the “Bold North” as the city proudly dubs itself were not disappointed, especially when it meant a preview of Justin Timberlake’s new album, “Man of the Woods.” Also Read: Rich Eisen on Why Super Bowl...
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Rich Eisen on Why Super Bowl Lii Will Be ‘Jaw-Droppingly Incredible’ (Video)

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Rich Eisen on Why Super Bowl Lii Will Be ‘Jaw-Droppingly Incredible’ (Video)
The Super Bowl is the epitome of the sports and entertainment crossover, so it’s only fitting that host Rich Eisen took over downtown Minneapolis this week. Eisen and Super Bowls go together like Tom Brady and winning, and “The Rich Eisen Show” on DirecTV’s Audience Network is making its fourth appearance during the NFL’s championship game (three of which Brady and co. have won). “DirecTV and At&T have been great about blowing out the Super Bowl,” Eisen told TheWrap when we visited him ahead of Super Bowl Lii, admitting that he was jealous of network colleague Dan Patrick’s sets for years. Also...
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Ronda Rousey Marrying Travis Browne During McGregor Fight

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Ronda Rousey won't be ringside for McGregor vs. Mayweather ... 'Cause She'll Be Getting Married!  Dana White revealed that Ronda will be tying the knot with longtime boyfriend Travis Browne on Saturday. The two got engaged back in April.  White told Rich Eisen he was invited to the wedding but obviously won't be able to attend. Ronda previously announced on "Kelly and Ryan" that the wedding will go down in Hawaii.  As for Ronda's career, Dana
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Katy Perry's Star-Studded "Swish Swish" Video Is Giving Us Major Space Jam Vibes

A month after Katy Perry dropped a lyric video for "Swish Swish" starring Brazilian Gif queen and former pop singer Gretchen (née Maria Odete Brito de Miranda), the pop diva released her full-length video, which embraces the basketball theme of the song literally and features a ton of eclectic stars as Perry's losing team the Tigers go up against the Sheep. The music video might be a campy take on a basketball game, but it's reminiscent of the star-studded lineup Perry's longtime rival Taylor Swift got together for her elaborate "Bad Blood" video (since "Bad Blood" is a dis track about Perry and "Swish Swish" is about Swift, the move makes perfect sense). Included in video are Molly Shannon, Terry Crews, Thor Björnsson (aka The Mountain on Game of Thrones), Glee alum Jenna Ushkowitz, Gaten Matarazzo of Stranger Things fame, the cast of Glow, Internet star Christine Sydelko, and sportscasters Bill Walton and Rich Eisen.
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Gronk Scores Cameo In Katy Perry Video, Ditto for Karl-Anthony Towns

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Katy Perry just hired a bunch of Huge athletes for her new music video -- everyone from Rob Gronkowski to Karl-Anthony Towns ... even Joey Chestnut!!! It's all for Katy's new "Swish Swish" video -- which all takes place at a basketball game, with Bill Walton and Rich Eisen announcing.  Some of the highlights ... Katy "Kobe" Perry takes on the guy who plays The Mountain on "Game of Thrones" while Chestnut slams down hot dogs in the crowd.
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Katy Perry's All-Star Basketball Team Mounts a Comeback in "Swish Swish"

Katy Perry's All-Star Basketball Team Mounts a Comeback in
It's the Tigers vs. the Sheep at Sheep Stadium—and the home team is the underdog. At midnight, Katy Perry released the music video for "Swish Swish," with cameos from Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson, Joey Chestnut, Terry Crews, Doug the Pug, Rob Gronkowski, Russel "Backpack Kid" Horning, Iris Kyle, Amanda Lacount, Gatan Matarazzo, Dexter Mayfield, Nicki Minaj, Sydelle Noel, Molly Shannon, Kia Stevens, Christine Sydelko, Jackie Tohn, Karl-Anthony Towns, Jenna Ushkowitz, Carter Wilkerson, Britney Young and the West Hollywood Cheerleaders. Swish Center's Rich Eisen and Bill Walton commentated on the basketball game, which they predicted would be "the most...
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Matt Damon Dresses Up Like Tom Brady to Sneak onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and Keeps the Feud Alive

Matt Damon Dresses Up Like Tom Brady to Sneak onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and Keeps the Feud Alive
Matt Damon employed some clever costuming and Super Bowl fever to sneak onto Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, posing as New England Patriots quarterback and Super Bowl Mvp Tom Brady.

Damon came out decked out in Brady's jersey and rocking his football helmet, but it was clear the ruse wasn't going to hold up -- mostly because you could still see Damon's face, and he didn't alter his voice at all.

Watch: Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Burst Out Laughing at Couples Therapy

After Kimmel pulled the helmet off, the audience went wild, cheering for the Great Wall actor uproariously as an annoyed Kimmel tried to get them to calm down.

"Touchdown!" an extremely amped up Damon yelled at Kimmel. "I won the Super Bowl and I won your stupid show!"

Watch: Matt Damon Runs a Hilarious Attack Ad on Jimmy Kimmel's Vice Presidential Campaign

Kimmel told Damon that his stunt didn't count as being
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Jon Hamm Is Positive Don Draper Would Be Dead By Now

Don Draper would be long gone by now if he were an actual person, as far as Jon Hamm is concerned. 

The Emmy-winning Mad Men star dropped by the Rich Eisen Show for a recent interview and said it was his opinion that while Draper did come up with the iconic Coke jingle, which is hinted at in the series finale, he would not have changed his destructive lifestyle. 

"He'd be in his 80s (now) and there ain't no way that guy is getting into his 80s without a massive lifestyle shift, which maybe he did at the end...
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When Kevin Costner went mushroom hunting while filming Robin Hood

Simon Brew Jan 6, 2017

During a lunch break on the shoot of Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, Kevin Costner went looking for, er, 'special mushrooms'...

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, the year that we also lost the mighty Alan Rickman (who, of course, stole every scene he was let near in the movie). It’s a film that remains a favourite for many, and in a new interview, Kevin Costner has shared a behind the scenes story from the making of the movie. In particular, how a swordfight scene in the movie was nearly ‘delayed’ by a search for some, well, mushrooms. Those kind of mushrooms.

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Appearing on the Rich Eisen Show, Costner described how, ahead of filming a swordfight sequence in the movie, a stuntman suggested
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Kevin Costner Went Looking for Mushrooms With a Stuntman While Filming 'Robin Hood'

It seems hope was not all that was growing in Sherwood Forest.

During an interview Thursday on The Rich Eisen Show, Kevin Costner revealed that he went on something of a hunt with his stuntman while the two had some downtime on the set of the iconic 1991 adventure film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Costner told Eisen that he befriended the stuntman and that the two — in costume — went off into the wooded location to find some mushrooms. Yes, those kinds of mushrooms.

Costner said he was not having much luck finding any vegetation, but his stuntman did. However, before they took...
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Matthew McConaughey Would Play Rust Cohle Again in True Detective Season 3

HBO had something special on its hands with the first season of True Detective, a show that was not only a pop culture phenomenon, but also led the charge in the trend of A-list movie stars heading from the movies to prestige TV shows. The first season was excellent, but the second season — with completely different actors and different directors — was a creative disaster and maybe the most drastic drop in quality from one season of a show to the next that I can remember. I know season two has its defenders, but just did not work for me on any level.

There's been talk of a possible third season, and perhaps what the show needs to get back up and running again is an injection of what made the first season so awesome to begin with: namely, Matthew McConaughey as Rust Cohle. The actor has mentioned being
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The Best Twitter Reactions to Aretha Franklin’s Long National Anthem

The Best Twitter Reactions to Aretha Franklin’s Long National Anthem
Aretha Franklin took center field to perform the national anthem at the Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings game on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Clad in her trademark fur coat and wearing a Detroit beanie (her hometown), the Queen of Soul sat down at the piano and embarked on a soulful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”

A soulful, but long, rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

When she played her last note, the song clocked in at 4 minutes and 35 seconds.

Twitter had a field day with song’s length, as did the game’s broadcaster, CBS, who put up the following graphic.

The graphic showed not only the Vikings’ and Lions’ time of possession, but also Aretha Franklin’s.

Check out some of the funniest Twitter replies:

Sports anchor Rich Eisen simply wrote, “Aretha, for the win.”

Aretha, for the win.

Rich Eisen (@richeisen) November 24, 2016

Dan Graziano also showed his respect, posting, “Aretha Franklin is pretty far up at the top
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Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen Returning for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 9

All of Curb Your Enthusiasm's original core cast members are set to return to the HBO show!

Popular recurring guest stars Ted Danson and wife Mary Steenburgen are the latest to sign on to join Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman and series creator Larry David for the upcoming ninth season.

Read: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is Coming Back!

As the show follows an exaggerated version of David's life, Danson and Steenburgen play themselves on the show. Both actors are also currently appearing on other shows, as Danson stars with Kristen Bell in NBC's The Good Place and Steenburgen plays a lead on Fox's Last Man on Earth.

In June, HBO announced that Curb would be returning after a 5-year hiatus.

"We're thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of Curb and can't wait to see what he has planned," HBO programming president, Casey Bloys, said in a statement
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The Walking Dead: Daryl To Go “Very, Very Dark” After Season 7 Premiere; Negan Not Considered One-Season Villain

Though The Walking Dead fanbase had months to brace themselves for the arrival of season 7, the premiere “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” was no less devastating.

It’s spawned heated debate online as long-time supporters of the series come to terms with those characters that were bumped off in grisly fashion. But few have stopped to ask the question, what about those who survived the harrowing ordeal? Well, according to Norman Reedus, Daryl will be one member of the group to feel the brunt of what transpired, and will seemingly go “very, very dark” in the upcoming weeks.

Spoilers to follow!

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Chatting to Comic Book about that nail-biting premiere, Reedus stressed that Glenn’s death “weighs heavily” on Daryl, and though he doesn’t necessarily expect Mr. Dixon to become a recluse, a combination of self-loathing and hatred will send
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UTA Signs NFL Network Stalwart Rich Eisen

Exclusive: UTA has signed broadcaster Rich Eisen, who has been a key player at NFL Network since being hired away from Espn before the network launched. He is also the host of The Rich Eisen Show on DirecTV's Audience Network. That daily show, in its third season, bridges sports and pop culture, and Eisen has interviewed everyone from Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon and Will Ferrell to Larry David Bryan Cranston and Snoop Dogg. Eisen, who had been at CAA, continues to…
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L.A. Law Reboot in Development

L.A. Law Reboot in Development
Steven Bochco is looking to reconvene L.A. Law.

The prolific producer is developing an updated version of his classic ’80s legal drama, which ran for eight seasons on NBC, our sister site, Variety, reports.

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During an interview on the Rich Eisen Show on Monday, Bochco revealed that four months ago L.A. Law scribe Bill Finkelstein approached him with an idea for a reboot. “I called my friends at [20th Century Fox], because they own the show, and they were very interested in having a conversation,
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Steven Bochco Developing ‘L.A. Law’ Reboot

Steven Bochco Developing ‘L.A. Law’ Reboot
L.A. Law” creator Steven Bochco is working on a reboot of the classic ’80s legal workplace drama.

Speaking on the Rich Eisen Show Monday, Bochco said that he has been asked frequently in the more than 20 years since the series went off the air to reboot “L.A. Law,” but has never been interested in doing so. Then he was contacted four months ago by one of the show’s original writers, Bill Finkelstein, who had an idea for a revamped version.

“I called my friends at Fox, because they own the show, and they were very interested in having a conversation, and so Billy and I sat down and we sort of reconceptualized what ‘L.A. Law’ would look like and be about over 30 years later,” Bochco said, adding that he could see some actors from the original series returning for the new version.

Bochco said that Fox “was very enthusiastic about doing it, so
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Bryan Cranston Is ‘All In’ on Walter White’s ‘Better Call Saul’ Return (Video)

Bryan Cranston Is ‘All In’ on Walter White’s ‘Better Call Saul’ Return (Video)
Bryan Cranston doesn’t miss “Breaking Bad” — but he’s still down to play Walter White once more. “I owe Vince Gilligan so much — he was my champion to get this role,” the actor told Rich Eisen in a Tuesday interview. “I was the guy coming off ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ — seven years of playing this really silly, hapless dad, and said, ‘He’s my guy. This is the guy I want.'” “Without the creator of the show having that much assistance … it might not have happened,” Cranston admitted. Also Read: Bryan Cranston Returns to 'Power Rangers' So he’ll do anything.
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