The Bottom Shelf: The Return Of Swamp Thing, Creepozoids, Nekromantik 2

Nick Aldwinckle Jul 20, 2017

Our latest round up of genre DVDs and Blu-rays is here, with Wes Craven, Creepozoids, Dario Argento and more...

With the DC cinematic universe currently riding high on the coattails of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins’ megahit antidote to the miserablism of messrs Bats and Soops, it would seem churlish to point out that company’s past failures. Things being as they are, though, with the recent release of a camp classic on Blu-ray, it’s time to do precisely that.

The sequel to Wes Craven’s 1982 superhero effort that was more Toxie than Alan Moore, Jim Wynorski’s 1989 adaptation of the tale of scientist turned mutant bog creature Alec Holland, slyly monikered The Return Of Swamp Thing, cranks the ridiculousness dial right up to 'comedy horror' level. As Swampy meets the love of his life, Abigail – Heather (Locklear) be thy name – and battles the evil Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan,
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Drive-In Dust Offs: I Drink Your Blood (1970)

I Drink Your Blood (1970) is as old as I am. Unlike me, however, it shows very little wear and tear; a loud and proud exploitation horror diorama from an age when all boundaries of good taste and reason were pushed to the breaking point. If you only have room in your life for one rabies-infested satanic hippies movie, make it I Drink Your Blood.

This film is the blueprint for creating your very own grimy, crude, offensive B classic. First, you need a backer. Enter producer Jerry Gross, known at the time as a king of grindhouse hype, modeled after William Castle. For example, when he rereleased two of the ‘60s Mondo films (real rituals and customs from exotic locales, documentary style), Mondo Cane and Mondo Pazzo on a double bill, he paraded around actors in tribesmen costumes to sell the authenticity of the films. He offered director David Durston
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I Drink Your Blood Coming In November On Two Blu-rays From Grindhouse Releasing

Grindhouse Releasing – November 2016 New Releases I Drink Your Blood 2 Blu-rays – Deluxe Edition Label: Grindhouse Releasing Director: David E. Durston Cast: Bhaskar, John Damon, Tyde Kierney, Arlene Farber, Elizabeth Marner-Brooks, Lynn Lowry Rabid, Drug-infested Hippies On A Blood-crazed Killing Spree! It’s Night Of The Living Dead meets Charlie Manson in this gore-drenched …

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I Drink Your Blood Midnights This Weekend at The Moolah

“Let it be known, sons and daughters, that Satan was an acid head. Drink from his cup; pledge yourselves. And together, we’ll all freak out.”

I Drink Your Blood screens Midnights this weekend (September 16th and 17th) at The Moolah Theater and Lounge (3821 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, Mo 63108) as part of Destroy the Brain’s monthly Late Night Grindhouse film series.

When I was 12 years old in 1974, Castle of Frankenstein magazine ran some gory photos from a horror movie from 1970 called I Drink Your Blood I was captivated by the shots of decapitated heads being carried around by people foaming at the mouth and one of a young woman caressing a severed hand. I stared at these photos, knowing I somehow just had to see this movie (Famous Monsters never ran gross pics like that!). 4 or 5 years later, I Drink Your Blood played at the Holiday Drive-In on Page
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Interview: Actress Lynn Lowry Remembers David Cronenberg’s Shivers

Shock celebrates actress Lynn Lowry’s birthday and the birth of David Cronenberg’s Shivers with this exclusive interview. Actress, producer and cult movie Grand Dame Lynn Lowry, she of Romero’s The Crazies, David Durston’s I Drink Your Blood, Radley Metzger’s dark porn comedy Score, Paul Schrader’s Cat People and Debbie Rochon’s upcoming slasher satire Model Hunger, celebrates…

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An Appreciation for Classic Turkish Melodrama: Metin Erksan’s ‘Dry Summer’

Dry Summer

Written by Metin Erksan, Kemal Inci, and Ismet Soydan

Directed by Metin Erksan

Turkey, 1964

In 2013, the Criterion Collection released a Blu-Ray/DVD box-set entitled ‘Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project’. The box set consists of six films from various parts of the world that have received high-quality restorations, thanks to the assistance of Martin Scorsese and The Film Foundation. And yet, it has to be said that some of the films Scorsese had commissioned for restoration and home video release leave a lot to be desired: Djibril Diop Mambety’s The Journey of the Hyena (1973; Wolof title: Touki Bouki) is a Senegalese-made bore of a chore to sit thru as it imitates the horrid French New Wave works of Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard; The Wave (1936; Spanish title: Redes), an American-Mexican co-production between directors Fred Zinnemann and Emilio Gomez Muriel and photographer Paul Strand, which is a short
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Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except (1985)

Directed by: Josh Becker

Written by: Josh Becker, Scott Spiegel, Sheldon Lettich, Bruce Campbell

Starring: Brian Shulz, Sam Raimi, Robert Rickman, John Manfredi, Tim Quill

The cracked fever dream of a movie titled Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except is best known for its impressive Evil Dead pedigree, featuring several key players from that classic indie film both in front of and behind the camera.

Spearheaded by Josh Becker (who worked on The Evil Dead ’s second unit) and Scott Spiegel (co-writer of Evil Dead 2), this “Marines vs. the Manson family” saga from 1985 has built a solid cult of its own over the years. Much like The Evil Dead, it began as a short film made to raise funds for a feature-length production. The shot-on-8mm Stryker’s War (also the alternate title for the feature) starred Bruce Campbell as Sergeant Stryker and included much of the same plot and dialogue.
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Motion Picture Purgatory: Stigma

Director David E. Durston is best known for a little exploitation flick called I Drink Your Blood, which he followed up in 1972 with Stigma, starring "Miami Vice"'s Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) in his first movie. In honor of the recently passed Valentine's Day, Stigma gets the Trembles treatment!


On probation after performing an illegal abortion, young black Dr. Calvin Crosse (Thomas) hitches his way along with discharged soldier Bill Waco (Harlan Poe) to the island of Stilford off the coast of Maine. Crosse is there to assist one of his medical school teachers, Dr. Thor, on a mysterious project but arrives to find the man dead. Taking up residence in the dead man's home despite suspicion from Sheriff Whitehead (Peter H. Clune) and general unfriendliness from the townsfolk, Crosse discovers (through a taped message left by Thor [voiced by director Durston]) that Dr. Thor was investigating a V.D. epidemic on the island.
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“I Drink Your Blood”… And “I Eat Your Skin”

A cult classic that I haven’t seen, and was only just reminded of after I read the obituary of its filmmaker, David E. Durston, who recently passed away (on May 6). The film was released in 1971, becoming a staple of drive-ins, and was the first film ever to be rated X by the MPAA based on violence alone.

Synopsis: A group of satanist hippies descend on a town and terrorize the locals. They rape a local girl and her grandfather goes after them. He fails. To get back at the satanist hippies, his grandson feeds them meat pies he infected with blood from a rabid dog; but the plan backfires, and instead turns them into zombies, who then begin killing and/or infecting everything in their path!

The film is on DVD – a director’s cut. I’m sure some of you have seen it. It’s said to have
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David Durston, I Drink Your Blood Director, is Dead

By Harris Lentz, III

Filmmaker David E. Durston was best known as the director and writer of the 1970 horror exploitation film I Drink Your Blood, about a Manson-esque gang of Satanic hippies who become bloodthirsty maniacs after being fed rabies-tainted meat pies. He was also featured onscreen in the cult classic in the role of Dr. Oakes

Durston was born in Pennsylvania on September 10, 1921, and began working in local television in Chicago in the late 1940s. He was soon scripting for such national programs as the early science fiction series Tales of Tomorrow, Kraft Theater, and Danger. He wrote and directed a handful of exploitation films during the 1960s including Felicia (1964), The Love Statue (aka The Love Drug) (1966), and Blue Sextet (aka Leap into Hell) (1970). He produced, directed, and scripted 1972’s Stigma, and was involved in providing commentary for the recent DVD releases of I Drink Your Blood and Stigma.
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Rip “I Drink Your Blood” director David E. Durston

  • Fangoria
David E. Durston had a long career in movies, TV and on the stage, from touring with Bela Lugosi in theatrical productions of Dracula to writing episodes of the early genre series Tales Of Tomorrow, among many others. But the man who died May 6 will always be remembered by fans of ’70s horror as the writer/director of the cult fave I Drink Your Blood.
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'I Drink Your Blood' helmer David Durston dies

'I Drink Your Blood' helmer David Durston dies
David E. Durston, a writer and director best known for the 1970 cult horror classic "I Drink Your Blood," died May 6 in his West Hollywood home of complications from pneumonia. He was 88.

Durston wrote for such ground-breaking TV shows as "Playhouse 90," "Studio One," "Rheingold Playhouse," "Tales of Tomorrow" -- one of the earliest science-fiction anthology shows -- "Kraft Theater" and "Danger."

He also produced the NBC musical variety show "Your Hit Parade" as well as the annual broadcast of the Tournament of Roses Parade for all three major TV networks during the late 1950s. Durston continued to write and develop original screenplays into his late 80s.

In the mid-'60s, he made the jump into directing his own low-budget, independent features. The first of these was "The Love Statue," a 1966 black-and-white fantasy that explored the effects of LSD on a group of Greenwich Village bohemians.

Later, Jerry Gross of distributor
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Speak of the Devil: The Many Faces of Cinematic Satanism

  • IFC
The Bible says that Satan "masquerades as an angel of light. In popular culture, we tend to think of him as a big red dude with horns and a pitchfork, or as a talking snake, or as Al Pacino in an Armani suit. The devil, in other words, comes in many different forms. And his followers come in just as many. Unlike a lot of other horror movie staples, there's no visual archetype for satanists. We recognize a vampire when we see his fangs and a zombie by the rotting flesh, but a Satan-worshipper? Tougher to spot.

In the new indie horror film "The House of the Devil," an unknowing teenager looking to make some quick cash is lured into a babysitting job by a crew of weirdos who are ultimately revealed to be devil worshippers (not a spoiler, folks, look at the title). This particular coven of satanists are a bunch of suburban eccentrics,
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I Drink Your Blood Remake

It seems like a lot of old horror and exploitation directors are using the remake craze to get back into filmmaking. However, I Drink Your Blood director David E. Durston told Fangoria that he wasn't interested in remaking his grindhouse classic until "offers started coming through." "I turned all of them down, because their budgets were too small. I decided that if I Drink Your Blood would be remade, it should be better than the original, so that people really had something to see if they went to see it again.”
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Original director talks I Drink Your Blood remake

  • Fangoria
Fango just spoke to David Durston, writer/director of the ‘70s grindhouse classic I Drink Your Blood, which—like practically every other horror film from that decade—has been targeted for a remake. The original flick is about a Mansonesque gang of psycho hippies who become infected with rabies, and go on an extremely gory killing spree.

It was the first movie rated X for violence, and as the years went on, it was hard to find an uncut print since most theaters playing it made their own cuts according to “community standards.” Thankfully, the good folks at Grindhouse Releasing brought the movie to DVD several years ago in an uncut deluxe edition, giving the film a whole new life. Following that release, overtures to redo it came in to Durston, who at first resisted. “I wasn’t thinking about a remake until these offers started coming through,” Durston says.
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Win I Drink Your Blood (1970) on DVD!

Greetings Fango Fiends, Psycho Bunny here! Dr. Cyclops thought he was being cute with all of those Mbv DVD's he dropped in Mistress Bekah's prize casket this week, but now it's time for the 'Bunny to show him how it's done! Inside the prize casket are Fifteen copies of David Durston's 1970 horror classic I Drink Your Blood. And oh yes, they're Special Editions!

Not familiar with I Drink Your Blood? Here's the bloody scoop!

Sons and daughters of Satan: Let it be known that this is the first and only uncut, authorized release of David Durston's I Drink Your Blood. Restored in all its acid-crazed glory, this `70s horror classic is now more gruesome and depraved than ever before--accept no substitutes! Originally released in February 1971, I Drink Your Blood was one of the first motion pictures to be rated X for violence. Aiming to outdo Night Of The Living Dead,
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