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  • (1964 - 1969) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • He toured the nation in the stage show "The Visit" with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.
  • (1966) Stage: Don't Drink the Water. Comedy. Written by Woody Allen. Scenic/Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Design by Motley. Production Sound: Robert Maybaum. Sound Design by Lincoln J. Stulick. Associate Designer: Paul Trautvetter. Assistant to Mr. Mielziner: L.C. Warner. Directed by Stanley Prager. Morosco Theatre (moved to The Ethel Barrymore Theatre 22 Jan 1968- 23 Mar 1968, then moved to The Belasco Theatre from 25 Mar 1968- close): 17 Nov 1966- 20 Apr 1968 (598 performances + 19 previews that began on 2 Nov 1966). Cast: Lou Jacobi (as "Walter Hollander"), Kay Medford (as "Marion Hollander"), Tony Roberts (as "Axel Magee"), Anita Gillette (as "Susan Hollander"), Luke Andreas (as "Novotny"), Jonathan Bolt (as "Waiter"), Oliver Clark, James Dukas (as "as "Krojack"), John Hallow (as "Kaznar"), House Jameson (as "Ambassador James F. Magee") [final Broadway role], Richard Libertini, Gerry Matthews, Donna Mills (as "Sultan's 1st Wife"), Sharon Talbot (as "Countess Bordoni"), Gene Varrone (as "Chef"), Curtis Wheeler (as "Burns"). Standbys: Merle Albertson (as "Marion Hollander"), Don De Leo (as "Walter Hollander") [final Broadway role]. Understudies: Luke Andreas (as "Chef/Krojack/The Sultan of Bashir"), Jonathan Bolt [credited as Jonathan Bolt] (as "Axel Magee"), John Hallow (as "James F. Magee/Burns/Father Drobney"), Donna Mills (as "Susan Hollander"), Jim Stevenson (as "Kaznar/Kilroy"). Replacement cast during Morosco Theatre run: Understudy: Jim Stevenson (as "Axel Magee"). Replacement cast during Ethel Barrymore Theatre: James Beard (as "Chef"), Peggy Cass (as "Marion Hollander"), Len Cotchman (as "Kilroy") [from 31 Jul 1967- ?], Len Gochman (as "Axel Magee"), Dan Resin (as "Kilroy"), Gene Varrone (as "Father Drobney"). Understudies: Luke Andreas (as "Kaznar"), Jim Stevenson (as "Axel Magee"), Sharon Talbot (as "Susan Hollander"). Produced by David Merrick. Produced in association with Jack Rollins and Charles H. Joffe. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff. Note: Filmed as Don't Drink the Water (1969).
  • (1964) Stage Play: The Last Analysis. Farce. Written by Saul Bellow. Directed by Joseph Anthony. Belasco Theatre: 1 Oct 1964- 24 Oct 1964 (28 performances + 10 previews). Cast: Charles Boaz (as "Sheldon"), Edwin Bordo (as "Second Technician"), Bert Conway (as "Stickles"), James Dukas (as "Kalbfuss"), Alix Elias (as "Imogen"), Tresa Hughes, Leon Janney, Will Lee (as "Aufschnitt"), Sam Levene (as "Philip Bummidge"), Sully Michaels (as "Louis Mott"), Lucille Patton (as "Madge"), Minerva Pious (as "Tante Frumkah"), Phillip Pruneau, Tony Roberts [credited as Anthony Roberts] (as "Max"), Ted Schwartz, Michael Vale (as "Fiddleman"), Ann Wedgeworth (as "Pamela"), Walter Williams (as "First Technician"). Produced by Stevens Productions, Inc. Associate Producer: Lyn Austin and Victor Samrock.
  • (1964) Stage Play: Incident at Vichy. Drama. Written by Arthur Miller, Directed by Harold Clurman. ANTA Washington Square Theatre: 3 Dec 1964- 7 May 1965 (99 performances/played in repertory with After The Fall, The Changeling, Tartuffe). Cast: Stanley Beck (as "Bayard"), C. Thomas Blackwell (as "Police Guard"), James Dukas (pas "Second Detective"), Pierre Epstein (as "Prisoner") James Greene (as "Police Captain"), Hal Holbrook (as "Major"), Graham Jarvis (as "Ferrand"), Clint Kimbrough [credited as Clinton Kimbrough] (as "Hoffman"), Will Lee (as "Old Jew"), Ira Lewis (as "Boy"), Tony Lo Bianco (as "Prisoner"), Paul Mann (as "Marchand"), Stephen Peters (as "Prisoner"), Alek Primrose (as "First Detective"), Harold Scott (as "Gypsy"), David J. Stewart (as "Monceau"), Michael Strong (as "LeBeau"), John Vari (as "Prisoner"), Jack Waltzer (as "Waiter"), David Wayne (as "Von Berg"), and Joseph Wiseman (as "Leduc"). Produced by Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center (under the direction of Robert Whitehead and Elia Kazan). Produced by Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center (under the direction of Robert Whitehead and Elia Kazan). Executive Consultant: Harold Clurman.

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