That’s My Boy

That’s My Boy

Directed by: Sean Anders

Cast: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Will Forte, Vanilla Ice

Running Time: 1 hr 55 mins

Rating: R

Release Date: June 15, 2012

Plot: A man-child (Sandler) who earned teen fame in the 80s for having sex with his teacher tries to win back the love of his estranged son Han Solo (Samberg).

Who’S It For? Though this is an R-rated movie from Sandler, its humor isn’t for human beings much older than the kids who were tickled stupid by last year’s apocalyptic Jack and Jill. Will the 13-year-olds who sneak into That’s My Boy even get 90% of its many references?

Expectations: I was relieved to see that Sandler’s go-to auteur Dennis Duggan wasn’t directing this one, but instead it was Sean Anders, formerly of the surprising Sex Drive. Perhaps he would be able to do something with Sandler
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Jack And Jill breaks records. Just not in a good way.

  • TheMovieBit
When Adam Sandler would be playing his own sister in Jack And Jill, people weren't surprised when the movie turned out to be not that good. But the organisers behind the Golden Raspberry Awards, the anti-Oscars where awards are given to the worst films over the last year, decided to go one step further, giving the movie 10 awards making it the only movie to win every trophy. Among the 'prizes' the movie, which sees Sandlers Jill wreck Thanksgiving for her brother Jack (also Sandler), won were 'Worst Movie', 'Worst Director' for Dennis Duggan, 'Worst Supporting Actor' for Al Pacino, and 'Worst Actor' and 'Worst Actress' for Sandler (He also won 'Worst Screen Couple' for either himself, Katie Holmes, or Pacino). It also received an award for 'Worst Remake/Ripoff' since it is based on Ed Wood's 1953 cross dressing drama Glen Or Glenda, 'Worst Screen Ensemble', and 'Worst Supporting Actress'
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Just Go With It

Just Go With It

Directed by: Dennis Duggan

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Brooklyn Decker

Running Time: 1 hr 25 min

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: February 11, 2011

Plot: Danny (Sandler) is a successful plastic surgeon living in Los Angeles, when he meets the gorgeous Palmer (Decker) at a party. Danny thinks she may be “the one,” but when she accidentally discovers his fake wedding ring – which he uses to pick up women – Danny makes up a story about an impending divorce. Brooklyn insists on meeting the soon-to-be-ex, and Danny convinces his assistant and good pal Catherine (Aniston) to act like his estranged wife.

Who’S It For? I think both Sandler fans and Aniston fans will be happy enough with this one.

Expectations: Adam Sandler has to work pretty hard to disappoint me, so I figured I’d be mildly delighted. Ever since Punch Drunk Love, Sandler has had my vote.
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Grown Ups (review)

Is it too overblown to suggest that what passes for the modern American mainstream comedy has finally descended into the downright sociopathic? The relentless cruelty of this ugly, rancid movie requires a shocking lack of empathy for one’s fellow humans if one is going to laugh at it -- it is alleged to be a comedy, after all -- until the moment when the film expects you to be able to turn your humanity back on for the would-be heartwarming bits... or at least that you will be able to fake it, like a sociopath does. Or like Grown Ups does. The nightmare of Grown Ups is that it really does think it has something wise and wonderful to offer nostalgia Generation Xers: a warm glow of long ago summer days before videogames, when we played outside all day and had to be dragged in once the streetlights came on,
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