"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" Cast Reunites for Hilarious "Breaking Bad" Parody

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Dr. Quinn is back ... but she's in full-on Heisenberg mode now!Jane Seymour and a ton of her former "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" costars just reunited for a hilarious Funny or Die video, showing what would probably happen if the show was rebooted now.Taking some heavy cues from "Breaking Bad," the reimagined series follows the title doc as she deals morphine to everyone in Colorado Springs.Joe Lando (and that hair) makes a very welcome cameo as Byron Sully, as do show regulars like Henry G. Sanders, Jonelle Allen, Orson Bean, Brandon Douglas, Geoffrey Lower and Jason Leland Adams.Check out the parody below:We have to admit, both Seymour and Lando look pretty amazing these days, over 20 years after the show made its TV debut.How have more women of the '90s held up? Check out the gallery above! Read more
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DVD Playhouse--August 2012

By Allen Gardner

A Separation (Sony) This drama from Iran won the 2011 Best Foreign Film Oscar, telling the story of a couple who file for a legal separation, with the wife pushing for a divorce. He won’t leave his Alzheimer’s-afflicted father behind, while she is wanting to take their young daughter with her to the United States. After a series of misunderstandings, threats and legal actions, the couple find that there is more than just their marriage that’s on the line. Hyper-realistic to a fault, reminiscent of the neo-realist films that came out of post-ww II Europe, but also repressive and redundant in the extreme, with the characters seeming to throw the same temper tantrum for two hours straight while the story, meanwhile, seems stalled. Wildly overpraised film is a real litmus test, with viewers seeming to be staunch defenders or equally impassioned detractors. It did win an Oscar,
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