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  • (February 8, 1979 - August 12, 1979) "Whoopee!", musical comedy revival (the Ziegfeld musical which Eddie Cantor once starred in); book by William Anthony McGuire; lyrics by Gus Kahn; music by Walter Donaldson; based on "The Nervous Wreck" by Owen Davis; musical direction by Lynn Crigler; music orchestrations and dance arrangements by Russell Warner; directed by Frank Corsaro; choreography by Dan Siretta; on Broadway at the ANTA theatre, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (212 total performances, including 8 previews beginning February 8, 1979).
  • (1925) Stage Play: Gay Paree. Musical revue. Music by Alfred Goodman, Maurice Ruebens and J. Fred Coots. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Clifford Grey. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger. Additional lyrics by Harold Atteridge, Henry Creamer, Buddy G. DeSylva, Ballard MacDonald, Lester Allen, Harry Woods, Charles Tobias and Al Sherman. Additional music by Harry Woods, Charles Tobias, Al Sherman, James Hanley, Walter Donaldson and Joseph Meyer. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Ernest Schrapps. Musical Staging by Earl Lindsay. Choreographed by Alexis Kosloff. Directed by J.J. Shubert and Charles Judels. Shubert Theatre: 18 Aug 1925- 30 Jan 1926 (181 performances). Cast: Newton Alexander, Betty Allen, Lucille Arden, William Baden, Dorothy Barber, Pauline Blair, Frances Blythe, Richard Bold, Ilsi Bott, Alice Boulden, Carol Boyer, William Brainerd, Lorraine Brooks, Camille, Jean Caswell, Chandler Christy, Helen Claire, Eddie Conrad, Claire Daniels, Isabel Dawn, Claudia Dell, Johnny Dove, Louise Dove, Clarice Durham, Mabel Earle, Beth Elliott, Byrdeatta Evans, Florence Fair, Rosemary Farmer, Margie Finley, Walton Ford, Ruth Gillette, Florence Golden, Viola Griffith, Texas Guinan, Jack Haley, Ruth Hamilton, Thalie Hamilton, Edith Higgens, Alice Hooke, Edna Hopper, Florence Horne, Gus Hyland, Katherine Janeway, Frank Kimball, Marty Kolinsky, Lillian Lane, George LeMaire, Fern LeRoy, Winnie Lightner, Martha Linn, Gertrude Lowe, Viola Marshall, Betty Maurice, Arthur May, Verdi Milli, Marie Price, Prosper & Maret, Dorothy Rae, Nora Reed, Camille Renault, 'Charles "Chic' Sale', Salt and Pepper, Wilfred Seagram, Winifred Seale, Dorothy Shepard, Jeanette Simard, Bartlett Simmons, Marie Simpson, Bernadette Spencer, Louise Taylor, Billy B. Van, Lorraine Weimar, Margaret Wilson. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with Rufus LeMaire.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Chamberlain Brown's Scrap Book (1932). Musical revue. Sketched by Chamberlain Brown. Featuring songs by Andy Razaf ("If It Ain't Love"), Don Redman ("If It Ain't Love"), Fats Waller ("If It Ain't Love"), Walter Donaldson ("My Mom"), Rudolf Friml ("Song of the Vagabonds"), Ruggiero Leoncavallo ("Prologue from 'I Pagliacci'"), Georges Bizet ("End of Act IV from 'Carmen'"), Eubie Blake ("(Lovin You) The Way I Do"), Richard Wagner ("Die Walküre"), Easthope Martin ("Come to the Fair"), Giuseppe Verdi ("Il Travatore"), Harry Warren ("You're My Everything"), Dana Suesse ("My Silent Love"), Bernice Petkere ("Lullaby of the Leaves") and Johnny Tucker ("Sleep Baby Sleep"), Featuring songs with lyrics by Andy Razaf ("If It Ain't Love"), Don Redman ("If It Ain't Love"), Fats Waller ("If It Ain't Love"), Walter Donaldson ("My Mom") [final Broadway credit during lifetime] , Brian Hooker ("Song of the Vagabonds"), Will Morrissey ("(Lovin You) The Way I Do"), Jack Scholl ("(Lovin You) The Way I Do"), Helen Taylor ("Come to the Fair"), Mort Dixon ("You're My Everything"), Joe Young ("You're My Everything," "Lullaby of the Leaves"), Edward Heyman ("My Silent Love") and Joe Schuster ("Sleep Baby Sleep"). Orchestra conducted by Smith Ballew. Assembled by Chamberlain Brown. Directed by Charles Schofield and Robert Lively. Ambassador Theatre: 1 Aug 1932- 8 Aug 1932 (10 performances). Cast: 3 Flashes of Lightning (as "Specialty Dancers"), Laurette Adams, William Andrews, John Armstrong, Florence Auer (as "Mother, Taken from Life"), Valerie Bergere, Helen Bertam, Barbara Blair, Dwight Butcher, Carl Carmen, Terry Carroll, Frazer Coleman, Ruth Conley, Stella De Mette, Mae Dix, Robert Gordon, Betty Hanna, Vinton Haworth, Ina Hayward, Ray Hedge (as "Myrt and Marge" Performer/"Ray"/"In a Radio Station"), Charles Hedley, Barre Hill, Marjorie Hoffman, Jonathan Hole (as "Station Announcer"/"In a Radio Station"/"Francis Cameron"/"Skit Skat"), Frank Huyler, Paul Jachia (as "Kenneth"/"Picking a Play"), Harold Kennedy, Priscilla Knowles, Salvatore Lo Curto, Leda Lombard, Francis Lyman, Dorothy MacDonald, Edwin MacKenna, Nancy McCord, David Morris, Ethel Norris, John Patrick, Lillian Ridley, Cecile Sherman, Danny Simmons, Autumn Simms, Peter Smallwood, Louis Tanno, Paul Taubman, Leslie Urbach, Valerie Valaire, Percy Verwayne, Herbert Warren, Pierre Watkin, Pierre Watkins, Ernest Whitman, Robert Williamson, Edwin Wilson, Kate Woods Fiske. Produced by Chamberlain Brown.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1919. Musical revue. Sketches by Dave Stamper, Gene Buck and Rennold Wolf. Music and Lyrics: Irving Berlin, Gene Buck, Rennold Wolf, Dave Stamper, Joseph McCarthy and Harry Tierney. Ballet composed by Victor Herbert. Musical Director: Frank Darling. Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones (for Buck and Stamper songs). Featuring songs with lyrics by Joseph Tierney, Joe Young, Sam Lewis, Walter Donaldson, Eddie Cantor, Harry Ruby, Francis DeWitt, Robert Hood Bowers, Nat Vincent and Darle MacBoyle. Featuring songs by Marshall Walker. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 16 Jun 1919- 6 Dec 1919 (171 performances). Cast: Delyle Alda, Eddie Cantor, Johnny Dooley, Ray Dooley, Eddie Dowling, Phil Dwyer, The Fairbanks Twins, George LeMaire, Marilyn Miller, Jessie Reed, John Steel, Gus Van and Joe Schenck [credited as Van and Schenck], Bert Williams, Walter Baker, Margie Bell, Monica Boulais, Alma Braham, George Burggraf, Hubert Butler, Bernard Carples, Jerry Childs, Viola Clarens, William Conrad, Florence Crane, Simone D'Herlys, Peggy Dana, Lois Davison, Bernice Dewey, Bruce Douglas, Fred DuBall, Winnie Dunn, Marcelle Earle, Carolyn Erwin, Joe Evans, Ruth Foster, Betty Francesco, Amy Frank, Gene Garrick, May Graney, Ethel Hallor, Minnie Harrison, Mabel Hastings, Edith Hawes, Mary Hay, Thomas Howard, Margaret Irving, Helen Jesmer, Margaret John, Grace Jones, Edith Kessler, Alta King, Raymond Klages, Lee LaBlanc, Nancy Larned, Kenneth Lawrence, Lucille Levant, Edna Lindsey, Felise Lomont, Jack Lynch, Virginia Lyon, William Mathews, Mauresette, Laura Maverick, Peter McArthur, Beulah McFarland, Lillian McKenzie, Harry Meyers, Betty Morton, Jack Natter, Willie Newsome, George Otis, Corone Paynter, Kathryn Perry, Wesley Pierce, Martha Pierre, Edna Rochelle, Helen Shea, Mildred Shelly, Heloise Sheppard, Eddie Sims, Mildred Sinclair, Peggy Smith, Ruth Taylor, Olive Vaughn, Madeline Wales, Florence Ware, Hazel Washburn, Mary Washburn, Jack Waverly, Fay West, Elsie Westcott, Martha Wood. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1919) Stage Play: The Lady in Red. Musical comedy. Music by Robert Winterberg. Book by Anne Caldwell. Lyrics by Anne Caldwell. Adapted from the German of Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald. Musical Director: J. Albert Brown. Featuring songs by Walter Donaldson [earliest Broadway credit] and George Gershwin. Featuring songs with lyrics by Irving Caesar and Lou Paley. Directed by Frank Smithson. Lyric Theatre: 12 May 1919- 21 Jun 1919 (48 performances). Cast: Franklyn Ardell, Bertee Beaumont, Audrey Burton, Robert Casey, Louis Christy, Helen Coles, Irene Corlett, Walter Croft, Francesca Devens, Dora Duby, George Elsing, The Glorias, Dorothy Godfrey, Alice Gordon, Jean Hamilton, Lucie Inge, John Kenyon, Donald MacDonald, Ruth MacTammany, Edmund Makalif, Vonda Marine, Dana Mayo, Gladys Miller, Ruth Mitchell, Neil Moore, Tom Richards, Donald Roberts, Adele Rowland, May Sheldon, Selwa Sheldon, Lillian Stewart, Marcella Swanson, Harry Turpin, William Warren, Harry Williams. Produced by John P. Slocum.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Sweetheart Time. Musical comedy. Music by Walter Donaldson and Joseph Meyer. Book by Harry B. Smith. Lyrics by Ballard MacDonald and Irving Caesar. Based on "Never Say Die" by William H. Post and William Collier Sr.. Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones, Maurice De Packh and Hans Spialek. Musical Direction by John L. McManus. Costume Design by Charles LeMaire. Scenic Design by Karl O. Amend and Nicholas Yellenti. Choreographed by Larry Ceballos. Directed by William Collier. Imperial Theatre: 19 Jan 1926- 22 May 1926 (143 performances). Cast: Wilmer Bentley (as "Griggs"), Laine Blaire (as "Nina"), Bobbie Breslaw (as "Bobbie/Ensemble"), Dorothy Brown (as "Dorothy/Ensemble"), Edward Buzzell (as "Dion Woodbury"), Bob Callahan (as "Waiter"), Rita Del Marga (as "Carita"), Dorothy Fitzgibbon (as "Ensemble"), Bob Gordon (as "Dance Specialty"), Ann Hardman (as "Ensemble"), Adele Hart (as "Ensemble"), Bessie Kademova (as "Bessie/Ensemble"), Harry Kelly (as "Detective James "), Harry King (as "Dance Specialty"), George LeMaire (as "Dr. Ralph Galesby"), Fred Leslie (as "Lord Hector Raybrook"), Nick Lucas (as "Dance Specialty"), Beverly Maude (as "Ensemble"), Nellie McCarthy (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy McNulty (as "Dance Specialty"), Mary Milburn (as "Violet Stevenson"), Alice Monroe (as "Ensemble"), Marie Nordstrom (as "Mrs. Stevenson"), Millicent Olson (as "Ensemble"), Starke Patterson (as "Jeffries"), Loretta Rehm (as "Ensemble"), Marcel Rousseau (as "Alphonse"), Marion Saki (as "Marian Stevenson"), Al Sexton (as "Roy Henderson"), Neida Snow (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Thayer (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Van Alst (as "Dorothy/Ensemble"), Aida Winston (as "Ensemble"), Alice Wood (as "Alice/Ensemble"), Betty Wright (as "Betty/Ensemble"). Produced by Rufus Le Maire.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Whoopee! Musical comedy. Material adaption by William Anthony McGuire. Based on "The Nervous Wreck" by Owen Davis. Music by Walter Donaldson. Lyrics by Gus Kahn. Musical Director: Gustave Salzer. Dialogue directed by William Anthony McGuire. Dances and Ensembles Staged by Seymour Felix. Directed by Seymour Felix. New Amsterdam Theatre: 4 Dec 1928- 23 Nov 1929 (407 performances). Cast: Eddie Cantor, Jean Ackerman, Josephine Adair, Sylvia Adam, Colette Ayers, Agnes Ayres, Mabel Baade, Peggy Bancroft, Elsie Behrens, Olive Brady, Ann Brown, Dorothy Brown, Sam Bunin, Katherine Burke, Spencer Charters, Chief Caupolican, Frank Colletti, Marie Conway, Mary Coyle, Myrna Darby, Ruth Downey, Betty Dumbris, Madeline Dunbar, Buddy Ebsen, Bill Erickson, Ruth Etting, Harold Ettos, Muriel Flood, Hazel Forbes, Bob Forte, Tamara Geva, Jack Gifford, Gladys Glad, Betty Gray, Muriel Gray, Paul Gregory, Edouard Grobe, Francis Guinan, Albert Hackett (as "Chester Underwood"), Vivian Hall, James P. Houston, Meredith Howard, Don Hudson, Tom Hughes, Yvonne Hughes, Elenor Hunt, George Huntington, Jack James, Mary Jane, Louise Joyce, Lillian Knight, David Labris, Wynne Lark, Helen Lehigh, Tom Leventhal, Jack Lewis, Olga Loft, Elaine Mann, Chas. Mayon, Freda Mierse, Frieda Mierse, Gwendolyn Milne, Joe Minitello, Louis Morrell, Catherine Moylan, Edward Nadeau, Pat O'Day, Agnes O'Laughlin, Lillian Ostrum, Connie Owens, Dorothy Paterson, Dorothy Patterson, Charles Pettinger, Will H. Philbrick, Valerie Raemier, Pauline Ray, Bob Rice, Rita Riecker, Marion Roberts, Waldo Roberts, Jerry Rogers, Irving Ross, Jack Rutherford, Jack Shaw, Ethel Shutta, Adele Smith, Frances Upton, Helen Walsh, Matt Webster, Bobbe Weeks, Bobbie Wellsley, Gil White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.. Note: Filmed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company [distributed by United Artists] as Whoopee! (1930).
  • (1931) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1931. Musical revue. Sketches by Mark Hellinger, J.P. Murray and Gene Buck. Lyrics by Gene Buck, Joseph McCarthy, Charles Farrell, Mack Gordon[earliest Broadway credit], J.P. Murray, Barry Trivers [earliest Broadway credit], E.Y. Harburg, Jack Norworth and Noël Coward. Dialogue staged by Edward C. Lilley. Dances directed by Bobby Connolly and Albertina Rasch. Music by Harry Revel [earliest Broadway credit], Ben Oakland, Dave Stamper, Dimitri Tiomkin, Noël Coward, Nora Bayes, James Monaco, Chick Endor, Walter Donaldson, Jay Gorney and Hugo Riesenfeld. Music for "Pink Lady Waltz" by Ivan Caryll [final Broadway credit]. Music for "(Shine On) Harvest Moon" by Jack Norworth. Music for "(Who Paid the Rent for Mrs.) Rip Van Winkle" by Al Bryan. Lyrics for "(Who Paid the Rent for Mrs.) Rip Van Winkle" by Fred Fisher. Music for "You Made Me Love You" Dance by Mack Gordon. Lyrics for "I'm With You" by Walter Donaldson. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh, Will Vodery, Howard Jackson and Joe Jordan. Featuring songs by Powell and Stevens. Assembled by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. Directed by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. and Gene Buck. Ziegfeld Theatre: 1 Jul 1931- 21 Nov 1931 (165 performances). Cast: Iris Adrian, The Albertina Rasch Dancers, Thomas Arace, Jack Arthur, Jean Audree, Faith Bacon, Robert Baldwin, Virginia Bethel, Virginia Biddle, Ethel Borden, Mildred Borst, Frank Britton, Milt Britton, Jack Bruns, John Bubbles, Buck & Bubbles, Joan Burgess, Katherine Burke, Alice Burrage, Arthur Campbell, Tito Carol, Gordon Carper, Albert Carroll, Helen Carson, Emmita Casanova, Catherine Clark, The Collette Sisters, Dorothy Dell, Netta Deuschateau, Dorothy Dodge, David Drollet, Betty Dumbris, Marguerite Durand, Marguerite Eisele, Georgia Ellis, Kay English (as "Hazel Dawn" and "Pink lady Waltz" performer) [final Broadway role], Caja Eric, Clayton Estes, Ruth Etting (as "Nora Bayes"), Dorothy Flood, Rosa Fromson, Rose Gale, Gladys Glad, Gene Gory, Yvonne Grey, John Gurney, Paul Gursdorff, Cliff Hall, Cassie Hanley, Helen Hannan, Pearl Harris, Eunice Holmes, Jean Howard, Billy Hughes, Russell Johns, Tom Kendall, George Lamar, Frank Lang, Hal Le Roy (as "Alphonso Smith"), Milton Le Roy, Marjorie Levoe, Boots Mallory, Christine Maple, Herschel Martin, Mitzi Mayfair, Lorelle McCarver, Ernest McChesney, Frank McCormack, Dennis McCurtin, Marjorie McLaughlin, Olive McLay, Frieda Mierse, Vera Milton, Grace Moore, Jim Moore, Helen Morgan, John Daly Murphy (as "Doctor Crechsen/A Drunk"), Dorissa Nelova, Pat O'Day, Pearl Osgood, Earl Oxford, Anne Lee Patterson, Ruth Patterson, Jack Pearl, Vivian Porter, Betty Real, Mary Alice Rice, Harry Richman, Bernice Roberts, William Royal, A. Samish, Blanche Satchell, Billie Seward, Barbara Smith, Conrad Sparin, Marie Stevens, Leonard Stokes, Lena Thomas, Joseph Toner, Synny Trowbridge, Robert Walker, Helen Walsh, Eileen Wenzel, Robert White. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1920) Stage Play: Ed Wynn's Carnival. Musical revue. Music by Ed Wynn. Book by Ed Wynn. Lyrics by Ed Wynn. Musical Director: Antonio Bafunno. Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones and Frank Saddler. Featuring songs by Alfred Bryan, Alex Sullivan, Walter Donaldson, William Eckstein, Chris Smith, Lou Handman, Ray Miller, Raymond Klages, Billy Fazioli, Ring Hager, Tom Brown and Clarence Seena. Featuring songs with lyrics by Al Bryan, Gene Buck, Grant Clarke, Alex Sullivan, Ray Miller, Fred Fisher, Raymond Klages, Billy Fazioli, Ring Hager and Clarence Seena. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre (moved to The Selwyn Theatre from 21 Jun 1920- close): 5 Apr 1920- 14 Aug 1920 (150 performances). Cast: Earl Benham, Jane Bowen, Violet Bristow, Joan Butlin, Elizabeth Chatterton, Catherine Doyle, Ursula Dale, Marion Davies, Dorothy Deane, Lillian Durkin, Carolyn Erwin, Orville Fisher, Lillian Fitzgerald, Evan Burrows Fontaine, Ida Gerber, Ann Greenway, Bess Hoban, Sadie Howe, Trixie Jennery, Olga Kale, Gladys Lee, Richie Ling, Beulah McFarland, The Meyakos, Simeon Moore, Florence Quarters, Ray Miller's Black and White Melody Boys, Henry Regal, Frank Ridge, Ted Roberts, Edith Rook, Herbert Russell, Fay West, Arthur Williams, Dade Winlack, Lillian Wood, Ed Wynn, Carol Young. Produced by B.C. Whitney.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1923 [Summer Edition]. Musical revue. Sketches by Ralph Spence and Eddie Cantor. Music by Victor Herbert, Louis A. Hirsch and Dave Stamper. Lyrics by Gene Buck. Musical Direction by Oscar Radin. Additional music by Charles Tobias, Eddie Cantor, Jean Schwartz, Ernest Breuer, Walter Donaldson and Turner Layton [credited as J. Turner Layton]. Additional lyrics by Charles Tobias, Eddie Cantor, Chic Johnson, Ole Olsen, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, Henry Creamer and Buddy G. DeSylva. Scenes by Joseph Urban. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 25 Jun 1923- 15 Sep 1923 (96 performances). Cast: Babs Aitlen, Leonora Baron, Michael Barroy, Clara Beresbach, Emma Beresbach, Nina Byron [Broadway debut], Erla Calame, Eddie Cantor, Betty Carsdale, Dorothy Clarkson, Thelma Connor, Velma Connor, Dolly Daggars, Ethel Dale, Helena D'Algy, Eleanor Dana, Audrey Darrell, Mae Daw, Alma Drange, Marcelle Earle, Mary Eaton, Pearl Eaton, Dolly Evans, Victoria Gale, Ed Gallagher, Joan Gardner, Alexander Gray, Gilda Gray, Ivy Halstead, Netta Hill, May Howard, Ada Hughes, Sonia Ivanoff, Beatrice Jackson, Hazel Jennings, Brooke Johns, Naomi Johnson, Simeon Karavaeff, Kello Brothers, Lily Kimari, Virginia King, Julia Kingsley, Sylvia Kingsley, Teddy Knox, Frank Lambert, Evelyn Law, Mary Lewis, Kitty Littlefield, Jean Lloyd, Martha Lorber, Pansy Maness, Hallie Manning, Irene Marcellus, Ilsa Marvenga, Pauline Mason, Beulah McFarland, Constance McLaughlin, Janet Megrew, Madge Merritt, Hilda Moreno, Polly Nally, Cora Neary, Jimmy Nervo, Al Ochs, Joe Opp, Olive Osborne, Elaine Palmer, Annie Patron, Ann Pennington, Serge Pernikoff, Elsa Peterson, Pearl Prosser, Jesse Reed, Anastasia Reilly, Frances Reveaux, Marion Rich, Addie Rolfe, Nellie Savage, Jack Scott, Gertrude Selden, J.J. Shannon, Al Shean , Marie Shelton, Grant Simpson, Beatrice Singleton, Nellie Smith, Kathryn Stoneburn, Muriel Stryker, The Follies Four, Tiller Girls, Irene Todd, Andrew Tombes, Brandon Tynan, Ruth Urban, Vangie Valentine, Miriam Vandergriff, Shirley Vernon, Vivian Vernon, Blossom Vreeland, Irene Wales, Marie Wallace, Betty Webb, Hazel Webb, Madlyn Wells, Fay West, West and McGinty, Edna Wheaton, Margie Whittington, Lois Wilde, Betty Williams, Willy, Elsie Woodall. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1922. Musical revue. Music by Alfred Goodman. Book by Harold Atteridge. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Additional lyrics by Jack Stanley, Laddie Cliff and Gus Kahn. Additional music by Walter Donaldson and Ivy St. Helieu. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Directed by James C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 20 Sep 1922- 2 Dec 1922 (85 performances). Cast: Alma Adair, Janet Adair, Mlle. Alborn, Fred Allen, George Anderson, Sam Ash, Gilbert Barr, Bert Best, M.T. Bohannon, Bobby Boles, Peggy Bond, Monica Boulais, William Brand, Mary Breau, Nellie Breen, Olive Brown, Dorothy Bruce, Helen Christie, Molly Christie, Louise Cross, Pauline Dakla, Dorothy Daniels, Florence Darling, Wilbur De Rouge, Dolores Edwards, Betty Fitch, The Fooshee Sisters, Helen Fox, Alexander Frank, Elsie Frank, Rose Gallagher, Alfred Gilday, Agnes Hall, Gladys Hall, George Hassell, Nan Henderson, Helen Herendeen, Marjory Himes, Portland Hoffa, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Jack Kearns, Gertrude Lang, Mary Lawlor, Rose Lee, The Lockfords, The Macweys, Arthur Margetson, Elsie May, Belle McLaughlin, Emily Miles, Carol Miller, Phyllis Miller, Marion Mooney, Nat Nazarro Jr., Sidney Nelson, Beatrice O'Brien, Helen O'Brien, Mabel Olson, Edith Pearce, Francis Renault, Phyllis Reynolds, Joseph Riley, Helen Rogers, Grace Rossiter, Beulah Rubens, Katherine Saxe, Charlotte Schuette, Sidney Shaar, Grace Shea, Ethel Shutta [Broadway debut], Maxine Sickle, Madeline Smith, Orilla Smith, Edna Starck, Louise Starck, May Sullivan, Florence Summerville, Jean Thomas, Billy Wagner, Ethel Walker, Fred Walton, Louise Wayne, Florence Wilde, Beatrice Wilson, Virginia Wilson, Louise Winn, Helen Wright. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1924) Stage Play: The Grab Bag. Musical revue.

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