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Movie Review: The Funhouse (1981)

Review by Chris Wright, MoreHorror.com

The Funhouse” (1981)

Directed By: Tobe Hooper

Written By: Larry Block

Starring: Elizabeth Berridge (Amy Harper), Shawn Carson (Joe Harper), Jeanne Austin (Mrs. Harper), Jack McDermott (Mr. Harper), Cooper Huckabee (Buzz), Largo Woodruff (Liz), Miles Chapin (Richie),Sylvia Miles (Madame Zena), David Carson (Geek), Sonia Zomina (Big Lady), Kevin Conway (Carnival Barber), Herb Robins (Carnival Manager), Mona Agar (Strip Show Dancer), Wayne Doba (The Monster), William Finley (Marco the Magnificent)

With Tobe Hooper having many popular films in his directing filmography, The Funhouse falls by the way-side on being familiar in horror. I enjoyed this early Hooper movie a lot. It takes many of the various slasher elements and adds the right mix of camp and bloodshed for a delicate treat for viewers. Opening up at a limited scope of theaters, it had a respectable opening in 1981. It is available on all media formats; it
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Greatest Slasher Films (1970 – 1990)

The definition of a slasher film varies depending on who you ask, but in general, it contains several specific traits that feed into the genre’s formula. Author Vera Dika rather strictly defines the sub-genre in her book Games of Terror by only including films made between 1978 and 1984. In other words, she saw it as a movement. When someone describes Brick, they don’t define it as a noir, but instead neo-noir . In other words, it’s a modern motion picture that prominently utilizes elements of film noir, but with updated themes, content, style, visual elements or media that were absent in those from the 1940s and 1950s. So does one consider Scream a slasher film or a neo-slasher, or simply put, a modern slasher?

Some consider Thirteen Women to be the earliest slasher – released all the way back in 1932. Personally I think that is rubbish. Thirteen Women is more like Desperate Housewives on sedatives.
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Exclusive: Cooper Huckabee on 'The Funhouse,' 'Django Unchained,' and Always Being the Bad Guy

  • FEARnet
Exclusive: Cooper Huckabee on 'The Funhouse,' 'Django Unchained,' and Always Being the Bad Guy
Cooper Huckabee might not be a household name, but I guarantee you would recognize the veteran character actor if you saw him. He’s usually playing the grizzled old villain in things like HBO’s True Blood and TNT’s Major Crimes nowadays, but it wasn’t always that way. Way back in 1981, Cooper Huckabee got a chance to play the muscular male star, Buzz, in Tobe Hooper’s horror classic The Funhouse. Not only is Huckabee one of the kindest and most gracious actors to ever grace the screen, but his role in the cult classic film also caught the eye of Quentin Tarantino, landing him a gig in the director’s upcoming film Django Unchained.

With Shout! Factory’s Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of The Funhouse hitting stores on October 16, FEARnet sat down with the actor to discuss his fond memories of the film, his role on True Blood,
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Blu Review: The Funhouse

  • Cinelinx
Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse failed to make the impact his earlier Texas Chainsaw Massacre did on horror audiences, but still delivered a few solid shocks for viewers in 1981. Much like Chainsaw, it consists of twisted characters and fun-loving youngsters being brutalized by them. However, this time around carnival workers get a bad rap versus backwoods rednecks like in Hooper's 1974 spine-chiller. Seeing The Funhouse now on Blu-ray doesn't quite deliver the same jarring surprises it did thirty years ago. The horror genre has seen it all since then.

Amy (Elizabeth Berridge) goes against her father's (Jack McDermott) orders and accompanies high school rebel Buzz (Cooper Huckabee) and her two friends (Largo Woodruff and Miles Chapin) to a traveling carnival. Two kids were murdered the last time it was in town. On a dare, the four teens decide to stay overnight in the carnival's funhouse. They soon find themselves trying to
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First Ever Us/UK Contest: Win a Copy of The Funhouse on Blu-ray!

For a long time Arrow Video has been treating UK fans to amazing Blu-ray releases of some of the genre's best films, putting quite a few Us releases to shame. Case in point: their recent release of Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse. There is some good news for those of us in the States, however. The Blu-ray Will play on Us players, and we have your shot to win a copy!

That's right, kids! Dread Central, in association with Arrow Video, is giving away four (4) copies of The Funhouse on Blu-ray (review here) - two (2) for the UK and two (2) for the Us! Just think! No more import price gouging! How cool is that?!

Please note this contest is open to United States and United Kingdom residents Only! Winning is simple ... To enter, just send us an E-mail Here including your Full Name, Country, And Mailing Address. We’ll take care of the rest.
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Blu-ray Review - The Funhouse (1981)

The Funhouse, 1981.

Directed by Tobe Hooper.

Starring Elizabeth Berridge, Shawn Carson, Cooper Huckabee, Largo Woodruff, Miles Chapin, Wayne Doba, William Finley and Sylvia Miles.


After an evening at a travelling fun fair, two teenage couples decide to spend the night stowed away inside 'The Funhouse', only to find themselves stalked by a grotesque carnival freak.

Having made his name with the classic shocker The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, director Tobe Hooper sought to capitalise on the box office success of slashers such as Halloween and Friday the 13th with his first studio feature, The Funhouse, a fairly obscure horror from 1981 that now receives a shiny high-definition upgrade courtesy of Arrow Video.

Opening with a homage to John Carpenter's Halloween, the film begins with teenager Amy (Elizabeth Berridge) being tormented in the shower by her younger brother Joey (Shawn Carson), before setting off on a double-date with
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Blu-ray & DVD News: Slaughter High / The Funhouse (Arrow Video)

Arrow Video have released details of their forthcoming DVD release of the highly regarded, but little seen (at least uncut) slasher starring Caroline Munro (Maniac), Slaughter High and Blu-ray release of the former video nasty directed by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Tobe Hooper, The Funhouse – both of which are released this month.

Slaughter High

DVD release date: 11th July 2011

A gory guilty pleasure from the golden age of the slasher movie genre, Slaughter High comes to DVD completely uncut for the first time in the UK and featuring a host of Special Features that includes audio commentaries by co-writer/co-director Mark Ezra and the film’s star, legendary Scream Queen, Caroline Munro. Co-directed by George Dugdale (Living Doll), Mark Ezra (House Swap; Savage Hearts) and Peter Litten (To Die For; Living Doll) and starring Munro (Maniac) alongside Emmerdale’s very own late Terry Woods, Billy Hartman (Highlander), the film
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The Funhouse Retrospective: An Interview With Tobe Hooper

"There was some sort of romance with cinema that was evident between me and making The Funhouse ," Tobe Hooper tells me on a week day afternoon. We've met at one of his "homes away from home," a quaint café in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Boulevard, to take a revealing trip into his past. Not to focus on his oft discussed searing experience on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , but to dissect his vivid, off the wall 1981 studio picture The Funhouse starring Elizabeth Berridge, Miles Chapin, Cooper Huckabee, Largo Woodruff and Kevin Conway. And, of course, there's the frizzy haired, slavering funhouse freak, realized with the help of makeup artist Rick Baker and actor Wayne Doba (who would later appear in Scarface as "Octavio the Clown"). To wait one...
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