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  • (October 12, 2007 - January 6, 2008) "Cyrano de Bergerac," dramatic revival; written by Edmond Rostand; directed by David Leveaux; with Jennifer Garner (portraying Roxane, Cyrano's cousin); Kevin Kline (portraying Cyrano de Bergerac, a Gascon); Daniel Sunjata (portraying Christian De Neuvillette); Max Baker portraying Ragueneau, a pastry cook); Euan Morton (portraying Ligniere, the poet and Théophraste Renaudot, a journalist); Chris Sarandon (portraying Comte de Guiche); John Douglas Thompson (portraying Le Bret); Concetta Tomei (portraying Roxane's Duenna and Sister Marthe); Stephen Balantzian (portraying Gascony Cadet); Tom Bloom (portraying Montfleury, a tragic actor and A Porter and Gascony Cadet); Keith Eric Chappelle (portraying Guard and Poet and Gascony Cadet); MacIntyre Dixon (portraying Jodelet, the comedian and A Capuchin and Gascony Cadet); Davis Duffield (portraying Theatregoer's Son and Gascony Cadet); Amefika J. El-Amin (portraying Gascony Cadet); Peter Jay Fernandez (portraying Carbon de Castel Jaloux, Captain of the Gascony Cadets); Kate Guyton (portraying A Food Seller and A Nun); Ginifer King (portraying Actress and Sister Claire); Carman Lacivita (portraying Vicomte de Valvert and Gascony Cadet); Piter Marek (portraying Marquis de Brissaille and Gascony Cadet); Lucas Papaelias (portraying Page and Cook and A Cadet); Leenya Rideout (portraying A Lady and Singer and A Nun); Fred Rose (portraying Poet and Gascony Cadet); Thomas Schall (portraying Theatregoer and Poet and Gascony Cadet); Daniel Stewart Sherman (portraying A Musketeer and Gascony Cadet); Alexander Sovronsky (portraying Page and Cook and A Cadet); Baylen Thomas (portraying Marquis de Cuigy and Gascony Cadet); and Nance Williamson (portraying Lise, Ragueneau's wife and Mother Marguerite); on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (77 total performances, including 21 previews beginning October 12, 2007).
  • (March 18, 1996 - January 4, 1998) "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," musical comedy revival; book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart; music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; music orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick; directed by Jerry Zaks; choreography by Rob Marshall; with MacIntyre Dixon (understudying the roles of Senex and Erronius); on Broadway at the St. James Theatre, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (750 total performances, including 35 previews beginning March 18, 1996).
  • (October 10, 1995 - December 31, 1995) "The Tempest," comedy revival; written by William Shakespeare; incidental music by Carlos Valdéz and Dan Moses Schreier. Cast: Patrick Stewart (as "Prospero, The right Duke of Milan"), Teagle F. Bougere (as "Caliban"), Mario Cantone (as "Stephano, A drunken butler"), Hilary Chaplain (as "Ceres/Kuroko, Kabuki theater term: actors on stage who aren't meant to be seen"), David Costabile (as "Kuroko, Kabuki theater term: actors on stage who aren't meant to be seen"), Adam Dannheisser (as "Boatswain"), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Gonzalo, The King's counselor"), Aunjanue Ellis (as "Ariel"), Avery Glymph (as "Shipmaster/Kuroko, Kabuki theater term: actors on stage who aren't meant to be seen"), Marin Hinkle (as "Kuroko, Kabuki theater term: actors on stage who aren't meant to be seen"), Neal Huff (as "Adrian, A Neopolitan Lord"), Ross Lehman (as "Trinculo, A servingman "). Produced by The Joseph Papp Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival (George C. Wolfe, Producer). NYSF Artistic Producer: Rosemarie Tichler. NYSF Associate Producer: Kevin Kline, Morgan Jenness and Wiley Hausam; on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theatre, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA (95 total performances, including 25 previews beginning October 10, 1995).
  • (1994) "Beauty and the Beast".
  • (1989) "3 Penny Opera".
  • (1986) "Broadway Bound".
  • (1982) "Alice in Wonderland," fantasy revival. Adapted for the stage by Eva Le Gallienne and Florida Friebus. From the novel "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. Incidental music by Richard Addinsell. Music adapted by Jonathan Tunick. Musical Supervisor: Jonathan Tunick. Conducted by Les Scott. Music Contractor: Seymour "Red" Press. Assistant Conductor: James Stenborg. Conceived by Eva Le Gallienne. Directed by Eva Le Gallienne and John Strasberg. Virginia Theatre: 23 Dec 1982- 9 Jan 1983 (21 performances + 18 previews that began on 8 Dec 1982). Cast: Rebecca Armen (as "Eaglet/Two of Hearts"), Robert Ott Boyle (as "Five of Spades/Tweedledum"), Kate Burton (as "Alice"), Josh Clark (as "March Hare/Front of Horse"), Curt Dawson (as "White Rabbit/White Knight"), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Mad Hatter"), Geoff Garland (as "Two of Spades"), Skip Harris (as "Three of Clubs"), John Heffernan (as "Caterpillar/Ten of Hearts/Sheep"), Edward Hibbert (as "Gryphon/Old Frog"), Nancy Killmer (as "Singer/Eight of Hearts"), Eva Le Gallienne (as "White Queen"), Nicholas Martin (as "Duck/Dormouse/Train Guard"), Steve Massa (as "Seven of Spades/Voice of Leg of Mutton"), Mary Stuart Masterson (as "Small White Rabbit/Four of Hearts"), John Miglietta (as "Lory/Seven of Hearts"), Marti Morris (as "Six of Hearts"), Cliff Rakerd (as "Seven of Clubs/Back of Horse"), Brian Reddy (as "Queen of Hearts"), John Remme Mouse/Three of Hearts/Tweedledee"), Claude-Albert Saucier (as "Frog Footman/Five of Hearts/Goat"), John Seidman (as "Knave of Hearts"), Geddeth Smith (as "Fish Footman/Voice of Cheshire Cat/Ace of Hearts/Man in White Paper"), Richard Sterne (as "Cook/Nine of Hearts "), James Valentine (as "Dodo/Mock Turtle"), Joan White (as "White Queen [Alternate]"), Mary Louise Wilson (as "Red Queen"), Richard Woods (as "King of Hearts/Voice of Humpty Dumpty"), Ed Zang [credited as Edward Zang] (as "Duchess"). Understudies: Rebecca Armen (as "Red Queen"), Robert Ott Boyle (as "Mad Hatter"), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Mouse/Three of Hearts/Tweedledee"), Skip Harris (as "Back of Horse/Five of Spades/Seven of Clubs/Tweedledum/Two of Spades"), Nancy Killmer (as "Cook/Eaglet/Nine of Hearts/Two of Hearts"), Nicholas Martin (as "King of Hearts/Voice of Humpty Dumpty"), Steve Massa (as "Dormouse/Duck/Train Guard"), Mary Stuart Masterson (as "Alice"), John Miglietta (as "Five of Hearts/Frog Footman/Goat/Knave of Hearts"), Marti Morris (as "Four of Hearts/Small White Rabbit"), Cliff Rakerd (as "Ace of Hearts/Fish Footman/Front of Horse/Man in White Paper/March Hare/ Queen of Hearts/Voice of Cheshire Cat"), John Remme (as "Voice of Leg of Mutton"), Claude-Albert Saucier (as "Duchess"), John Seidman (as "Five of Spades/Tweedledum), Geddeth Smith (as "Caterpillar/Sheep/Ten of Hearts"), Richard Sterne (as "Dodo/King of Hearts/Lory/Mock Turtle/Seven of Hearts/Voice of Humpty Dumpty"), Joan White (as "White Queen"). Produced by Sabra Jones and Anthony D. Marshall. Produced in association with WNET 13.
  • (1978) "Once in a Lifetime," comedy revival. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Scenic Design by Karl Eigsti. Costume Design by Carol Luiken. Lighting Design by F. Mitchell Dana. Hair and Wig Design by Paul Huntley. Directed by Tom Moore. Circle in the Square Theatre: 15 Jun 1978- 27 Aug 1978 (85 performances + 21 previews that began on 26 May 1978). Cast: Jayne Meadows [credited as Jayne Meadows Allen] (as "Helen Hobart"), George S. Irving (as "Herman Glogauer"), John Lithgow (as "George Lewis"), Deborah May (as "May Daniels"), Treat Williams (as "Jerry Hyland"), Max Wright (as "Lawrence Vail"), Sydney Blake (as "Phyllis Fontaine"), Peter Bosché (as "Norton/Mr. Flick/Boom Man"), Michael Brindisi (as "Couple #1/Electrician/Biographer"), Alma Cuervo (as "Coat Check Girl/Bridesmaid"), Lance Davis (as "Miss Leigh's Chauffer/Sullivan/Truckman/Reporter"), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Rudolph Kammerling"), Julia Duffy (as "Susan Walker"), Bob Harper (as "Porter/Miss Fontaine's Chauffer/Fulton/Painter"), Bella Jarrett (as "Miss Leighton"), Michael Jeter (as "Jolson/Bellboy/Page"), Elizabeth Kemp (as "Couple #2/Miss Leigh's Maid/Woman/Script Girl"), Ellen March (as "Cigarette Girl/Bridesmaid"), Beverly May (as "Mrs. Walker"), Lee Meredith (as "Florabel Leigh"), Keith Perry (as "Ernest/Cameraman/Necktie Man"), Richard Peterson (as "Jolson/Moulton/Leading Man"), Jill P. Rose (as "Couple #1/Miss Fontaine's Maid/George's Secretary"), Peter J. Saputo (as "Meterstein"), Jim Shankman (as "Jolson/Page/Bellboy"), Phyllis Somerville (as "Miss Chasen"), Jack Straw (as "Policeman/Bishop/Reporter"), Eric Uhler (as "Couple #2/Electrician/Photographer") [Broadway debut], Jerry Zaks (as "Weisskopf"). Produced by Circle in the Square (Artistic Director: Theodore Mann. Managing Director: Paul Libin).
  • (1974) "Over Here!" original musical. Book by Will Holt. Music by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. Musical Director: Joseph Klein. Dance arrangements by Louis St. Louis. Vocal arrangements by Louis St. Louis. Music orchestrated by Michael Gibson and Jim Tyler. Scenic Design by Douglas W. Schmidt. Choreographed by Patricia Birch. Directed by Tom Moore. Shubert Theatre: 6 Mar 1974- 4 Jan 1975 (341 performances + 13 previews that began on 21 Beb 1974). Cast: Maxene Andrews (as "Pauline de Paul"), Patty Andrews (as "Paulette de Paul'), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Father"), 'John Driver (I)' (as "Bill") [Broadway debut], William Griffis (as "Rankin"), Marilu Henner(as "Donna"), Bette Henritze (as "Mother"), John Mineo (as "Lucky"), William Newman (as "Sarge"), Ann Reinking (as "Maggie"), Janie Sell (as "Mitzi"), April Shawhan (as "June"), Phyllis Somerville (as "Wilma"), John Travolta (as "Misfit"), Douglass Watson (as "Norwin Spokesman"), Jim Weston (as "Make-out"), Treat Williams (as "Utah"), Samuel E. Wright (as "Sam"). Produced by Kenneth Waissman and Maxine Fox. Associate Producer: Lou Kramer.
  • (1971) Twigs.
  • (1971) Ovid's Metamorphoses.
  • (1970) Paul Sills' Story Theatre.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Cop-Out. Comedy [show consisted of 2 one-act shows: Home Fires and Cop Out]. Both shows written by John Guare [earliest Broadway credit]. [Cop Out] Original Songs by John Guare. Music arranged by Margaret Singer. Lighting Design by John Gleason. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Fred Voelpel. [Both shows] Directed by Melvin Bernhardt. Cort Theatre: 7 Apr 1969- 12 Apr 1969 (8 performances + 12 previews). Home Fires: Cast: George Bartenieff (as "Mr. Catchpole"), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Peter Smith"), Charles Kimbrough (as "Rudy Smythe"), Carrie Nye (as "Margaret Ross-Hughes"), April Shawhan (as "Nell Schmidt"). Understudy: Eugene Stuckmann (as "Mr. Catchpole/Peter Smith"). Cop Out: Cast: Linda Lavin, Ron Leibman. Understudies: Barbara Gilbert, Charles Kimbrough. Produced by Norman Twain, in association with Albert I. Fill.
  • (1965) Xmas in Las Vegas.
  • (2007) "Prelude to a Kiss," romantic comedy revival.
  • (1985) He portrayed Old Fezziwig in a stage production of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" at the Symphony Space, which featured Len Cariou, Raul Julia, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Harold Scott, Bille Brown, and Carole Shelley in the cast.
  • (2002) Stage Play: The Crucible. Drama (revival). Written by Arthur Miller. Original music by David Van Tieghem. Scenic design by Tim Hatley. Directed by Richard Eyre. Virginia Theatre: 7 Mar 2002- 9 Jun 2002 (101 performances + 19 previews that began on 16 Feb 2002). Cast: Laura Linney (as "Elizabeth Proctor"), Liam Neeson (as "John Proctor"), Tom Aldredge (as "Giles Corey"), Angela Bettis (as "Abigail Williams"), John Benjamin Hickey (as "Reverend John Hale"), Brian Murray (as "Deputy-Governor Danforth"), Christopher Evan Welch (as "Reverend Samuel Parris"), Stephen Lee Anderson (as "Hopkins"), Kristen Bell (as "Susanna Walcott"), Laura Breckenridge (as "Girl in courtroom"), Jennifer Carpenter (as "Mary Warren"), Betsy Hogg (as "Betty Parris"), J.R. Horne (as "Judge Hawthorne"), Patrice Johnson (as "Tituba"), Sevrin Anne Mason (as "Mercy Lewis"), Paul O'Brien (as "Thomas Putnam"), Jeanne Paulson (as "Ann Putnam"), Frank Raiter (as "Francis Nurse"), Dale Soules (as "Voice of Martha Corey/Sarah Good"), Helen Stenborg (as "Rebecca Nurse") [final Broadway role], Henry Stram (as "Ezekiel Cheever"), Jack Willis (as "Marshall Herrick"). Uderstudies: Stephen Lee Anderson (as "Marshall Herrick/Reverend Samuel Parris/Thomas Putnam"), Kristen Bell (as "Mary Warren"), Marsha Stephanie Blake (as "Tituba/Voice of Martha Corey"), Laura Breckenridge (as "Betty Parris/Mercy Lewis/Susanna Walcott"), Lise Bruneau (as "Ann Putnam/Elizabeth Proctor/Sarah Good"), Jennifer Carpenter (as "Abigail Williams"), MacIntyre Dixon (as "Ezekiel Cheever/Francis Nurse/Giles Corey/Judge Hawthorne"), J.R. Horne (as "Deputy-Governor Danforth"), Paul O'Brien (as "John Proctor"), Dale Soules (as "Rebecca Nurse") and Michael Winther (as "Marshall Herrick/Reverend John Hale/Reverend Samuel Parris"). Produced by David Richenthal, Manocherian/Leve/Boyett, Max Cooper, Allan S. Gordon, Roy Furman, Us Productions, Élan V. McAllister, Adam Epstein and Margo Lion. Produced in association with Dede Harris, Morton Swinsky, Clear Channel Entertainment, Old Ivy Productions, Jujamcyn Theaters (James H. Binger: Chairman. Rocco Landesman: President. Paul Libin: Producing Director. Jack Viertel: Creative Director), Jeffrey Ash, Dori Berinstein, Roni Selig, Margaret McFeely Golden, Michael Skipper, Gene R. Korf and Robert Cole. Produced by special arrangement with The Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes: Artistic Director. Ellen Richard: Managing Director. Julia C. Levy: Executive Director of External Affairs. Gene Feist: Founding Director). Associate Producer: Toby Simkin, Eric Falkenstein and Debbie Bisno.
  • (October 16 to November 9, 1969) He played Mr. Pugh and Mr. Waldo in Dylan Thomas' play, "Under Milk Wood," at the Actors Theatre of Louisville (Mainstage) in Louisville, Kentucky with Patrick Boxill (Captain Cat); Lee Anne Fahey (Lily Smalls, Gossamer Beynon); Denise Fergusson (Polly Garter, Mrs. Pugh); Sheila Haney (Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard, Mrs. Beynon); Saundra MacDonald (Reverend Eli Jenkins, Mrs. Organ Morgan); Christopher Murney (Nogood Boyo, Willy Nilly); Adale O'Brien (Myfanwy Price, Rosie Probert); Paul Villani (Mog Edwards, Cherry Owen) in the cast. Jon Jory was director.
  • (July 1973) He acted in George Furth's play, "Twigs," in a John Lane presentation at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Herbert Nelson, Jack Murdock, Mark Dawson, James Noble, Walter Klavun, Ned Farster and Sada Thompson in the cast. Bud Coffey was director. William Haviland was lighting designer. T.L. Boston was production stage manager.

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