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Overview (2)

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height 5' 4" (1.63 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Caroline Dhavernas commands the attention of filmgoers and television viewers with her beauty, talent and poise. Beginning her career at age 11, the Montreal native is already an acclaimed young actress who has also made her mark in Hollywood. She is the recipient of two Gemeaux Awards, one for "Best Interpretation in a Youth Series" for Zap (1993) and the second for "Best Supporting Role" in Tag (2000).

Her first feature film, Thick as Thieves (1999), was followed by L'île de sable (1999).

She co-starred in English director Peter Greenaway's The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 1: The Moab Story (2003), which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003.

Dhavernas made her American television debut in 2002 in Law & Order (1990). But it's her role as "Jaye Tyler" in the critically acclaimed FOX series Wonderfalls (2004) that will make a mark in the minds of viewers.

In 2005, she landed a part in the drama Niagara Motel (2005) and received a Genie Award nomination for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role".

In 2006, she starred in the Focus Features film Hollywoodland (2006) opposite Adrien Brody, with whom she reunited in 2010 in Wrecked (2010). She also acted alongside Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe in Breach (2007).

Dhavernas appeared in the widely acclaimed Canadian feature Passchendaele (2008), which won the 2009 Genie Award for "Best Motion Picture".

She was in the supernatural thriller Devil (2010) produced by M. Night Shyamalan and The Switch (2010) with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

She also starred as "Vera Keller" in The Pacific (2010), a mini-series about World War II that debuted on HBO in March 2010.

In 2011, she could be seen in the ABC series Off the Map (2011).

In 2013, she reunited with Wonderfalls (2004) creator Bryan Fuller in the highly-rated NBC series Hannibal (2013). Her performance as "Dr. Alana Bloom" earned her 4 nominations: a Saturn Award nod for "Best Supporting Actress on Television", an ACTRA Montreal Award nod for "Outstanding Female Performance", a Golden Maple Award nod for "Best Actress in a TV Series Broadcasted in the US" and a Chainsaw Award nod for "Best TV Actress".

Dhavernas divides her time between Montreal and New York City.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: WKT Public Relations (qv's & corrections by A. Nonymous)

Trade Mark (3)

Bright blue eyes
Angelic smile
Soothing voice

Trivia (8)

Daughter of Sébastien Dhavernas and wife Michèle Deslauriers and sister of Gabrielle Dhavernas.
She trained for 2 months with the Pointe-Claire Swim Club to convincingly portray Marilyn Bell in Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story (2001), who was the first to cross 32-mile Lake Ontario in 1954.
Her first name is pronounced Caro"lean" because of her French-Canadian heritage.
Americanized the pronunciation of her last name when she started taking English-speaking roles. In French, it is pronounced "Da-ver-na". In English, it is pronounced "Da-ver-nas".
She's used to doing her own dubbing for the French versions of her TV shows.
Her sister Gabrielle Dhavernas is also an actress and specializes in dubbing. The voice timbre of both actresses is so similar that Gabrielle can dub the voice of Caroline.
She learned English at a very young age, as her parents sent her to an English-speaking elementary school called The Priory School.
Her all-time favorite TV show is Twin Peaks (1990).

Personal Quotes (17)

[2005] [on filming Wonderfalls (2004)] We [had a fantastic time]. It was so much fun. You know when you say that a crew is like a family - this one, it really was. I remember the guest stars who came, they were always trying to find a new plot for their characters because they wanted to stay. It was really a great working environment.
[2005] [on Wonderfalls (2004) cancellation] It's heartbreaking but we're trying to get over it. As disappointed as we were, I think that somehow you have to find a way to think that it happened for a reason. At least, I'm very happy that it's going out on DVD because if it wasn't for the fans who signed this petition and were really ongoing about how they loved it, we wouldn't see this DVD right now.
[2005] [on being asked if she has any irrational fears] Yes, I have one! Driving over a bridge and falling in the water, in the car.
[2005] You really have someone else's words when you play a character - it's never very close to you, I have to say. I never felt like 'Oh, this is totally me.' That's why I do this job [laughs], to take a break from me.
[2014] [on signing on to Hannibal (2013)] Well, Bryan [Fuller] was a big part of it. I did Wonderfalls (2004) with him, 10 years ago, and I've always wanted to work with him again. What's great about Bryan is that he never forgets the actors that he liked working with, and he takes mighty pleasure into making you do the exact opposite of what you did before with him. That was really fun. Wonderfalls was a comedy, and Jaye Tyler was this underachiever who was always in a sour mood. And Alana Bloom is the polar opposite, completely. This is a drama. She takes care of people, and she wants to. She has this savior complex. It's fantastic to know that someone believes that you can actually pull off the opposite of what you did before. Also, the cast was just fantastic. They're all actors that I truly admire and really wanted to work with. I also know that Bryan's writing is crazy and beautiful, and he would make this story his own. I thought it was possible to take on that challenge with him. It's such an iconic story, as you said, with the books and the movies, that how do you make people forget, or at least buy a new version of Hannibal Lecter - Anthony Hopkins gave such a memorable performance. I think Mads Mikkelsen really pulled it off by being who he wanted him to be, with a much more subtle way of being evil and a dandy, and all that. So, it was a no-brainer because of all those reasons.
[2017] [on Hannibal (2013)] It was amazing, it was one of the things that I was part of that I was most proud of. I'm not just saying I was proud of my work. I was proud of the show that we all made together. The writing was fantastic and different and it was a piece of art. It's amazing to be part of something special like that.
[2017] I love [doing work in both English and French] because it changes things around and I meet a lot of new people. When you've been doing this for a long time and you've only been working in one area, my fear would've been to become bored with my work. This way the playground is large.
[2017] [on signing on to Mary Kills People (2017)] I think that a lot of actors look for grey zones in characters... Mary certainly has complex thoughts, contradictions and a lot more. The subject matter was also appealing. It's a bit of a coincidence that Tara [Armstrong; the show's creator and writer] started working on this before the law changed here in June. Although our series takes place in a fictional city somewhere in North America where assisted suicide is still illegal, I still think that it's a very important debate to have as a society. The show does very well at that because it explores every angle of the debate. They've also done a great job at bringing humor to the series because it all can't be dark all the time, right? Especially when you are around people who are going through their final moments. It's very cathartic and intense. But like after every funeral you attend, you want to feel alive, have some fun and laugh.
[2017] [on the worst professional advice she ever received] 'Can you do it again but better?' A director said that to me once. It made me want to scream and leave the premises [laughs]. It's like, you're telling me I sucked, you're telling me you want something else, but you're not telling me what. So I'm just left frustrated. It was a couple years ago, like 10 years ago.
[2017] I love [Gene Wilder]. There's something about the intelligence that you can read in his eyes and the choices that he made. He was so natural, and I think he was kind of ahead of his time in many ways.
[2017] It's funny, because we often talk about 'Will the character be likable?' I don't think it's important for a character to be likable. I think people want the drive, actually, to see someone who's behaving in a way that they cannot allow themselves to behave, as an audience. It's like a bit of a fantasy sometimes, to see a character be rude, be bold, to not have to be polite, it's so fun, I think we kind of fantasize about being allowed to be that way, sometimes.
[2017] I don't think I've ever read a book twice. There are so many things to read and discover that I feel like once I've read a book I need to go somewhere else. I get a little stressed even sometimes knowing all the things I want to read, I won't have enough time in this lifetime. The more you read, the more you realize there are fascinating books to be read and so little time to do so.
[2013] Both my parents are actors so that's how I started. When I was eight years old I started dubbing American movies into French. A lot of the television that I watched as a kid was all French-Canadian so you probably wouldn't know the shows. I started watching American television when I was a teenager, Full House (1987) and Growing Pains (1985) and all those shows that were on after school. But since I started being an actor so young, I never thought, 'Hmm, one day I'll be an actor.' I was already doing it. I don't really remember a moment where I thought, 'Oh, one day I'll do this' because it was already happening. I remember the moment when I was 11 when I did my first film where I thought, 'Oh my God, this is amazing. This is what I want to do.' I felt the power of it but I was already shooting.
[2017] [on her influences as an actor] I guess David Lynch has always been the one that I absolutely adore. I love how free he is to go places in his mind that aren't made for everyone to understand. I love the mystery of what he does. I love how storing and nuanced the characters are. He's so interesting because he'll make something very mysterious and dreamy, but at the same time the characters are kind of caricatures sometimes of people. They don't feel completely naturally. And I love that world where things collide and you don't really know what's happening. I just think it's really hard too to make those things happen, because people are scared to invest money, because they think people won't get it. And we often try to make things so that people will understand, but I think it's the wrong way to approach things.
[2017] [on being asked if she has any advice for inspiring actors] I think just to stay open as much as you can to what's happening in the moment, you know. And that would be advice for acting. I've been thinking about that a lot recently, because I'm shooting a TV show, to just not fight the state that you're in. Every day when you arrive on set, use as much as you can, even if you had imagined something else, because having a pure state of mind gives you something very real to work with. And if you fight that state then your scene won't be rooted as much in something real and natural. It might be a little weird. My mom's an actress, and she always tells me as an actress that 'if you're really, really tired on set one day, and you don't know how the hell you're going to get through the day, maybe your character's feeling like that today. Just use it.' It's great advice, because it's not advice they'll be giving in acting school, because they don't talk about the fact that you will be tired on set.
[2017] I don't know if I have a tradition of roles, I try to do things differently, and not do the same thing twice, because I've been doing it for a long time and I don't want to get bored with my job, it's not supposed to be a boring job. And so, yeah, I just try to go where my heart tells me to go [...] I love roles that are challenging and risky and crazy characters.
[2017] [on drawing and painting] The older I get, the more I need to do other creative things.

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